Tales of Esferia: Araxis – Guide

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Tales of Esferia: Araxis – Guide 1 - wpgameplay.com

Guide for Tales of Esferia: Araxis – Guide

Here is a basic walk-through for the first Tales of Esferia game.
I’ve listed Achievements where they occur.
Most are unmissable but a couple require some specific actions.
I’ve tried to balance between clarity and not spoiling the action in the different scenes.
I’ve added spoiler tags to the solutions to the mini-game puzzles that require sequences of input.
Sometimes I’ve added separate spoiler tags for hints.
I didn’t put spoiler tags around the inventory item puzzles, so be careful as you read ahead.
The sections of the guide are my own, added for ease of navigation.
There are no chapter breaks in the game itself.
Let me know if anything is missing or unclear.
Enjoy the adventure 🙂

Part 1

Ship as Ethan: go to cockpit, watch the cut-scene. Go to the engine room. 
Use top side of control panel. The bottom side just tells you about the crystals used as a power supply. 
Cut-scenes, arrive on the planet, Deros. Go to bed. 
When you wake up, go to your ship. Watch more cutscenes. 
Achievement (Enjoy Your Stay on Deros) at some point around here, unmissable. 
Look around in the various levels of the Research site, Alpha Sector, Beta Site, and when available, Sector B. 
It’s up to you how much exploring you do for now but do pick up the following objects from various locations: 
Hammer from comms tower. 
Can of Meat, Jam and Flour from cafeteria. 
Hannah’s keycard, Electronic Lockpick, Metal Plates and Abigail’s Notes from backpack inside cave in Alpha area 
Bandages from Med Bay, talk to Hannah. 
Empty Jar: from the table in Hannah’s room. 
The objective in this part of the story is to activate 4 pillars scattered through out A and B sectors. 
Here are the ways of getting the 4 gems needed, and which pillars they activate: 
Red gem: Found in Abigail’s room, which is opened automatically when the plot advances. Use the Red Gem on the pillar in A-6. 
Blue gem: Find a Black Gem (in Sector B-5, where Ethan eats the berries, in one of the containers in front of the monument.) 
Use water on it. To get water: Get yazir’s card from Comms, go in Yazir’s room, 
use Army Knife on Piggy Bank, get Coin, use Coin on any vending machine. Gives you water whatever you pick) 
Blue Gem goes in pillar in Sector A-3. 
Green gem: use hammer on Wooden Statue, found in Ancient Ruins in Beta Sector.(Structure) 
Green Gem goes in pillar in Sector B-3. 
Purple gem: get from ground next to bird’s nest after it falls automatically. 
Purple Gem goes in pillar in Sector B-6. 
Achievement (The Four Pylons) when you get the 4 pillars activated. 
Also discover a Hole in a wall in Sector A, and various monuments with Empty Slots in them, to be used later. 

