Team Fortress 2 – The Guide To The Ideal Loadout

Team Fortress 2 – The Guide To The Ideal Loadout 18 -
Team Fortress 2 – The Guide To The Ideal Loadout 18 -

Guide for Team Fortress 2 – The Guide To The Ideal Loadout

Scout: #1 Fan and Team Support

The Scout is well known for his versatility. He can use items to help his team and benefit from others, or he can go lone-wolf and fight for himself. The Scout has countless weapon combinations that pack a punch (or maybe, a jump. 6 of them):

Team Fortress 2 - The Guide To The Ideal Loadout

Yup. We’re talking about the #1 Fan. The Soda Popper has faster reload than the Force-a-Nature, and also fires faster, giving foes little time to find you unprotected. Once you have dealt enough damage, Hype can be activated by alt-fire, giving you up to 6 jumps. Want to boost them? That’s where the Winger comes in.

The Winger has a smaller clip, meaning it’s designed more for survivability than damage output. However, each jump while holding the Winger gives you 25% more boost, meaning that using the Winger during Hype allows the equivalent of 7.5 jumps.

Need more jump, not dealing enough damage? The Atomizer is similar to the stock Bat (albeit a little bit weaker), but allows for a triple jump while being held. (This does not allow a 7th jump during Hype.)

Deciding to help your team? This loadout’s got you covered:

Team Fortress 2 - The Guide To The Ideal Loadout

The Force-a-Nature knocks back enemies and deals more damage per shot than the Scattergun, meaning it’s the perfect hit-and-run weapon. The knockback means you can perform another jump, making it an ideal substitute for the Atomizer.

Mad Milk douses enemies in a non-milk substance that rewards health to players attacking the soaked foes, making it one of the most team-oriented weapons for the Scout.

The Fan-o-War marks an enemy for death, causing all damage taken to be mini-crits, which can help when you just can’t kill that Heavy blocking your cart.

Soldier: Kill, Health, Run

The Soldier is arguably one of the most powerful cla*ses in the game. He has an explosive rocket launcher and one deadly melee weapon. Playing as one and finding it too hard to survive long enough? What you need is a loadout for healing:

Team Fortress 2 - The Guide To The Ideal Loadout
The Black Box has 1 less rocket per clip, making it less ideal for √úbercharges. However, you get up to 20 health restored with a hit on an enemy, prolonging your life, allowing for more hits, which prolongs your life, and you see where this is going.

The Concheror is like the Buff Banner in the way that it provides a team-based effect that helps your teammates make a push. In this case, Rage will allow non-capped, damage-based health regain for any teammate in your vicinity. It also has a pa*sive healing ability, which helps to heal when the Black Box can’t.

But are you taking fire and can’t get away? Well, introducing the Escape Plan. The lower your health is, the higher speed the Escape Plan will give you. At <40 HP, your speed will almost rival that of a Scout’s. Be careful, however. Damage is taken as critical hits, and you get healed by Medics 90% slower. This weapon should only be used if you can get away from danger quickly enough to survive a critical hit or two.

Pyro: Crits and Engineer Pal

Pyro: You love it on your team, hate it on the enemy’s. The Pyro has a flamethrower that deals afterburn, a shotgun that can pummel foes, a flare gun, and weapons like the axe and um, a lolipop. Anyway, need to deal maximal damage in a few well-placed shots? Well, introducing the Combo Pyro:

Team Fortress 2 - The Guide To The Ideal Loadout
The Degreaser is similar to the stock Flamethrower (albeit with more ammo usage per compression blast), but shines in the field of, you guessed it: Weapon heckling. The Degreaser has a faster switch rate that allows to quickly outperform a foe like a Soldier or Spy. This especially comes in handy when using a secondary made for maximal fire damage.

The Flare Gun deals critical damage to foes on fire, meaning that they will be dealing with a literal combo fire monster. A cla*s like the Scout will drop like a bird when ignited and hit with a Flare Gun shot.

The Powerjack gives 15% more speed when held and ~14% health restoration on kill. It doesn’t do anything special for combos but supplies speed and health.

But what about your lone Engie pal struggling with that Spy? Lucky for you, YOU can be an Engie’s best friend:

Team Fortress 2 - The Guide To The Ideal Loadout
This is what the TF2 community calls a Pybro. Why? Well, let’s see:

You can use the stock Flamethrower, but the Degreaser allows for weapon heckling which makes it easier to deal with a Spy. If you’re near a dispenser, you shouldn’t need to worry too much about reflecting rockets and grenades.

You can use any secondary weapon, but the Scorch Shot is the most commonly used because it can ignite multiple enemies.

The Homewrecker is like no ordinary axe. It can destroy sappers. (The Neon Annihilator can do this, but it takes 2 hits to destroy and does less damage.) If an Engineer got backstabbed, and you see a Spy sapping his buildings, kill the Spy with your Flamethrower, and hit the affected buildings with the Homewrecker.

Demoman: Hybrid Demoknight

Ah, the self proclaimed Scottish cyclops. Of course, I’m talking about the Demoman. Unless you have a shield and sword, in which case, that’s no ordinary Demoman.

Team Fortress 2 - The Guide To The Ideal Loadout
The Iron Bomber has less bounce and rolls less, making it easier to dispatch cla*ses like the Heavy and Sniper. It also has a cool design, so that’s a win.

The Tide Turner allows full steering control, making epic getaways and quick kills easier. It also has 75% of its charge meter refilled upon a decapitation kill.

