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System Shock 2 – Audiolog – Locations 1 -
System Shock 2 – Audiolog – Locations 1 -

The location for all audiologs in this game.


Here are the locations where you can find all collectible audio logs.
The sections that correspond to each DECK/AREA in the game are used to organize the audiologs. They are written in chronological order according to how they were collected during the game.


21 audio logs

  • New code– At the beginning of the Cryogenic Sector, on a corpse prior to the first keypad.
  • Implant Job, Cryo Recovery B. On a shipping box in a room just near the first upgrade stations for the Cryogenic section.
  • Xerxes – Science, In a station near the main lift.
  • Coolant leaks Science sector, located at the reception desk adjacent to the bulkhead which leads to the Medical section.
  • All work & no play – Science sector, on site at the morgue.
  • More trouble – Science Sector, on a seat near the corridor that leads to the big screen with Xerxes.
  • Nonsense is a desk in the Medical sector on the top floor, near Primate research.
  • Lifts are out Medical sector, on the lower level Primate Research desk.
  • Patient Watson Medical sector, in the radiated ICU area.
  • Patient Watson, pt.2 is a medical sector, biopsy room on the lower level.
  • Rad hypos Medical sector, on the counter of the first radiation room with the decontamination wash.
  • Damn chimps is a shelf for the medical sector in the back area of the ICU. Near the decontamination shower.
  • First contact, Medical sector. In the Crew Quarters. A desk is located in the first and last rooms to the left.
  • Procedures Medical sector, on counter in the Security Station of the Quarters.
  • Strange AI — Medical sector, on an office in one of the flooded rooms of Crew Quarters that leads to Dr.Watts.
  • 100% torture Medical sector. A bench in one flooded room of the Crew Quarters leads to Dr.Watts.
  • Animal rights? – Science, at a desk in Specimen Analysis. There is a corridor with rooms leading towards the R&D sector.
  • No ready Science sector, on a gurney near a weaving machine and the entrance to the R&D sectors.
  • Yanking my chain R&D sector, on the counter next to a sink in the room.
  • Watson autopsy: R&D sector. This is a corpse that Dr.Watts has found in this sector.
  • Maintenance conduit: R&D sector, on Dr.Watts corpse in this sector.



21 Audiologs

  • Just us: Fluidics tunnels/Coolant pipes, located at the desk in the first room that you reach when you climb down to the Maintenance deck.
  • Taking action – Fluidics tunnels/Coolant pipes, on the ground just beyond Auxilary Storage
  • The soldier, Fluidics tunnels/Coolant Tubes, at the middle of three pathways leading to Auxilary Storage
  • Tau Ceti 5: Fluidics tunnels/Coolant tubs, right of the three pathways that lead to Auxilary Storage
  • That leak again – Main lift room, located on the ground just in front of the door that leads to the room with Xerxes.
  • Locking Eng. Control: Engineering control, Up and above the grave shafts in front of the Fluidics Control Computer.
  • Fluidics backdoor: Engineering control, near the Fluidics Control Computer.
  • Cargo Bay 2 is in front of the double doors that lead to the room with a security station and two turrets. Before bulkhead 11. This leads to the cargo spaces.
  • Turret problems In a Footlocker in Security station, before bulkhead leading to cargo bays.
  • Lame old me– The next space is by some storage bins.
  • Further experiments Cargo Bay 1B. Located in a desk between two storage areas.
  • Psionic chimps! Cargo Bay1B, Bottom floor on a corpse which leads to the last storage room.
  • Hacking turrets Cargobay 2, bottom floor, Cargo bay 2A. A corpse is seen in front of the turret.
  • Why is it so bad? Cargo Bay 2B: In a table between the two storage rooms.
  • Be brave Cargo Bay 2B: Bottom Floor, Left Path leading into the final storage area.
  • Locked in Cargo Bay 2B – Top floor on a dead body in the last storage.
  • Hang tight is the command control, located in the loading room. Some storage boxes connected to a lift that takes you up to a monkey.
  • Resist the call is Command Control. It can be found in the command control center on the counter to the right side of the maincomputer.
  • A new friend? – Engine core, Nacelle 1 (south) control room.
  • Ambush: Engine core, located at the bottom floor with some grated floor panel by the south wall.
  • Delacroix is Engine core, second-floor on the desk located in the office adjacent to the Engine core Control room.



16 audiologs.