Part 2

Back at Alpha Site: 
Fill the Empty Jar from Hannah’s room with Flour in the cafeteria. 
It’s in a bag in the kitchen area. 
Take the Jar of Flour to Sector B-4. There are some bees and a 
Fallen Beehive in the middle of the screen to the right of Ethan. 
Use the Jar of Flour on the Beehive to get Honey. Creates Sticky Paste. 
Achievement (Sticky, Sticky) 
Go back to Sector A, and find the 4 pillars in Sector A-5, 
The lights on the pillars blink, very slowly, in a sequence. 
then the yellow light in the middle glows. Make a note of the order of the color sequence. 
Next go back to the Ancient Halls at the top of Sector A. 
To the right is a color puzzle with 4 buttons of red, yellow, blue and green. 
Press them in the same sequence as the pattern of blinking lights from the pillars, then press solve. 
green, purple, red ,purple, green, blue, yellow. 
Achievement (Follow the Pattern) 
Cutscene. In the next chamber as Ethan: 
Get Brimming Crystals while Jacob is checking Abigail. 
I pressed a Button as well, don’t know what it does but I a*sume it was necessary. 
Back at Alpha site. 
Talk to right hand droid in Science Lab, now that the researchers are gone. 
Use the Electronic Lockpick with it and it will tell you that it needs a Chipset and a programmed Chip. 
(These are two different objects that can be found later.) 
Go to the Structure in Beta Sector. Find Control Crystals. 
Use Brimming Crystals. It drains them. Use Console in middle… teleport. 
Go to a strange place. Pick up 3 Energy Crystals, Strange Orb. 
Room with floor tiles and Esferian numerals. Floor tile puzzle: 
Make the Pillars raised to the heights they originally were. 
The green shaded tiles raise the pillar for that numeral, the grey ones lower the pillar. 
You need to step on tiles in a path that raises the numeral 1 pillar by 3, 
the numeral 2 pillar by 2 and the numeral 3 pillar by 1. 
Check Abigail’s notes to see which Esferian numerals match 1,2 and 3. 
If you get stuck, Use the Strange Orb to reset the path and show the pillar config again. 
Start at lower right corner of floor, move up and around top then back down on left side. 
Achievement (Watch Your Step) 
Once you solve the puzzle you will be put back in the room you were in before. 
Go all the way to the top and trade out three grey crystals from the slots 
for the three purple ones in your inventory. Then go all the way back 
to the bottom and stand on the Teleporter. 
Now as Jacob, watch the cutscene in the Med Bay. Go back to the Structure in Sector B. 
Watch the cutscene with Gil and Dominic. Now the Console in the middle of the 
structure is working. Use the console. Enjoy the scenery… 
Arrive in Sector C as Jacob. Gil and Dominic are there as well. 
They explain a bit more about the research station. 
Explore the doors to the left and right, though you can’t do much yet. 
Go downwards to Sector C2 to find Ethan again. Cutscene. 
Now as Ethan. In Sector C2 press the red and blue buttons to get 
Triangle Artifact and Octagon Artifact. Also get two Green Jewels. 
Look at the Triangle Artifact, it shows you how the triangle console should 
look (or as close to) when it is solved. 
Go to the triangle console. Your goal is to make the green corner 
as green as possible, the red corner as red as possible and the yellow 
corner as yellow as possible by changing the colors on the triangle buttons 
on the different layers. It’s actually quite straightforward. 
Just press the buttons to get green, red and yellow where they should be as much 
as possible, also getting the mixed colors by combining red, green and yellow as needed. 
It won’t look exactly like the artifact, but once you’ve got it as close 
as possible press solve. 
(Achievement: The Triangle) 
Now something happens. Cutscene. 
Jacob: Walk into the other part of C2 and you will trigger a scene. 
Get transported… 

