The Crew 2 – Fine tuning a drift car?

The Crew 2 – Fine tuning a drift car? 1 -
The Crew 2 – Fine tuning a drift car? 1 -

Guide for The Crew 2 – Fine tuning a drift car?

Ever wanted to fine tune a drift car setting copied from someone else, feeling the need to fix it to personal taste?

Well… the answer is 3.



Instead of Learning and experiment with all the settings, how about troubleshoot directly?

If you needed to fine tune something, it got to have some problem that you want to fix, or else why would you want to tune it at all? So, troubleshoot away! 
It’s best troubleshoot down the list from this way: 
0. Set the global settings to a fixed point, best to keep TC and ESP completely off while having ABS on, and adjust Drift Assist over time and preference. 

  • TC so far has no advantage to use at all. 
  • ABS is personal taste, but unless you know what ABS off does, keep it on. 
  • ESP in general reduce the flexibility of the car for stability, best to keep it off, improve throttle control instead. 
  • Drift Assist is a very personal taste and very important settings, best to find the balance point slowly, and actually experiment on what setting fits you.

1. Over/understeer issue in general 

  • Started with a fresh car or a new tune? Just throw the car around and see how it reacts in general, like does it turn or does it turn too much?

2. Throttle control issue 

  • After working out the oversteer/understeer in general, where you should have a car that is at least steering properly, then you test out if the car react as you wanted with throttle control.

3. Braking instability issue 

  • Lastly, one might want to adjust braking settings to do…braking stuff.. but properly? Generally braking is stable and not important in drifting at all, but extreme setup may cause some instability.

4. Repeat 

  • Fine tuning is a process of continuous testing, so work down the list again or just keep troubleshooting.


Troubleshoot Section

Here’s a list of possible problem and solution(s), with priority ranking*: 
*best to try higher position solution before going lower. 
1. Car is understeering too much in general? 

  • +tyre grip front 
  • -front camber 
  • +aero distribution 
  • +rear camber 
  • -tyre grip rear 
  • (!!avoid changing too frequently!!)-Drift Assist

2. Car is oversteering too much in general? 

  • +tyre grip rear 
  • -rear camber 
  • -aero distribution 
  • (!!avoid changing too frequently!!)+Drift Assist 
  • +front camber 
  • -tyre grip front

3. Car refuse to drift under throttle? 

  • -rear tyre grip 
  • +aero distribution

4. Car loses grip too fast or drift too much under throttle? 

  • +rear tyre grip 
  • -aero distribution 
  • Improve your throttle control 
  • Uninstall game

5. Car loses control while braking? 

  • brake balance to more center 
  • -brake power

6. Car understeer while braking? 

  • +brake balance 
  • finish braking earlier

7. Car oversteer while braking? 

  • don’t brake? 
  • -brake balance

8. Car dies to every bumps? 

  • balance out tyre grip to reduce over/understeer after bump 
  • reduce suspension stiffness 
  • reduce ARB


Rubbish Explanation Section

In case you haven’t read or learn what is pro settings, well better off finding elsewhere first. What I cover here is drift specific, and sometimes confusing if you never know what is pro tuning. 
Here I will mention steering angle quite a lot, what it means is the angle the car is attacking while drifting. 


TC – Generally keep this off. 

  • How much do you want the car to cut off your power? Never on a drift car. This setting is super aggressive that it will just cut off your throttle when tire loses grip.

ABS – Reduce if you plan to use wheel locking under braking to your advantage(?) 

  • Fancy some brake bias a*sisted wheel locking? Turn this off and adjust brake bias. What ABS does is just prevent wheel locking under braking.

ESP – Generally keep this off as well. 

  • A less aggressive TC that slightly reduce power and wheelspin when cornering. Usually this reduce throttle aggression and allow the car to be more stable, but it also make the car slower and reduce the control over throttle. Basically turn on for stability, turn off for precision.

Drift Assist – Personal taste. 

  • DA basically countersteer for you, adjusting how much DA means adjusting how much it countersteer without user input. Less DA gives more responsive control, but car is more oversteery and spins out more easily. Increase if you are countersteering too much by yourself, or when the car is actively spinning out when drifting.



Aero Distribution 

  • Tire grip distribution between front and rear. Front aero also improve steering response. Most important tuning for balancing steering angle.


  • Reducing gearing can give more aggressive gearing, but it’s actually more useful in finding the right RPM range for the right gear. Stuck at awkward low RPM at certain gear and can’t downshift because will overrev? Reduce gearbox.

Tire Grip Front 

  • Reducing front tyre grip can reduce oversteer, but usually it’s better off reduce aero distribution instead, then camber front, before thinking about this setting.

Tire Grip Rear 

  • Reducing rear tyre grip can increase oversteer, but better off increasing aero distribution and rear camber first. 
  • It also allow the rear to spin easier under throttle, reduce a little if car refuses to lose grip under throttle.

Brake Power 

  • Usually with ABS on, turning down brake power does about nothing than increasing braking distance. Braking in drift car is more important for adjusting drift than to actually stop, so reduce brake power if using aggressive brake balance that causes some control loss under braking. 
  • With ABS off, adjusting brake power can help fine tuning the point of wheel lock, so you can use brake bias to induce both under or oversteer with wheel locking or not.

Brake Balance 

  • Braking power over front and rear. Personal taste. 
  • Front brake balance allows user to increase steering angle with braking(ABS on) or actually reduce steering angle by locking the front wheel up(ABS off)(Not recommended). 
  • Rear brake bias allow user to regain control more easily from drifting, by reducing steering angle when close to spinning out(ABS on) or make the rear end to further loses grip(ABS off)(Not recommended). Rear bias tends to be more stable 
  • Mid biased is neutral. When you refuse to make a choice. 
  • Braking distance is really really not the point in a drift car.

Susp Comp Front/Rear &Susp Reb Front/Rear 

  • Just your daily suspension fine tuning, has less effect on steering than any other settings, Usually you would want to keep them as high as possible for more predictable suspension movement. Just max it out, no reason to tune this over any other settings.

Camber Front 

  • Camber does affect both cornering grip and steering angle. Less front camber gives more cornering grip and increase steering angle. Generally best to keep it at 0.

Camber Rear 

  • Camber does affect both cornering grip and steering angle. more rear camber

ARB Front/Rear 

  • More ARB gives slightly stiffer suspension, slight better steering response, and front/rear balance slight steering angle balancing. Generally max them out just like suspension, no reason to fine tune this over anything else.



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Written by Ham uwu

Hey there, thanks for checking our blog. I hope the information you found about The Crew 2 – Fine tuning a drift car? helped you. If you believe we forget something to add or want us to add extra on the post, please let us know via comment below. Thanks, and see you soon!

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