Team Fortress 2 – How to be good at Hightower

Team Fortress 2 – How to be good at Hightower 1 -
Team Fortress 2 – How to be good at Hightower 1 -

Guide for Team Fortress 2 – How to be good at Hightower

I’m playing TF2 since 2011 and like for 6 years at the plr_hightower map. So you will see here some stuff like hints/features of being good at this map. Yes I know that hightower is a small map for making guides for it, but anyways it will lead you to the Highest Tier ( 8th atm ) alot faster than any other map.

Main info

First of all, it should be noticed that hightower map has no time limit, it depends on the cart captures (2 cap = win). So, this map is a special one because there’s no need to cap until someone will reach 300+ points (it’s about 2-2.5 h long game, feels like enough). Having this amount of points you will get alot of casual level points (ik this is useless but ppl usually ask me what tier I have, "holy moly it’s golden badge!", "he’s a cheater probably", "haxor!", etc..). 
Hightower is a fun map that attracts both f2ps and tryhards. Sometimes it’s filled with taunting and chilling friendlies, real cheaters and bots .. for couple last years.. I won’t describe the strats to beat ’em, just leave the server and find another one – not a big deal. 
The reasons I decided to write this guide are: 

  • to check my eng language skills; 
  • try myself in the articles/guides writing; 
  • to show some basics of gameplay on hightower map.


Best cla*ses to play on HT

TF2 has 9 different cla*ses to play, but not of them are really comfortable to play here. Every player has his main character to play and being good at it. 
Comparing characters’ skills and possibilities it’s kinda simple to rank them up. In short, I will present this table (in my opinion): 

RankCla*s name

I will describe my three favourite cla*ses in TF2 at plr_hightower below, some reasons why I like them and also note some tips’n’tricks for each of them. 

#1 Sniper

Team Fortress 2 - How to be good at Hightower - #1 Sniper 
Sniper is the best cla*s for this map for sure. Having a lucksman huntsman it will destroy every cla*s with one (sometimes 2) arrow, because a nice headshot will do 270-360 damage per 1 shot! Omg! It’s almost the Direct Hit for sniper (best melee and range weapon in game). Otherwise you can’t trick a bullet from a sniper rifle. Some people are good at sniping, who’s playing this game for long time or just prefer shooters to other casual games. So, choosing the primary/secondary weapon you should understand the possibility to kill an enemy players and know the amount of each cla*s in enemy team. 

Primary weaponPossibility to use
Sniper rifle, Bazaar Bargainif there’s an equal amount of snipers in enemy team
Hitman’s hitmakerif you want some silent kills or perform the revenge
Machina, AWPwhen you dominate the whole enemy team and making alot of hs πŸ™‚
Sydney Sleeper, Cla*sicfun weps, sometimes useful in good hands


Secondary weaponPossibility to use
The Razorbackenemy team has 1-2 spies
Darwin’s Shieldenemy team has 2-3 pyros
Jarate + Bushwakaenemy team has fat cla*ses like heavies, demoknights, trolldiers
SMG, Cleaner’s Carbine, Cozy Campersome useless garbage, plz don’t use it

There’s not a big choice between melee, so use kukri or bushwaka combo. 
So, next I will show 5 lucky spots you should "check with an arrow" time to time. 

  • when the game started just run asap to the left position at spawn and do a shot: 
    Team Fortress 2 - How to be good at Hightower 
  • immediately check the 2nd position on the right at spawn for killing scouts (1-2 arrows): 
    Team Fortress 2 - How to be good at Hightower 
  • check this spot while being under spawn for long lucky kills 
    Team Fortress 2 - How to be good at Hightower 
  • and last obvious spot is … spawncamping! πŸ˜€ 
    Ppl just will respawn and die again.. disappointment. 
    Team Fortress 2 - How to be good at Hightower 

Also, don’t forget to check the corners at your spawn for invisible spies! Yeah, spies like corners ^_^. 
Trolldiers and demoknights might be destroyed by taunting, so be fast and smart to use taunt kills. Set your crosshair in the way enemy should appear and make him type some bad words in chat! xD 

#2 Demo

Team Fortress 2 - How to be good at Hightower - #2 Demo 
One of my fav projectile shooting cla*ses is.. demoman. Comparing to sniper demo can’t get fast kill, but it is the fastest cla*s in the game because of sticky jumper and shields. It’s very hard and sometimes unreal to catch flying or charging guy with 175-200 hp. Demoman cla*s has alot opportunities to choose your own playstyle because of plenty big variety of weps. I will present some best sets on my choice below: 

1Iron Bomber, The Tide Turner, A bottle/Skullcutter
2The Loose Cannon, The Tide Turner, A bottle
3Loch’n’load, The Chargin’ Targe, A bottle

As you can see, a bottle wins pan, so.. 
jk xD 
It’s need to be careful while shooting pipes to avoid self-damage. 
The use of stickybomb launchers is specific, it requires to be upset and edgy play. it is perfect wep for destroying engie’s nests, spawncamping, etc.. But you should never use it on hightower. It also important to say that skullcutter is a good weapon vs trolldiers and demoknights because of it high chance to crit and cut their heads with 1 hit. 
Speaking about spamming spots, the situation with spychecking at spawn is the same as described in the previous section, just check corners, that’s it. Don’t forget about scouts jumping to the tower at mid of map in the beginning of the round. So, you should spam pipes to: 