Part 3

Sector A-7. Go back to Alpha site. 
There’s been some trouble. First go to Dominic in the Sci Lab. 
He will give you the Keycard to his room and send you to Lydia. 
He will ask for a USB stick from his room and for you to take it to Tara in the Generator Room. 
(You need a key card for this, Dominic tells you to talk to Lydia) 
Go to Lydia in Med Bay. Also talk to Frank who is standing in the lower room. 
Frank gives you his Keycard and asks you to check on his dog, Gremlin. 
Lydia asks you to make a sweep of the site and find missing staff. 
(Roland, Yazir, Ellie are missing) 
In the observatory, see that Roland is hurt. Lydia asks you to find a 
keycard to get into the containment area. Only Roland and Ellie have the 
right keycard. 
Comms: Get Ellie’s Keycard and Red Keycard from Ellie’s body. 🙁 
Nothing to do in Cafeteria, Botany, outside of Comms, or Docking Bay. 
(You can gawk at the escaped eyeball in Botany if you’re curious 
but it isn’t vital to the story) 
Dorms A: 
(First Dorm area outside elevator) 
Dominic’s room: Get the USB stick(Bedroom) and also Nadine’s Keycard(table). 
Warning, game crashed clicking on Lydia’s room! 
Dorms C: 
(Down staircase and up through door) 
Nadine’s room: Get Box of Matches on nightstand. 
Frank’s room: Use the radio on Gremlin to contact Frank. 
The dog has a pair of Pliers he won’t let go of. 
check on the Dog Dish. Use the Can of Meat on the Dog Dish. 
(In case you missed it, the Can of Meat is in the store room of the Caf) 
Gremlin will drop the Pliers. Pick them up from where he was sitting. 
(Pet Gremlin to hear a cute snorfling noise.) 
Dorms B: 
(down from staircase) 
Ellie’s room: Pick up Toy Mouse Key on desk, Toy Mouse on chair. 
Pet cat if you want to. 
Combine Toy Mouse and Toy Mouse Key. 
Go back to Centrum. 
First priority should be getting to Roland in Obs. 
Use the Red Keycard you got from Ellie’s body on the door to the 
containment area. 
Turn to containment beams back on using the Console in the containment area. 
Not much more you can do. 
Go to the Med Bay and talk to Lydia. Get a Black Keycard. 
Go to the Generator Room to take the USB to Tara. 
Use the Black Keycard to enter the Generator Room. 
Tara is in the upper part of the room. Give her the USB and she restores power to the site. 
Jacob goes to follow Dominic for info about energy crystals. 
Now as Ethan: He will prompt to go to Cafeteria for coffee. 
Talk to Gregor for a coffee conflict. 
Go to Gregor’s Mug on the counter. Ethan will talk about how to tamper with it 
without Gregor noticing. 
Go to the Hole in the wall in Sector A-2. Stick your hand in, get a Worm. 
Go back to Caf, place the worm in Gregor’s coffee Mug… 
Oh Ethan, you scamp! 
Follow Gregor into the Washroom and take his Keycard from the counter. 
Dorms B (down from staircase) 
Gregor’s room, end of hall. 
Get Toolbox Key from bedside table. 
Go to Docking Bay, to the sunken area down the staircase next to the ship. 
There is a Storage Box. Use the Toolbox Key. 
Get Fuse and Magnetic Plates. 
Go to sector A-7 to the oddly shaped monument. 
Use Green Jewels on the Empty Slots. 
Look at the Octagon Artifact and make note of the numbers 
according to Abigail’s notes. 
Use Teleporter. The first ???? option will send you to a new sector, D. 
In D Sector, go right to the next screen to find a pile of Debris.(You can’t do anything here yet, so you don’t have to explore this now unless you’re curious) 
Down from the Teleporter screen, find a Cave-In. (Ethan will complain of stomache pain) 
Use Teleporter to go back to the Alpha site west entrance. 
Frank will be there, complaining he has lost a shovel. 
Go left and then up to the next screen in Beta Sector where Ethan will find a Shovel. 
Below the shovel is a ‘Fresh Digsite’. Use the Shovel to uncover 
Ethan’s gear, waterlogged. Ethan’s Sword, Small Key and Shotgun Shell. 
Back to Beta site. Use the Small Key on the Storage Box in the store room. 
Get Dynamite, Wrench. 
Go back to D sector to the pile of debris marked ???? 
Use the Shovel. Uncover a Panel. 
Use Army Knife on Panel to open it. You will need a key which we don’t have yet. 
Go to the Cave-In. Place Sticky Paste on cave-in. 
Combine Fuse and Dynamite. Use this on the Rock with Sticky Paste. 
Now use the Box of Matches. You get a choice of whether to wait or not. 
I don’t yet know if there is any reason to wait, I didn’t. 
Achievement (Demolisher Man) 
Cutscenes, Ethan’s parasites. Agree to meet Jacob at the mountain teleporter. 

