The Isle – TheSaxophone’s Stories for growing your dinosaur

The Isle – TheSaxophone’s Stories for growing your dinosaur 1 -
The Isle – TheSaxophone’s Stories for growing your dinosaur 1 -

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Hi everyone, I hope you are all doing well during COVID-19. I’m TheSaxophone, you may know me as some alises like MatTheTopHatRaptor, I’ve changed a lot haha. Anyway, after like 1 year I decided I’d do one of these again, because they’re fun. Mainly this was influenced by comments and another guide I’ve seen. Hope you all enjoy. <3

New Dawn

The light from the sun slowly peaks out over the plans of the isle, a herd of parasaurolophus continue on their migration up to the north in search of more food. In this story, we will be following a male named Pali. Pali and all of his herd members have been in this migration for a week by now, a few have died due to poison from troodon and killed by albertosaurs. 
The migration is only half way over, but thankfully the worst is already over. 

The Great Hunt

The dawn is finally upon the isle, the parasaurolophus have decided to rest after the two straight nights of traveling. Pali sniffs the cool air to find water, the whole herd is dehydrated. Soon a nearby waterfall is found and a clan of dryosaurus come from the bushes knowing they will be safe from the troodons and utahraptors. 
Suddenly, a twig cracks in the distance, the parasaurolophus look in the direction of the sound and see a albertosaurus. It suddenly comes running straight for a female parasaurolophus, in the midst of the chaos Pali gets trampled by several parasaurolophus. And then 4 more albertosaurus come out of the forest. The male was only bait to scare the herd. Pali gets attacked by 2 albertosaurus simultaneously. Then there was a crack.. it was an ankylosaurus! it cracked one of the albertosaurus’ leg. Pali was able to escape, but very injured. His chances of survival are very low now. 

The Paradise

As the evening night sets, the parasaurolophus kept migrating. Pali is in the back barely able to keep up with his scars and wounds. He turns and sees a pair of glowing eyes. He calls out to the herd but unfortunately they don’t listen. The sounds of troodon in the night continue until there is a noise. A crunch.. one of the troodons tried to attack a parasaurolophus and was crushed under the parasaurolophus. The whole herd started to pick up the pase, hopefully to try and escape the troodons. After another 2 days, the herd make it to the paradise. Quite a few parasaurolophus will die in this year’s migration, but fortunately more will be born to take their place. Pali is very injured now. Close to death, his neck legs back and head all have bite marks from the two albertosaurus. 

Pali’s last stand

The paradise is filled with herbivores, from the brachiosaurus all the way to the utahraptors watching in the shadows. Pali has healed but is nowhere near a healthy adult. Most of the herd left the paradise lake to go find more food. A few parasaurolophus, stegosaurus and a lone gallimimus are left by the lake. Suddenly, 6 utahraptors come from the hill straight to the gallimimus and Pali. 4 Grab onto Pali, scratching into his skin and tearing into him, he shakes 2 off and hits one in the head with his tail. 5 left. The 3 on Pali bite into his neck, one slips and gets trampled by Pali. A stegosaurus runs towards the scene and stabs a utahraptor in the tail, almost ripping it off. Pali’s wounds are now worse and he’s going to die. 

Pali’s Last Night

The herd returns back to the paradise in the evening, the gallimimus died and is now just bones. The herd of parasaurolophus can now finally rest. Pali is still bleeding from his wounds, and walks over to the water to get a drink. The scent of his blood attracts carnivores, but they can’t get through the herd. Pali lies down, waiting.. waiting for it to all be over. Over the sounds his herd makes, the night is quiet. Then, it all fades out to black. 

FAQ & Where I’ve been

Hope you guys enjoyed my story! I will admit it’s not the best thing I’ve ever done, but hey… at least it’s ok. 
Anyway, if you have any requests or questions ask em away in the comments! And now where I’ve been and where are the stories, I haven’t been active on steam, if you have me as a friend or stalk my profile you see I play Jura*sic World Evolution a lot, and I play Minecraft a lot. The same kind of applies for why I haven’t been doing more stories. Also, if you ever want to do something like I did go ahead! I got this idea from another person I forgot the name of, hope you guys enjoy this and stay safe! Love ya (no ♥♥♥♥) <3 

Written by TheSaxophone

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