  • the tower while staying on the ground; 
    Team Fortress 2 - How to be good at Hightower 
  • the tower again but mid ground level at the exit from coridors (my eng is bad I know xD); just send 1-2 pipes there to hear a hitsound; 
    Team Fortress 2 - How to be good at Hightower 
  • here, someone will wait for healthpack/trying to cap and you get him; 
    Team Fortress 2 - How to be good at Hightower 
  • enemy balcony and spawn to kill snipers/engies/other cla*ses; don’t forget to check your own spawn for spies and enemy campers! 
    Team Fortress 2 - How to be good at Hightower 
  • this position to deny enemy players running away/camping engies with minis, etc. 
    Team Fortress 2 - How to be good at Hightower 

Yeah, you would say: "Wtf? Just spam where ever you want!", but the reason I’m describing it is people don’t know how and where they should shoot some pipes to predict the enemy position. Explosive weapons were created for checking areas when you can’t see an enemy, and hitsound will help you! 
Walking into these coridors use The Tide Turner to avoid sniper shots from the shack, to get the mid or the enemy’s cart starting location. This shield is also useful to make long jumps across the map with stairs or highground. Just charge, press jump and crouch, then strafe in air! Same thing is with Loose Cannon but much harder. 
There’s no need to describe primary and secondary properties of demo’s weps. Please pay attention to the Loose Cannon while shooting it. Hold LMB for 1-2 sec and shoot to an enemy to perform a SWEET DONK!!! (spamming cannon balls is helpful but depends on your luck to get a kill). 
The Iron Bomber is also useful to get the higher places on map in absence of stickybomb launcher. Just learn timing of the pipe explosion. 

#3 Soldier

Team Fortress 2 - How to be good at Hightower - #3 Soldier 
The next my fav cla*s is a Soldier. He’s not that fast as demo with sticky jumper but some advanced gameplay knowledges with The Beggar’s Bazooka as the easiest way to across this map will help you to be good. I’ve never used this weapon because stock or direct hit are the two top weapons for primary slot. 
My fav sets are: 

1The Original, Shotgun, The Disciplinary Action
2Direct Hit, The Gunboats, The Disciplinary Action

Many people prefer to play as trolldiers by using The Market Gardener as melee and Training Rocket Launcher to one-shot almost every cla*s. I had over 16k+ kills on my Market Gardener and sold it because of the kill counter. Most ppl won’t believe it was real, not farmed, so I decided to stay neutral with common non-strange weapons. 
So, speaking about other solly’s weapons I would say they are garbage. It’s very specific for finding a good situation to use ’em. The banners are good when your team is raped by enemies and there’s no chance to came through, but pay attention that you will need a medic as healing teammate (you loose more hp while jumping with banners instead of The Gunboats). 
Let’s go to the pre-fire/checking HT spots. 

  • As the game started try to shoot 2 rockets with Direct hit at these two spots (enemy’s balcony counts too if there are many trolldiers, snipers): 
    Team Fortress 2 - How to be good at Hightower 
    Team Fortress 2 - How to be good at Hightower 
    Don’t forget to check tower’s mid position for scouts. Sometimes happened that demos with The Ullapool Caber will jump to your respawn area to kill snipers right after starting a round, so just wait a lil’ bit and try to catch them with a DH. 
  • The next one spot is good to catch some "pro" players who prefer to spawncamp by jumping from the tower to your spawn and coming back to it. So quick tip is try to spam to this spot from the shack: 
    Team Fortress 2 - How to be good at Hightower 

Usually the most safe area on this map is coridors you can get by jumping down from your spawn. They are really good for ambushing, keep it in mind. 
If you are not good enough for airshots, try to do them at the tr_walkway_rc2 map. There’s an option for sending bots in the sky xD. 


Summing up these basic information for the plr_hightower map we can do a conclusion

  • cap the cart if someone has reached 250+ points; 
  • try to not kill friendlies if they don’t hurt you (usually teammates do votekicks for this) or find another server with playing ppl; 
  • respect players and try to avoid bad words because most players are kids for sure; 
  • try to not cry about completing your hightower contracts and asking for cap the cart, no one cares about it; 
  • try to learn some spamming/killing spots and do the predict shots; 
  • keep your health full the most time and jump more to avoid enemies’ shots/projectiles; 
  • witnessing a bot or cheater – press K button, then choose kick reason and delete him from the server.

Yeah, it’s my first experience of writing guides/an articles, but it was interesting to do. 
The most part of text are well-known things everyone understands, and I hope this guide will be interesting to read for ppl who thinks I’m really cheating on Hightower. 
I will never cheat. Trust me. 
Sincerely Yours, GorDante. 

Hey there, thanks for checking our blog. I hope the information you found about Team Fortress 2 – How to be good at Hightower helped you. If you believe we forget something to add or want us to add extra on the post, please let us know via comment below. Thanks, and see you soon!

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