Part 4

Enter the Cave-In. See some giant ants to the right. 
To the left are some Rock Spikes. Random inventory time: 
Use the Strawberry Jam on the Rock Spikes. This is an adventure game after all. 
As Jacob: Go back into the cave past where the Rock Spikes were. 
After talking to Ethan go out. Hear Ethan yell. 
Go back up. Ethan has fallen into the pit. 
Combine Radio with Bandages to throw to Ethan. 
Ruined Halls, as Ethan: Get Radio Hanging from Bandage at top of rooom. 
To the right is the entrance to a Collapsed Room. No way to enter. 
To the right of the Collapsed Room entrance is a Chest. 
Get 3 Gla*s Gems from the Chest. 
To the left side of the hall is a giant door with a Metal Knob beside it. 
Use the Wrench on the Metal Knob.. 
Use the Shotgun Shell on the Wrench on Knob. 
Use the Box of Matches to ignite it and open the door. 
D-3 Transit: Push the button to summon the Transit Device. 
E-1 Transit. Go up the stairs. Scene ends… 
As Jacob, in the Docking bay. Look for Frank to get some Rope. 
Frank is outside the ship, in the top-right area of the Docking Bay, 
next to the console with the station’s food inventory display. 
Talk to him to get Rope. 
Go back to the Teleporter in Sector A-7 and go to Sector D-1. 
Return to cave where Ethan fell in. 
Myra goes with you. She isn’t happy about it. 
Use the Rope on the Rock Pillar at the top of the Hole. 
Use the Rope to climb down. 
Follow Ethan’s path to the transit. Myra will go with you. 
Use the transit to Sector E-1. 
Go up the same stairs as Ethan to enter a new area. E-2 
Go right to the next screen to find Ethan. Cutscene. 
Cross Energy Bridge to Sector E-3. 
Go up into the Damp Cave and find a Device. 
Go to the right to find a Burrower and a Gwai that are dead. 
Use the Army Knife to get a Stinger from the Burrower. 
Jacob thinks the Device needs a living organism on it to work… 
Use Jar of Parasites on Device. Ethan joins you. 
Go down stair case. Sector E-4 Cutscene. 
Go to the Vines. Cut Vines with Army Knife. 
Cutscene. Keep going downward to Sector E-6. 
Cutscene. Jacob goes back to base. 
Get Myra’s Keycard and Hacked Keycard automatically. 
Also Achievement(Mishaps and Missteps) automatically. 
Ethan stays in sector E-6: Go left to find sector E-7 
and a Teleporter that doesn’t work. (Also Radish people??) 
Go back to E-6 and down to E-8. It can be a bit tricky to navigate the top of this screen. 
Go right to Sector E-9. Enter the Cavern to the right of the waterfall. 
To the right is another chamber, Spider Cave. 
The Spider is guarding a large structure. 
Go back to the outer Cavern and to the left. 
Ethan finds a place to cross (Gap) but can’t make it that far by jumping. 
Leave the cave and go outside and left to Sector E-8. 
Attached to the cliff just above the bird walking around is a Metallic Cable, get it. 
Go back into the cavern, to the Gap. 
Use the Metallic Cable. Use the Magnetic Plates. 
Cross the new bridge and go up around the curving path. 
Leave the cave by the entrance at the end of the path. 
Enter Sector E-10. Cutscenes. 