The Eyelander is capable of taking heads and providing shield buffs, meaning it’s just the weapon you need to get the best out of the Tide Turner, allowing countless kills and some cool screaming effects.

Heavy: Bulk and Durability

The Heavy Weapons Guy is already a deadly kick to the gut when you get stuck in a 1v1. This makes him even more miserable to deal with. How fun!

Team Fortress 2 - The Guide To The Ideal Loadout
That weapon he’s holding is the Tomislav. Completely silent. Devastating. More damage. Even worse: It revs up faster.

Then the Sandvich. Capable of completely healing the Heavy. Your foes better watch out for that, or else they need to quickly get that bulky death machine off their radar before you obliterate them.

Oh yeah, he can also run fast. The G.R.U. brings him to slightly-below average speed, a big increase from his 77% base speed. If you have the G.R.U., you can quickly run away from a heated confrontation, and you better get out quick, because it drains your health to 100 after a lengthy-bit of use.

Engineer: Reinforced, Offensive, and Buffed

Remember that nightmare where that Spy came along, and then you die watching your Sentry fall as the Spy gives you a good ol’ Schadenfreude taunt?

Now, there’s two ways you can solve this: Get a Pybro, or fortify that nest:

Team Fortress 2 - The Guide To The Ideal Loadout
The Rescue Ranger will heal your buildings at long range and allows for you to snatch your Sentry from an eyesight-length away.

Sentry taking fire? Wrangle it. Shoot those pests. 66% damage absorbance.

You can use the Jag or Eureka Effect, but I like to use the stock Wrench since it doesn’t have any defensive penalties.

But what about offe-

Team Fortress 2 - The Guide To The Ideal Loadout
Take a Widowmaker and start killing people. That will stuff ya with metal. Even build a mini-Sentry in three seconds and distract enemies as you pump lead in them, and they pump metal into your ammo. It’s a win. For you. Not for them.

And one more:

Team Fortress 2 - The Guide To The Ideal Loadout
Build a mini, wrangle it up to 300 health, kill people, destroy, and that Frontier Justice has crits waiting for your use to finally kill that annoying Scout that was taking potshots with their Force-a-Nature.

Medic: Uber, Aggressive, and Community Healing

The Medic needs no introduction, these loadouts will explain:

Team Fortress 2 - The Guide To The Ideal Loadout
The Crusader’s Crossbow hurts enemies and heals teammates. It can help deter a Spy from asking for your healing.

The stock Medi-Gun Ubercharge provides 8 seconds of invulnerability, which is enough to give a TF2 player flashbacks of that time on Dustbowl when that Heavy rained bullets on their weak F2P Scout butt.

But did you die before you had an Uber ready? Well you best hope you brought a Vita-Saw with you. It can retain a percentage of your Uber meter by organs collected.

But what about durability? How about a quick fix to that problem:

Team Fortress 2 - The Guide To The Ideal Loadout
Take that Quick-Fix and quickly heal that Soldier as your ability to trace his rocket jumps sends you flying across Double Cross. The Ubercharge supplies a 300% healing rate, making it easier to sustain a chokepoint.

The Ubersaw gains 25% uber from a hit, and 100% from it’s taunt kill, the Spinal Tap.

What to do if you hear 4 Scouts calling for “MEDIC!” at once?

Team Fortress 2 - The Guide To The Ideal Loadout
The Kritzkreig supplies 8 seconds of crits and heals faster than the stock Medi-Gun. It’s best in use with a Soldier or Demoman.

The Amputator taunt heals players in a general vicinity of you, so taunt behind a wall, and the other team will by wondering why that Heavy is gaining health while he shreds them like paper.

Sniper: Support, Offense, Defense

The Sniper. He camps and it’s annoying and eventually you try to trace him down but he sees you and now you see he has, jarate?

Team Fortress 2 - The Guide To The Ideal Loadout
The Machina can kill many enemies at once because it fires a penetrating shot, and also gives a cool tracer that shows everyone your location. But don’t worry. Jarate has got you covered.

Jarate gives all enemies soaked mini-crit damage, so pair it with the Buschwacka and amplify that into a critical hit.

And then you can go antique style:

Team Fortress 2 - The Guide To The Ideal Loadout
This is usually used in offense since it has a more self-sustaining loadout.

The Hunstman can taunt kill and has a travel time, making it more suitable for the front lines.

The Tribalman’s Shiv makes enemies bleed for 6 seconds, nullifying the -50% damage output. You can also protect yourself from Pyros using the Darwin’s Danger Shield, which silences afterburn.

And then the fortified Sniper. A nightmare:

Team Fortress 2 - The Guide To The Ideal Loadout
The stock Rifle has no negative factors the Sniper’s other primaries have, so it’s ideal for defense.

The Cozy Camper also has a pa*sive healing effect and prevents flinching while scoped. It’s devastating to cla*ses like the Heavy.

Spy: Literally Unkillable

Look at this picture:

Team Fortress 2 - The Guide To The Ideal Loadout
The Kunai allows health absorption on kill, but it reduces health, so stay careful!

The Dead Ringer fakes your death while allowing you to get away from that Pyro that hit you on Gold Rush. Once it goes away, the L’etranger fills and increases the amount of cloak you have when you hit an enemy. Just make sure you hit them enough that you can pull it when they get you.

So that’s it, sorry if it got sort of runny at the end, it’s kinda late here.

Written by WimpySpace

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