  • Our work here is on the floor of the first room as you exit the elevator.
  • Wonderous toys Administration offices, located at the end the corridor from the elevator.
  • Miracles security offices, on the desk in the room that houses the recharger and upgrade stations.
  • Killing the worms– This is the corridor to the left of the security room, with the recharge stations.
  • One ray of hope This is the corridor between the security and recharge stations, on a desk in the room with both the broken door (and the window that needs to broken).
  • Wherre are they? – Sector B, Biological Survey Labs. This corridor is located on the floor next to the water.
  • Worried, Sector B. On the body of a Cyborg midwife in the chemical shop room.
  • Nurse Bloome is Sector B. Cold storage room on a dead body by the environmental regulator.
  • A new purpose– Sector B, on a floor in the area with the ladder leading up one of the environment regulators.
  • The children: Sector B, from a desk at the end of the room leading to one environmental regulator.
  • AI voice fragment: Sector A, on first floor.
  • Making a change is Sector B. It is located in a corner on the ground with a replicator. Next to the room where the ladder leads up to one enviromental regulator, it can be found on the next floor.
  • Changing — After you place a vial of the Environmental Regulator in Sector A, a hybrid will appear at sector exit. Kill it to find the log.
  • Our alliance, Sector D, is on the first floor.
  • Miller: Sector D, in the desk next to the replicator.
  • Glory, Sector D, on an Apple computer in a small area surrounded by windows.



19 audiologs.

  • Sim units Xerxes center, the hub by elevator on some TriOptimum crates
  • My red friends Xerxes central, the hub at the elevator, is located on the ground directly in front of the closed entrance.
  • No shirkers – Just Inside bulkhead42, on-the-floor Corridor just before the lounge.
  • Crystal gifts– Data storage, the room with one red ninja. On a shipping box.
  • Sabotage is a corridor between the Lounge, the Mess Hall and the Radiation Leakage Room.
  • Bronson Power Administration, located at a desk in an Office near the Quantom Simulation units.
  • What gives Mess Hall. It is located on the ground by a table at one of the Windows.
  • Bad feeling… Crew Quarters on the floor adjacent to the chemical shoproom.
  • Let’s do this – In the hub area right in the intersection in front o the door leading into the Crew Quarters.
  • Goodbye — Lower levels for Crew Quarters. Next to a dead body on a couch.
  • All things old…– Lower Levels of the Crew Quarters. In the locker next a bed, one of the rooms.
  • Civil war – Systems Admin. In the first office to your left.
  • Sim unit 3. Bulkhead43 Power Operations, on the ground, in a corridor guarded and manned by a Turk.
  • Don’t stop Bulkhead 42, Barracks.
  • Martial law Bulkhead43, Barracks.
  • Resists: Command center beyond the Barracks.
  • Cease and desist– Command center, past the Barracks. A desk is found in the Security area by the Interpolation Simulation un.
  • MedSci armory code command center/Security department, lower levels in an office behind a desk.
  • The main elevator is the Command Center/Security Section on the floor below the collapsed corridor. The intersection leads directly to the Interpolation sim unit.



20 audiologs

  • Barricaded in – At reception by the upgrade station.
  • Where are you? In one the offices of a replicater. Near the entrance of the Athletic sector.
  • Friends and enemies — In a room adjacent to the entrance to he Athletic sector.
  • The mall – In a table with a window facing Crew Quarters and the primary elevator shaft.
  • Blackouts – On the receptiondesk leading to the Athletics Sector.
  • Transmitter units– Medical Anex. This is on a surgical table.
  • Ick — Just before a bulkhead leading to the garden by the Medical Anex.
  • – – – – – – – – Inside bulkhead 52. Security sector located next to the garden. On a corpse at the door to the heavily guarded safety room.
  • Under the garden Take bulkhead 52 towards the garden, on a counter located in The Bon Chance Lounge Piano room.
  • Trusting SHODAN Take bulkhead 52 towards the garden. On a counter in Bon Chance lounge, poolroom,
  • Escape pods– Take bulkhead52 to the garden area.
  • Worm artifact Garden, on the gra*s adjacent to a slope for a lower flooring.
  • Where are you? Garden, on bench.
  • Turn on transmitter Crew Quarters.
  • Victory! Crew Quarters. In a desk in the west end of the lower floor office,
  • Defending the reps: Mall Sektor, on top floor of galeria. The replicator's smoking corpse is located next to it.
  • My nanites Mall Sektor. On a counter in the west section.
  • Find me Mall Sektor Security Station, located on the medical table's surgical bench.
  • Looking out for #1 Mall Sektor. This counter is located on the bottom floor of the technobrothel.
  • Coming home is Mall Sektor. It can be found in the Casino area at a counter at the back.



