The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands – Achievements 100%

The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands – [Archivementes 100%] 1 -
The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands – [Archivementes 100%] 1 -
For starters, it is a relatively short game and all achievements can easily be achieved with a little perseverance. You can have a little heavy all the achievements in a single lap. But to fully enjoy the game, it would be recommended to do it in two rounds.
This guide will divide it into two parts. The first is what jobs to entrust people and the second the achievements



Light feet: This is special for doing remote tasks, such as the mine.

Sage: This cla*s is used to be able to read ancient texts, even if it can be an alchemist. No other cla*s can read these texts.

Strong: This cla*s has more combat power than the others, it is a good cla*s to be a Guard – Ranger or Warrior.

Honest: This cla*s is used to use the ship/navigator.

Adventurer – Brave: They do not have many relevances from my point of view in itself in what is the game. It can be used quietly as the “Strong” cla*s. In itself, any cla*s can carry out any activity. But a sage in combat may run away, or a light foot may be the first to die in combat by taking damage before others. Leaving aside the ancient Texts that is something exclusive to the Sage.


Achievements are very easy to do.

  • Survivor: Survive the first night.

-Of history

  • LostSouls: Lose a worker.

Simply a guard or warrior has to die.

  • Fighter: Kill a spider.

During the night or in a dungeon you have to kill a spider.

  • Explorer:

To do this you have to buy a boat once the port is done and send a worker to sail.

  • Knowledge:

To get it you first had to send a browser, so you have a trade route with a city and you can buy old texts. By having it you pa*s it on to a sage who reads it and the achievement will come out only when he is an alchemist.

  • Hero:

A dungeon must be completed. Dungeons are what explorers find.

  • Temple Open the temple gates:

Of history.

  • ForbiddenKnowledge:

To get it you must give an old text to any other worker who is not wise. So that way you will go crazy and they will give you the achievement.

  • Thieves:

To achieve this you have to send your day workers to sleep hungry, so during the night someone will try to steal food from you. Your guards will kill him automatically and you will have the achievement.

  • Legendary: Kill the sleeping God.

From history

  • Hardcore: Finish the game on hardcore mode.

Don’t be intimidated by permanent death. It is easier than it seems to be. Simply if you find yourself in trouble, you reload the day before your character dies.

  • WorkHard:

The hardest achievement of all, mostly because they give you no clue how to get there. You simply have to finish the game without building any huts. That way you would always have to have 10 workers.


Something that I discovered while playing is that, if you reload, you do not repeat the same day, but you advance to the next. That way you conserve all your resources. If anyone died during the day, they revive. That way it might be easier to have the “Workhard” achievement. The only drawback is that by doing that ON THAT DAY, you lose the resources you have invested. In other words, if just that day two alchemists were converted, they will become wise and you will not have the texts. That is why it is better before these events is to survive the night at any cost.

Written by julbar

I hope you enjoy what we shared today about The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands – [Archivementes 100%]. If there is anything, you want us to add, please let us know via comment below! See you soon! And thanks!

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