Team Fortress 2 – TF2 FPS GUIDE

Team Fortress 2 – TF2 FPS GUIDE 1 -
Team Fortress 2 – TF2 FPS GUIDE 1 -

Guide for Team Fortress 2 – TF2 FPS GUIDE

So it’s no secret that tf2 is EXTREMELY unoptimized and as a result alot of players are playing at ♥♥♥♥♥♥ frame rate of 5 – 40 fps if i had to guess the range that most tf2 players played and since you came here that means you ended up in in this range as for 1 – 5 fps just buy a new pc its not worth it. On to the optimizations.



Lets start with the basics here.

1. go to launch options by clicking on settings icon and type the following
-dxlevel 80/81/90/95 -refresh # -novid -nojoy -noforcemaccel -noforcemspd -nosteamcontroller -noipx -useforcedmparms -nohltv -threads # -particles 1 -nod3d9ex -precachefontchars -high

The direct x level or dx for short can save ma*sive fps but will nuke the graphics if you go with 80/81. only go 95 if you have a good graphics card. 80 and 81 are for pc’s with a bad graphics card meanwhile 90 is the in between and is the default direct x level. refresh is based on your refresh rate of your monitor which is how many frames can be displayed at once so yeah you’ll want to look into that. threads is based on how many cores you have, if you have 4 then put in -threads 4 but don’t just go 9999999 as it can slow down the game check how many you have by looking into taskmanager>performance>cpu>cores.

2. go into options>video>advanced>lower/turnoff everything that isn’t multicore rendering especially vsync since it caps your fps to 60 and you will have mouse latency.

3. go into advanced options and turn off glow, 3d models and weather this can save you a ton of fps.


This is going to be a bit more advanced as you’ll have to use console commands and dig into the tf2 folder for this 1 to squeeze out those frames.

1. In the tf2 folder go into tf, then cfg create an autoexec and paste this:
mat_mipmaptextures 0
cl_detailfade 0
cl_detaildist 0
r_drawdetailprops 0
mp_decals 0
r_decals 0
cl_phys_props_enable 0
cl_phys_props_max 0
props_break_max_pieces 0
r_propsmaxdist 1
g_ragdoll_fadespeed 10000
g_ragdoll_lvfadespeed 10000
ragdoll_sleepaftertime 0
cl_ragdoll_fade_time 0
cl_ragdoll_forcefade 1
cl_ragdoll_physics_enable 0
mat_queue_mode 2
lod_TransitionDist -1
r_lod 2
r_shadows 0
r_drawmodeldecals 0
r_teeth 0
r_waterdrawreflection 0
r_eyes 0
mat_phong 0

this will save you quiet a few frames by not having these resource intensive effects such as ragdolls, gra*s, decals, shadows, phong etc

2.reduce fov and/or resolution this will lower your field of view, this will negatively impact your gameplay as you can’t see as much of the screen but not by to much but still, however the frames you save are pretty good, as for resolution it will add in ugly borders to it the lower you go but you save fps by doing it so if you are still starved there.


Here are some links to some mods and configurations: – – –

These mods are a last ditch effort to gain fps.


These are optimizations made out side the games reach that might be lowering your fps.

1.anti virus-an anti virus is scanning your pc constantly and because tf2 is constantly writing information the anti virus is slowing the game down so to regain some lost frames go into your anti virus and make an exception for C:/Program Files (x86)\Steam\appcache\stats this should help with low frame rate.

2.tabs-having a bunch of tabs open will cause the game to slow down because the computer has to handle so much so keep unneeded tabs closed.

The End

That’s it! That’s all I have for now thanks for reading and I hope this guide helped!

This is all that we can say about Team Fortress 2 – TF2 FPS GUIDE for now. I hope this post helped you. If there is anything that we should add, please let us know via comment below. See you soon!

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