15 audiologs

  • They´re escaping: Close to the elevator. Near the upgrade station is a body.
  • SHODAN– On a bench at the first stop of the tram.
  • Floating psi-users is at the second stop of the tram. It is located on the floor just outside of the tram.
  • Pod problems after the tram ride. Take the side-elevator to the second story. Log is located at the floor in front of you, which leads to the escape pods.
  • A dream after the tram ride. Take the side-elevator to the second story. Enter the door leading you to the Officers section. The log is on top of the table. Also, there is a corpse armed with a laser weapon.
  • Shuttle control– Take side elevator to second story. On the ground floor, in the corridor immediately before the pool.
  • What is going on 2nd floor Officers lounge, lying down on the floor.
  • Korenchkin 2nd floor Officers lounge. This is located in the poolroom, on the pillars adjacent to the entrence to bathroom facilities.
  • Security rewired is Officers Quarters. It is located above the poolroom in the northeast bunkroom in a lockable locker.
  • The machine mother Captains Quarters.
  • A monkey wrench Shuttle Bay. It is located behind a Swarm pod on the corridor between Shuttle bays A & B.
  • My completion Cargobay A, on the floor at the top level.
  • SH$8dD@#N’S Cargobay A, on the dead body of Dr.Delacroix on the bottom floor.
  • The lovers The Bridge. This is the highest level after defeating Korenchkin.
  • Worms and guns Center tram stop, on The Rickenbacker's right just before the gravshafts.



11 audiologs

  • Tau Ceti– Deck A pod 1. In the room where you just entered Rickenbacker.
  • Tau Ceti, Pt. 2 – Deck A pod 1. The security station is higher than the barrier preventing the path forward from the hazmat containment.
  • Nacelle B access– Deck A pod 1. In the control area on the ground floor overlooking the fractured floor due to the coil accident.
  • Tau Ceti, Pt. 3– Deck A pod 1. In the control area above the broken floor due to the coil accident.
  • Wafer at Tau Ceti, Deck A. Go up the double broken staircases leaving the coil area. In the corner adjacent to a person.
  • Rapture deck A pod 1, Nacelle A. by the eggs & two turrets.
  • Betrayed by Diego – Deck A pod 1. On a corpse within the room with 3 Turrets leading to pod2.
  • The resonator– Deck A pod 1. After the room that has three turrets and leads to pod 2, you will find the medical room next the bench.
  • To be cut from pod 2, Place the egg on top of the wall and ramp down towards pod 2.
  • Pandora deck B/Pod 2. In the upside down church.
  • Last words deck B/Pod 2. Sick bay. Located next to Diegos' body.



10 audiologs

  • Stuck in here Flesh hallway after The Many's 1st room. On the ground just before a Membrane doorway.
  • Central control?A – The first section. You will find a pathway at end of the first large hallway. Some blue bloodvessles have ascended from the ceiling into the hallway.
  • Opening the Sphincter-1st section, before entering the first blue sphincter. Second hallway, located between the dripping sulfur and the air ventilation.
  • Grinding noises is the Second Section, found on the ground right after entering into the closed blue sphincter.
  • Poor Claudette: Second Section, after going through first blue. On the ground, by the first set of teeth.
  • We– The Second Section, after you have pa*sed through the first blue section. In a small, open-plan room with four exits.
  • Annelid life cycle Second Section. This is after you have pa*sed through the first bluesphincter. A Rickenbacker room, connected to the small room which has four exits.
  • The Many Second Section. This is after you have pa*sed through the first blue Sphincter. In a storage unit in the room equipped with an airvent.
  • Many’s Evolution Second Section. This is after having pa*sed through the first blue sulfur. On the ground adjacent to a tent. In the room that has the storage crate as well as doors used for a tent.
  • – – – – Second Section. This is after you have completed the first blue sphincter. In the room where it is possible to jump into a large water pool. After getting out of water, find your way to the body.



4 audiologs

  • Some small a*sistance — On the Bridge of the Rickenbacker.
  • A caution– Virtual reality looking area right after Bridge. You can climb up some cubes to the first room.
  • The End– Above the shaft leading to the ground.
  • Stakes After jumping down the steps. Before jumping down another shaft.


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