Part 5

As Jacob: 
Automatically go to Dominic’s lab and listen to the dialogue. 
Go to Dorms A and use the Hacked Keycard to enter Lydia’s room. 
Pick up a Green Keycard in Lydia’s room on the bed. 
Dorms C: Use Myra’s Keycard to enter her room. 
Get the Chipset on her desk. 
Med Bay: use the Green Keycard on the door in the waiting area. 
Interact with the Medical Box to get Stethoscope and Rubbing Alcohol. 
Generator Room: Interact with Metal box to get Chip. 
The Metal box is next to a terminal on the right side of the 
lower room. 
Science Lab: Use the Chipset on the right-hand droid. 
Use the Chip on the same droid. 
Take the Chip to the left-hand droid to get it programmed. 
Bring it back to the right-hand droid. 
Use Electronic Lockpick on same droid. Lockpick is repaired! 
Achievement (Robo-Aid) 
You can now enter the locked doors in the dormitory using the 
Electronic Lockpick. 
Dorms A: Enter Gil’s room. 
Get Gil’s Notes from the table. 
Get a Purple Rod from the bedroom. 
Dorms C: 
Enter Roland’s room and get Spider Pheromones. 
Enter Tara’s room to get Crystal Dust. 
Dorms B: 
Enter Leonid’s room and get a Blue Jewel. 
Quick travel to Beta Site. 
Go to the research room with the locked terminal. 
Look at Gil’s Notes: Compound 29, Patch 97. 
Enter the code for the Terminal: 2997. 
Achievement (Crack the Code) 
Enter Gil’s Lab. Cutscene. 
As Ethan: 
Go to the Storage Box in the upper right corner of Gil’s lab. Get a Crystal and Stun Gun. 
Talk to Jacob, Cutscene. 
Science Lab. The Teleporter there now works, but you have to wait for Jacob to finish something. 
Go to the Med Bay. Cutscene. 
Achievement (Parasite Ethan) 
Search Gregor and get a Magnet. 
Now you can use the Teleporter in the Science Lab. 
To get the Achievement (OK Beamer) make sure you have tried 
all the destinations on the teleporter. 
Looking for Gil: 
Go to Sector E-7. 
Walk through the Cavern to E-10 and Find a Panel on the 
upper control console(called Buttons) to the left of the large door. 
Use the Blue Button. 
Arrive on a high ledge above where you were. 
There is another control console. Use the Panel to uncover 
a Mechanics Compartment. Use the Crystal in the Compartment. 
Go back to the Buttons and use the Purple Button. 
Go to the nearby console and Find a Cracked Crystal. 
Use Crystal Dust on the Cracked Crystal. 
Now use the Stun Gun to set the dust and fix the crystal. 
The door below opens. Go back to the Buttons and press the 
Red Button. You can now enter the Door to the strange building. 
Enter Room One: 
There is a Cylinder directly above that is solved later. 
For now, go to the Teleport pad to the right. 
Transport to Room Three. 
Take the Crystal from Panel to the left of the centre of the room. 
The force field on the left will fall. Go up to find something new. 
Now you just need a heart. 
Go back up to that dead Gwai in the Damp Cave. 
Use the Army Knife to get a Gwai Heart. 
(If you read the console in the Observation Lounge, Gwai hearts can 
continue beating for days after the animal dies.) 
Sector E-8: Near the bottom of the underpa*s at the top of the screen, 
there is a drone. Use the Pliers to get a Sensor. 
This object unlocks a missable achievement later. 
I’d advise doing this if you are interested in the overall story.
Return to the Building in E-10 and go back to Room 3 to join the others. 
After talking to Abigail and as many of the others as you want, 
go to the Cover Panel on the front of the Protector. 
Interact with it. Yuck. 
Use Gwai Heart. Abigail tries to start the machine. 
Use the Stun Gun on the Heart of a Gwai. 
Achievement (The Heart Will Go On) 
Now, use the Toy Mouse on the Room with Skeletons. (Of course!) 
Use the Energy Crystal on the Empty Slot next to the door. 

