Subnautica – Kreeper data

Subnautica – Kreeper data 5 -
Subnautica – Kreeper data 5 -
First of all I want to give full credit of the Kreeper design to R1ght.This is my first guide so feel free to suggest anything I may have screwed up


P1 Kreeper name and Locations

peeper+ Kraken it is Kraken because its a Giant tentacled creature and peeper because of the eye 
Subnautica - Kreeper data 
(and calling it a peeper leviathan is a dumb Idea because it does not have enough of their attributes THESE are peeper leviathans Full credit goes too Shped on Drawing this picture)Subnautica - Kreeper data 
The Kreepers main location is in the stalker area and in deep caves the caves need to have low light levels and reach 500MT deep at least with plenty of space 

P2 Kreeper’s attributes and facts

The Kreeper is 3 times the size of a full grown crabsquid its shell is as powerful as titanium but flexible as rubber it has tentacles and jellyfish stingers the weird thing where its mouth should be(where the tentacles come out) is an egg sack where it stores its eggs the hole on its tip is its mouth with rows of spinning teeth inside the Kreepers eye can see in the dark and through objects so it will hunt you if you are close enough even if you hide The Kreeper is an independent creature unlike the Infamous reaper who only stays with its own friends refer to the picture for more info 
Subnautica - Kreeper data 
sorry about My handwriting the words are Stingers,Mouth,Eye,Egg sack,Titanium shell,and tentacles 

P3 The Kreeper’s diet

PEEPERS(It just sounded right)The Kreeper eats peepers constantly it prefers cured peepers for raw ones here is the point score for the peepers rotten cooked peeper=0 cooked peeper=2 cured peeper=3 raw peeper=1 
The Kreepers biggest weakness is its crave for peepers if you feed it 20 peepers(peeper count chart matters!)it will leave you alone feed it 50 peepers and it will give you one of its eggs(2 if you feed it 70)and follow you in its territory killing predators until you leave its territory(of about 150 Meters) 

P4 The Kreeper’s attack patterns

The Kreeper will grab your seamoth or PRAWN with its tentacles shaking it around while stinging it until it breaks it will if you are in a cyclops ram it on one side and then the other doing descent damage if it does not destroy the cyclops it will grab the top of your cyclops like it would to a seamoth or PRAWN and sting it until destruction If (hopefully you don’t try this)you come at it alone no vehicle it will grab you and stuff you down its top into its saw teeth instantly killing you 

P5 Kreeper Babies

When you go to hatch the Kreepers build a hatch into your roof of the tank this will allow the babies to leave once one is hatched you will have an obedient crab squid sized pet YAY you cannot play with it and you need to feed it at least 20 peepers a day you can command it to stay or come along or patrol around its hatch ground(around the multipurpose habitat with the aquarium you hatched it in) these things know your PDA and can tell what you scanned and did not scan It will immobilize other unscanned creatures and hold them in front of you it will bring you small fish(except peepers of course) and fight off most predators 
The Kreeper babies are afraid of leviathans so keep them away form reapers sea dragons and ghosts the Kreeper will hide behind you if there are leviathans nearby if they go to attack your Kreeper(if you feed it daily and even extra)will carry you all the way back to the habitat it was hatched in so if you encounter a reaper at the mountains it will rap its tentacles around you and carry you too its hatching ground at record speed if you are not feeding it that well it will run back without you if you are being rude to it like hitting it and feeding it less it will desert you completely and go back to its original parent you know if it is hungry if it leaves you alone when you leave your habitat or not bother defending you against sand sharks or stalkers it will also abandon you anyways if you are not feeding it 

P6 Scan Data

Kreeper Leviathan 
A squid like creature with an eye no one has ever before It is an odd hunter with great strength in its tentacles 
Diet: peepers 
Kreeper data shows only digesting of peepers and that’s it 
1.Titanium shell 
The Kreeper has a shell as hard as titanium but as flexible as rubber samples needed to learn more about it 
2.Tentacles and stingers 
The Kreepers tentacles have great power and can hang on to a flanking cyclops as well as with the stingers Destroying it these stingers are a competitor to the ampeel itself they will destroy most electronic vehicles with great strength 
The Kreeper does not seem to lay eggs at all but give them away to sometimes scanners indicate no Kreeper eggs outside of the chosen sack at the bottom of there bodies a small opening is used to deliver these at will 
4.The EYE 
The eye has not only night vision but strength to the point of things being transparent I will sense you if you attempt hiding the eye also seems to glow 
5.The mouth 
Kreepers eat by stuffing things into there top socket which has turning leech like teeth that spin fast 
Assessment: Hunter loves peepers to the point of weakness avoid unless well stocked 


well I Hope you enjoyed my guide please leave a like and to all Subnautica modders, Here is all of the information you need to make this into a mod(here is an image to help I edited it in place of the mesmer,Mspaint FTW!) 
Subnautica - Kreeper data 

Written by MineKnights

Thanks for checking our blog. I hope the information you found about Subnautica – Kreeper data helped you somehow. If you believe we forget to add something or update the post with more information, please let us know via comment below! See you soon!

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