Team Fortress 2 – All scout’s weapons and their stats

Team Fortress 2 – All scout’s weapons and their stats 1 -
Team Fortress 2 – All scout’s weapons and their stats 1 -

Guide for Team Fortress 2 – All scout’s weapons and their stats

So this will be listings of all scouts weapons and their stats, I just did this for fun so have fun scrowling through this…

Scout weapons and what they do

The Scattergun. 
The Force-A-Nature 
+ on hit target receives knockback and so does the player wielding it so the player wielding it can make a triple jump firing the Force-A-Nature down 
+ has 50% faster firing speed 
+ has 20% more pellets per shot 
– has a 66% smaller clip size 
– deals 10% less damage per pellet 
– if one shot is unused before reloading, it is lost. 
The Soda Popper 
(There is a hud displayed with a hype metter, you can charge that metter up doing 350 damage and then you can get 5 additional air jumps that lasts for 8 seconds) 
+ has 25% faster reload speed 
+ has 50% faster firing speed 
– has a 66% smaller clip size 
– if one shot is unused before reloading, it is lost. 
The Shortstop 
+ has 42% faster firing speed 
+ deals 100% more damage per pellet 
+ has a clip-based reload 
+ pressing the right button of the mouse does a shove, pushing people back, the shove does -1 damage 
– has 60% fewer pellets per shot 
– has a 33% smaller clip size 
– 20% increase in push force taken from damage and airblast while deployed. 
The Baby Face’s Blaster 
(The Baby Face’s Blaster slows the scout down, there is a charge metter and when you fill it increases Scout’s speed to 173%, the boost metter maxes at 100 damage dealt) 
– 34% clip size 
– 10% movement speed on wearerer 
– boost reduced on air jumps 
– boost reduced when hit 
The Back Scatter 
+ minicrits when shooting enemies from behind at close range 
– 34% clip size 
– +20% bullet spread 
– no random critical hits 
The Pistol. 
The Lugermorph. 
The C.A.P.P.E.R. 
Bonk! Atomic Punch 
(Upon the player drinking it, the player becomes immune to all damage but cannot attack, the player still receives knockback, when the player is damaged while under the effects of bonk and ends the player is slowed down depending on how much he was damaged, the slowdown effect lasts for 5 seconds while the invulnerability lasts for 8 seconds, it takes 22 seconds for it to recharge again) 
+ while under its effects the player gets granted with minicrits 
– making any attack causes a 5 second Marked-For-Death debuff 
(Effect lasts for 8 seconds and needs 22 seconds to recharge) 
Mad Milk and Mutated milk 
+ any damage (except afterburn) done to enemies covered in milk restores 60% of the damage dealt to the attacking player’s health 
+ partially nullifies cloacking for spies 
+ extinguishes fire on wielder and his teammates 
– has a 20 second recharge time 
+ 20% decrease in recharge time if the player extinguishes a teammate. 
The Winger 
+Deals 15% 
+Jump height increased by 25% when active 
-Has a 60% smaller clip size. 
The Pretty Boy’s Pocket Pistol 
+ on hit gives +3 health 
+ 15% firing speed 
– has a 25% smaller clip size 
The Flying Guillotine 
(Can be thrown to damage enemies, recharges after 6 seconds) 
+ causes bleed on hit 
+ long-distant hit reduces the recharge time by 1.5 seconds 
– once thrown it cannot be picked up 
The Bat. 
The Holy Mackerel. 
Unarmed Combat. 
Bat Saber. 
The Sandman 
+ pressing the right side of the mouse releases a ball that damages and slows down the enemy from 1 to 7 seconds depending on the range 
– lowers your health from 125 to 110 
The Wrap Assasin 
+ pressing the right side of the mouse releases a ball that damages and makes enemies bleed on direct hit and any enemies nearby also get damaged, the ball recharges in 7.5 seconds 
+ 25% increase in ball recharge rate 
– deals 65% less damage 
The Candy Cane 
+ a small health pack is dropped if the player killed an enemy 
– raises explosive vulnerability by 25% 
The Boston Basher and The Three Rune Blade 
+ on hit causes 5 second bleed 
– on miss causes the player to be damaged and have 5 second bleed 
The Fan O’War 
+ if a player hits an enemy with the Fan O’War then the enemy is marked for death for 15 seconds 
+ crits whenever it whould normaly minicrit 
– 75% less damage 
The Atomizer 
+grants the abillity to triple jump when deployed 
+ melee attacks minicrit when airborne 
– deals 15% less damage go players 
– deploys 50% slower 
The Sun On A Stick 
+ guarantees a critical hit on burning players 
+ 25% damage resistance from fire while weapon is active 
– 25% less damage 

Written by Pug

Hey there, thanks for checking our blog. I hope the information you found about Team Fortress 2 – All scout’s weapons and their stats helped you. If you believe we forget something to add or want us to add extra on the post, please let us know via comment below. Thanks, and see you soon!

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