Part 6

As Jacob: 
Go to Botany Lab and give Leonid the Spider Pheromones. 
Optional: If you have the Sensor from the Drone in Sector E, 
you can give it to Lydia to use as a new eye for Dominic. 
Just use it on Lydia in the Med Bay.
Now go back To Sector E and use the Teleporter in Room Three. 
Go to the top of Room Four. Cutscene. 
Use the Elevator to get to Room Five. 
Search Gil for Duct Tape, Strange Artifact, and another Blue Jewel. 
Press the Button on the central device. 
Pick up Brimming Crystals from the Containers. 
Combine Burrower Stinger and Hammer. 
(It won’t actually combine them but it lets you progress) 
Use the Stehoscope on all three walls. 
Combine the Hammer and Stinger again in front of the Right Wall after listening to the walls. 
Go through the wall to enter a Cave. 
Get an Energy Crystal from the Panel on the side of the tiny ship. 
Walk around and enjoy the scenary if you like but there is nothing else to do here. 
Return to Sector C: Use Energy Crystal from Tiny Ship on Left Room’s (C-4) Empty Slot. 
Then use controls next to Energy Crystal in slot. (Thanks Devs!) 
Through the door to the next area, use Brimming Crystals on the Empty Slots at the top. 
As Ethan: 
You can use the Octagon Artifact to see which combinations of Crystals will lead to rooms, 
by summing the crystal slots to get the numerals on the Artifact. Or just follow this: 
Move the Brimming Crystals to Slots 3 and 4 then use the Transport Device again. 
Next room has an Esferian 7 (looks like a backwards 3) on the floor. 
Push the Button and use the Teleporter again. 
Notice one quarter of the floor display is lit up now. 
Next place the Crystals in Slots 4,5 and use the Teleporter to get to a room with Esferian 9 on the floor. 
Press the Button, use the Teleporter. 
Place Crystals in slot 2. Use the Teleporter. Now in Rooom with 2 on Floor, Press the Button. 
Use the Teleporter. 
Empty the Slots and use the Tranporter again. Room with 0 on the floor. 
Press the Button, use the Teleporter. 
Now you can use the lower walkway to get to the next Teleporter. 
Achievement (Esferian Math for Dummies) 
Big Chamber: Get a Green Rod, Strange Artifact, and 2 Orange Jewels. 
***Also note the Banners above the consoles that have an Esferian ‘5’ on them. 
Also note the strange numeral on the floor. 
Use the Teleporter, and then the next Teleporter to get back to Jacob. 
As Jacob: 
Combine 2 sides of Strange Artifact to get Round Artifact. 
Use a Teleporter to get to Sector D. 
Use the Round Artifact on the Empty Slot on the hilltop vault in D-2. 
Use Ladder. 
Use the Gla*s Gems on the Platforms throughout the next area. 
Get the light to shine on the doorway activator. 
Place one of the Triangular Gems on the Platform furthest from the door, that is in the bright area. 
Flip it so the light beam hits the next Platform at the top of the area. 
Use the Oval gem on this Platform. The light beam should hit the Platform nearest the door. 
Put the other triangular gem in the Platform nearest the door and flip the gem to focus light on the door. 
Achievement (Show Me the Light) 
The door opens. In the next area, Ledge, get a Blue Rod. 
Walk to Ethan to talk about a special Rock. 
Combine Duct Tape with Magnet. Combine this with Ethan’s Sword. 
Use Magnet on a Sword to get Ethan’s Rock. 
Use the Orange Jewels on the Empty Slots in the Statue at the top of the Ledge. 
(Also notice the crumbling banner above the doorway to the outer ledge. It has an Esferian 3 on it. This is a clue for the Cylinder Puzzle later on.) 
Return to Teleporter. 

