Super Dirt Racers – Some things that might help…

Super Dirt Racers – Some things that might help… 3 -
Super Dirt Racers – Some things that might help… 3 -

Guide for Super Dirt Racers – Some things that might help…

Hopefully this will help those that can’t start the game and clear up a few other issues players might be experiencing.

This will continue to be updated as new features are added to the game.

Starting A Race.

The mouse will not work on the start menu (this will be re-enabled in a future release). 
For now please move around the menu with the cursor keys (or the left an*logue stick/D-Pad on your Xbox controller) and select using the enter key (or the ‘A’ button on your Xbox controller) 
This game has only been tested with Xbox and compatible controllers. 


Yes, the controls are tricky and we are looking at ways to fix this but also retain some of the fun and not make it too easy. 
We DO recommend using an Xbox Controller. 
If you do use the keyboard currently it will be MUCH more difficult. 
So, we are looking into ways we can make the keyboard control an easier experience and hope to get this in a future update. 
Also, we are looking at introducing a different steering algorithm and/or other solutions like a steering sensitivity setting which would appear in the settings menu we are planning on adding. 
*See below images for controls. 
Super Dirt Racers - Some things that might help... 
Super Dirt Racers - Some things that might help... 
Sorry about the sound effects VOLUME this will be adjusted in a future update and there will be a volume setting in the settings menu mentioned above. 
We also Intend to introduce a mixture of in-game music for the final release. 
There will be more tracks. Bigger, more complex tracks and we do realise that it is sometimes difficult to find the correct route (especially with crossovers etc.). 
We are looking into solutions for this (E.g. A floating directional arrow, directional arrows on the track surface, mini map etc). 
They do roll and spin out if you drive them like you’ve stolen them, especially on uneven surfaces. This will be addressed (see the ‘Controls’ section above) 
We will be implementing a self (or manual) righting system for when the cars are unrecoverable (i.e. when they land on the roof and cant get back on their wheels). 
Pausing, Restarting and Quitting the Race: 
Hit the ‘P’ key on the keyboard or the start button on your Xbox controller to bring up the pause menu. From here you can restart, quit or resume the race. 
They’re good huh? 😉 
There have been reports of the nitro being a little excessive so we might have to turn them down a bit. 🙁 

Thank You.

HUGE thanks to everyone that has played our game!!! 
Especially those that have left feedback, reviews and even offered support (it really means a lot! Thanks!) 
Please keep your comments coming in and we will try to address everything and release updates as soon as we are able. 
Thanks for playing 🙂 

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