Titanfall® 2 – How to survive against G100 players

Titanfall® 2 – How to survive against G100 players 1 - gameplaylists.com
Titanfall® 2 – How to survive against G100 players 1 - gameplaylists.com
How you’re going to survive against a G100 player who knows this game better than you and has most likely been playing since launch


Introduction to a G100 player

When running or flying around the active battlefield in Titanfall 2 you have little time to take anything into consideration when you see someone. Your first instinct upon spotting an enemy should always be “shoot first, ask questions later”. But what if that person is a G100 player? The first thing to know about a G100 player is that they are the physical embodiment of a demigod. They know this game in and out, know all glitches and tricks, know how to move as fast as possible with just a slide, and know how to each mach 10 within 5 milliseconds. You will realize it quickly because you will most likely be dead within a few seconds. G100 players are pretty much guaranteed to be using one of the three following type of guns; a SMG, an Assault Rifle, or a Grenadier weapon. SMGs are the most common among them, specifically the CAR and R-97, both having killer fire rates and damage with the CAR being more accurate than the R-97 but the R-97 being more rich in damage. Assault Rifles, you will rarely see them with anything other than the R-10 line of guns. Both the 1 and 2 having killer damage, accuracy, and range. Grenadier it’s pretty much always gonna be the EPG. A one shot rocket launcher essentially. These guns are easy to distinguish from each other by their sounds after a few hours of playing. Their tactical will most likely also be either Stim or Grapple, along with a Frag Grenades or Satchel Charges. Now that you know what a G100 player is, here’s how to survive more than 2 seconds against them (that being the time to kill for most guns) 

How to survive a G100 player encounter

So how do you fight them? Simple. You don’t. But if you do find yourself in a situation where there is no escape, here’s how to survive, but not necessarily win. 
1. You need to have an inside out knowledge of the map you are on and able to navigate it without ever not knowing where you are. 
2. You have to be using a broken weapon. All SMGs, most Assault Rifles, some LMGs, and a few Grenadier weapons fit that space. Of course, a Kraber also works but you only have one shot. 
3. Your ordnance doesn’t matter much. But if you want to get a quick revenge, a frag in a close quarter area works great. It will either piss them off or get you the “nice nade” compliment in chat. 
Now that you know what to use, here’s what to do: 
1. Get behind cover. You will not last in the open. Once you jump you will be lasered and die within seconds. 
2. Peak and try to find the G100 players location. If you can’t, run 
3. Once their location is acquired cook a Frag Grenade or throw a well placed Satchel Charge to try to kill them. If this doesn’t work, run and try again 
4. In the unlikely event of you using the aim a*sist ordnance, aka the Gravity Star, you can attempt to get the G100 player trapped in it and melee/shoot him. Risky play and guaranteed to make you get chased down 
5. The last and final move you can pull, just run. If you’re in an unfavorable position with little escapes your only chance of survival is to run and try again from somewhere else. 
If any of these tricks help you survive the encounter, congrats, you’re one of the lucky few. Now you will be chased down and killed anyway 

How to win a fight against a G100 player

Since a G100 player will always use guns with very little counters, here’s what to do so you can kill them. Keep in mind, this will only prolong the inevitable and will make them hate you with a pa*sion. 
1. Spitfire. The Spitfire is widely regarded as the most broken LMG in the game. It becomes an auto sniper at long to mid range and a SMG at close range, providing you know that the bullets in Titanfall 2 will always go to the middle of the screen and the cross hair is lying to you. 
2. CAR, or it’s older Sibling, the R-97. Both of these, when hipfire and on point, can melt a pilot within a few seconds. It is advised to not ADS with these guns as that can make it harder and add more recoil. It is easier to use SMGs from the hip at close range. 
3. EPG and Softball. Both of these are great if the G100 player is having a bad day or your aim is great. A direct hit or two close to them will end up in a kill on a G100 player. 
Now that you have a basic understanding of what weapons to use, here’s what not to use, unless your aim is on the same level as that of Franzj. 
1. Both Wingman guns. The secondary is worse than the Primary but they still kick a*s as long as you can hit the head. 
2. DMR and Double Take. They’re not suitable against pilots unless at long range. After the DMR nerf it’s not longer viable even against Pilots, unless you can always hit the head. 
3. All Shotguns, unless you’re a god with the Mozambique and Mastiff I advise against using them. 
4. G2 (always) and Hemlok, only if you can’t get headshots with all three shots 
5. Devotion, it takes too long to become effective and will get you killed 
This should give a basic understanding of what not to use as well. The only other thing I can say to help you is to shoot from the hip and not aim. All bullets will go to the middle of the screen or the general area around there. 

Things that will most likely never happen against a G100 pilot

There is a 0.00001% possibility you will be lucky enough to execute a G100 pilot. And if you do manage to, you are now the best player in that game. 
If you manage to get a melee kill on a G100 player you will be granted a similar rank as executing them. Only this time you will be T-bagged by the G100 player upon their next melee kill on you. 
Them missing their shots on you. You are pretty much never able to avoid them because they missed. G100 players are masters of their weapons and will rarely miss. 
Executing them while they’re in a Titan wont give you respect. The eject function is so broken that 90% of the time you just got lucky with your timing and got them before the last E registered. 

How to win a game with a G100 pilot on the enemy team

There isn’t much I can say here other than you better hope you and your team are good at the game and are also using broken guns. There really isn’t much hope against these demigods 

Final notes

If you managed to read this and you are a G100 player with advice, a random player with advice, or just really anyone with advice feel free to comment it and I will add it to this guide as soon as possible 😀 
My aim with this guide is to make the game more fun for newer players who might be stuck in matchmaking with a G100 player and can’t get any kills. Any help, advice, or mistake correction is welcome and encouraged. Please do not give me or anyone here any hate, I am just trying to make this game more fun for the already small player base. I hope this helped you and others. Now go out there and have fun, pilots <3 

Written by SCP Guard

Thanks for checking our blog. I hope the information you found about Titanfall® 2 – How to survive against G100 players helped you somehow. If you believe we forget to add something or update the post with more information, please let us know via comment below! See you soon!

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