Part 7

Back to Alpha Site: 
In Med Bay, Lydia fills you in on where everyone is, of who is left. 
Aside: If you talk to Yazir in Comms, he tells you a large storm is coming. 
Try to take Rock to Leonid, who is not in Botany anymore but is in the Spider Cave with Hannah. 
Go to Spider Cave. Find out what happened there. More Jewels are needed to activate the monument in the Spider Cave to rescue Leonid. 
For now move on. 
Solve Cylinder Puzzle in Room One. 
Banner beside next door shows numeral ‘6’. With 3 s*ripes on either side. 
Other clues to remember: 
Sector C Big Chamber: Note the Banners above the consoles that have an Esferian ‘5’ on them. 
Sector D Ledge: Above the doorway, note the falling apart banner that has a 3 on it. 
Solution: 3,6,5. 
(Note, brute-forcing this solution is blocked until you have been on at least two of the screens with clues on them. 
So you can’t advance through this door until you have gone through the earlier plot.) 
Achievement (Symbolic) 
Follow Dominic to the next room. Get two Red Jewels from the console at the left. 
Use the Teleporter there. If you gave Dominic the Sensor, you get the Achievement (All Seeing Eye) 
Enter a special room. Not much to do here but adds to the back story. Sequel? 
You can place the objects you’ve found in the correct slots around the world anytime after you get them: 
Sector C-1: Blue Jewels on Empty Slots on central structure. 
Red Jewels to Empty Slots in statue in B-5. (Where Ethan ate the berries.) 
This stage in the story is a good time to do it if you haven’t already. 
Audio Puzzle: 
Go to A7. 
Take the Rods to Chamber A in the Ancient Halls in the Cave at the top of Sector A. 
Use the Purple, Blue and Green Rods in the Slots. 
You then have the options of moving the Rods by one or two notches. 
You just have to get all three into a position that creates sound from each when you press the Button: 
Push the Green Rod down two notches. 
Push the Purple Rod down one Notch. 
That’s it! 
Achievement (Stay a While and Listen) 
Get Purple Jewels from the Platform that appears. These are for the Spider Cave statue. 
Discover that Burrowers are all over the caves outside the chamber. 
In the cave there is a Burrower Tunnel to the right against one wall. Use it. 
Enter A5 Cave B. Just leave the cave by the entrance to the left. 
Arrive at Old Village. 
Optional: Search the Barrel for a Metallic Dish. 
Combine Metallic Dish with Rubbing Alcohol. 
Combine Dish with Alcohol with Ethan’s Rock to get Dish with Acid. 
Use Dish with Acid on the Chain holding up the cage with the skeleton. 
(If you don’t do this you miss an achievement, as you can’t get back to the Village again.) 
Use the Vines at the bottom of the screen. 
Back at A5. 
If you did the optional actions above, 
you now get a Pocket watch and the Achievement (Who is E.F.?) 
Go back to the Spider Cave in Sector E and use the Purple Jewels on the Empty Slots. 
Watch a long scene that advances the plot quite a bit. 

Part 8

Now as Jacob: 
Pick up Artifact at the bottom of the screen. 
Use a Teleporter. I chose the left one. (If you chose the right-side one, scroll down to the Floor Puzzle section first) 
On the next screen, get the Symbol Artifact at the bottom. 
The Symbol Artifact tells you which chamber you will be teleported to given what you are currently holding. 
(Placing and taking Crystals changes its highlighting. The sum of the rooms that currently have crystals is the room you will be teleported to. Sometimes. In other positions it seems to be different. 
This is the most cryptic puzzle in the whole game. Just take note of what combinations lead to which rooms.) 
The idea is to get to rooms 6,7,8 to get Crystal Fragments, then to room 5 to place the crystal reformed from the fragments. 
The combinations to get to rooms 5,6,7,8 are all sums of the placed crystals, but the combinations to travel around between rooms 1-4 are sometimes more arbitrary. 
Having no crystals placed will cause the teleporter to cycle from 4,3,2,1 and back, so you can always do that to get back to the start. 
It’s a little confusing so if you get stuck here’s a step by step path: 
Take Crystal from Slot. Note 1 symbol on floor. 
Also look at the Symbol Artifact and notice the 4 is lit up. 
Use the Teleporter. Now the 1 is lit on the Artifact. The floor here has a 4 on it. 
Teleport. The floor here has a 3 on it. 
Take the Brimming Crystal from the central Pillar and Place it in the Empty Slot at the top of the room. 
Now 4 is highlighted on the Symbol Artifact while 1 and 3 are slightly illuminated. (1+3) 
Teleporter now takes you to 4. 
Place. Teleport to Room 7, (Chamber B) (3+4) 
Pick up a Crystal Fragment and press the Button beside it. 
Teleporter now takes you to 3. Take Crystal. 
Teleport takes you to 4. Take. 
Now keep teleporting until you get back to 2. (It just keeps going in descending order.) 
Place. Teleport to 4. 
Place. Teleport to Room 6. (Chamber A)(2+4) Press Button and pick up another Crystal Fragment. 
Teleport to 2. (Check the Symbol Artifact to see where the Teleporters will go at any time) 
Take. Teleport to 4. Teleport to 1. Place. 
Teleport to Room 5 and get another Crystal. 
Teleport back from 5 and place Crystals in Rooms 1,3 and 4 now that you have access to 3 Brimming Crystals. 
Here is a way to do that: 
Teleport to 1. Take. 
Teleport to 4. Take. 
Teleport to 3,2,1. Place. 
Teleport to 3. Place. 
Teleport to 4. Place. 
Teleport to Chamber C, which has an 8 on the floor. 
Press the Button and get the third Crystal Fragment. 
Combine the Fragments in your inventory. 
Teleport to Room 4. Take. 
Teleport to 1. Take. 
Teleport to 3. Take. 
Teleport to 2, 1,4. Place. 
Teleport to 1. Place. 
Teleport 5. Now the pathway to the lower part of Room 5 will be open. 
Place the Reformed Crystal in the Slot at the Bottom. 
Teleport back to Main Area. Achievement (Esferian Math for Dummies 2) 
Go to the middle of the room and get another Artifact from the lower part of the screen. 
Skip to here if you chose the right-side Teleporter first: 
Go to the right Teleporter. 
Another Floor puzzle: 
This puzzle requires illuminating all the lights on the outer edges of the floor by choosing the right path. Each corner needs to have at least 1 light illuminated. 
The 4 lights around the edge of the middle platform will illuminate for any corner that has one or more lights lit. There might be more than one way to do this. 
Hint: Start from the upper left corner (numeral 5). 
Here’s the path I took, starting from the upper left corner (with the 5 numeral), stepping on tiles with the following numbers or empty spaces(s). 
From upper left corner: 6(down),3,7, 
From lower left corner: 3(right),6,3,s,6,s,3,6,3,6,3, 
From lower right corner: 6(up),s,6, 
From upper right corner: 6(down),s,5,3,s (gets you back to the centre.) 
Achievement (Watch Your Step Part 2) 
Get another Artifact at the bottom of the screen. 
Look at the Artifacts. Yellow and Purple, Green and Red, Blue and Orange. 
Go to the Controls for another puzzle: 
This looks complicated but is just a matter of matching colors in the same pairs as the colours on the Artifacts. 
There really aren’t too many possible combinations. 
Blue and Orange on the upper right, Red and Green on the lower right, Yellow and Purple on the lower left. 
Achievement (One For Every Finger) 

Part 9 (Ending)

As Ethan in the Cargo Bay. Get the Crystals and mainframe to work. 
Go to Engine Room. Place Control Crystals in the Control Crystal Slot on the bottom of the control console. 
Cutscene. Well, then, that happened. 
Talk to the pa*sengers if you want to. 
Then go to the Engine Room again and talk to Dominic. 
Go to the Cockpit and talk to Jacob. 
You have the options for how long a nap you want to take. 
There is an achievement that you can’t get if you skip ahead to Rigel, so it’s up to you. 
I chose ‘take a little nap’ and the next scene was on day 21 of the trip. 
Talk to whoever you like in the main area then go to the engine room to over hear a conversation. 
Back to Ethan’s bed. I chose ‘another little nap’ because I wanted to see as much of the plot as possible. 
Day 56: Talk to whoever you like, short scene in the Cockpit. 
Another ‘little nap’ 
Day 96: You might end up knowing more about the characters than you planned to… 
(Skip anytime, I’m not sure how many little stops you need to get the 
Achievement (No Skipping Ahead) I’d a*sume all of them.) 
Next Stop is Rigel and the end of the game. Hints about where a possible sequel might take the adventurers. 
Watch the end credits all the way through for an Achievement (Roll the Credits) and some resolution to at least one situation. 
I don’t know about you but I’m looking forward to the sequel (Archipelago). Consider leaving a review on the Steam Store page if you had fun on this adventure. 
Thanks Arctic Pixels! 

Written by Fennec Fox

Thanks for checking our blog. I hope the information you found about Tales of Esferia: Araxis – Guide helped you somehow. If you believe we forget to add something or update the post with more information, please let us know via comment below! See you soon!

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