Titanfall® 2 – Movement basics (the real basic stuff)

Titanfall® 2 – Movement basics (the real basic stuff) 1 - wpgameplay.com
Titanfall® 2 – Movement basics (the real basic stuff) 1 - wpgameplay.com

Guide for Titanfall® 2 – Movement basics (the real basic stuff)

Just a bit of basic movement which shouldn’t be too complicated…

basic basic stuff

Moving your character at all 
Well, I’m sure you know. 
But for those who really can’t remember: 
Moving forward: W-key 
Moving backwards: S-key 
Moving to your left: A-key 
Moving to your right: D-key 
Jump: Space-bar 
A bit more advanced but not really 
OK, so you know how to move. By the way, to look around, you’ll need to use your mouse. 
To sprint you’ll have to hold shift 
(maybe you’ll have to go into the settings because it could be, that you’ll only need to tap it once and your character will always sprint. This can also be the case for sneak/slide) 
For sneaking: ctrl-left 
If you want to slide: Hold sneak while you are sprinting. 
Sliding can give you a minimal speedboost. It will also be harder for people to hit you (if they aren’t the ones with the good aim at least.) 

Titanfall-basic stuff

This is normal stuff you’ll probably need to know while playing 
Why are you reading this? Haven’t you played the tutorial? 
Thank you anyways 😉 
Yeah just jump while you are in the air. (Maybe you can even find a video that can explain this very hard technique better than I can. Don’t be disapointed if you can’t get it right away. Some, it took years to master) 
In Titanfall you can jump on the side of a wall, while running, to run on the wall. 
Your pilot should cling to the wall by himself. 
Wall running won’t last for ever and you’ll get kicked away from the wall after a short time. 
If you just jump, face first, to the wall, nothing will happen. If there is a ledge, your pilot will climb up, if it’s not too high up. 
When you slide and jump, it will increase your speed by a bit. 
Pilot tacticals but not on advanced level 
I was wondering if I should include pilot-tacticals here but I won’t do the advanced stuff, since this is hard to explain. You’re better off with watching a video on that. (Well you are better off with watching a video (or just playing the tutorial) on mostly everything here.) 
Stim will enhance your speed and health-regeneration by a great amount, for a few seconds. 
After that it will go on cooldown. You can use it once and than you’ll need to wait. 
Grapple can pull you up to roofs and to walls. It can also cling onto enemies, which will pull them to you and insta-kill them if you don’t get killed before. 
Grapple has two uses before going on cooldown. If you use it once, you can still use it for one time and the other one will reload. 
Phase Shift: 
The Phase Shift-abillity isn’t actually movement-based. It will just make you disappear from the map for a very short time. You can reload and even heal in that short amount of time. You are basically invincible in this state. I’ve been told that you can get killed by other Phase-users but while trying to test this, it didn’t work soooooo… yeah I don’t know about that. 
It will, like stim, go on cooldown after one use. 

Basic advanced stuff

This is some stuff that is not particullarly hard to pull off and can help you in normal gameplay 
Titan-eject-boost (cuz I don’t know how it’s real name is) 
Oh since you’re here, you might not even know what the eject is…… 
You can simply get out of your Titan by holding E. 
If your Titan is doomed, it will tell you to eject. 
Ejecting while doomed can be done by pressing E three times in a row. 
If you hold down A , D and press Space, while you’re about to eject, it will boost you high up in the air. It’s effect is most noticeable if you use stim at the same time. 
It can also be used in the campaign, every time BT throws you. 
Well, slide-hopping is really usefull, since you can shoot while being at full speed, without having to use a weapon-mod. 
Slide-hopping, is done by jumping while sliding. And than, you basically do that repeatedly. You’ll need to jump, slide in the air and as soon as you hit the ground, you’ll need to jump again. Beware to not jump too soon, otherwise you’ll use your doublejump which will result in a loss of speed. 
You can start to slide-hop after jumping away from a wall, while sprinting or jumping. 
If you slide-hop up a hill or stairs, remember to jump more, since you’ll hit the ground sooner. 
(Maybe just go watch a video on that) 
If you are in the state of slide-hopping, you won’t need to hold down any movement keys. You’ll just need to time your jumps. If you want to take turns this could be hard at first, since you can’t take sharp ones. You’ll need do really smooth turns otherwise you’ll loose your speed. I’d advice you to have lower mouse-sensetivity to practice this. 
If you jump to a wall and are about to start wallrunning, jump away as soon as possible to gain speed. You should be looking the direction, the wall goes to get the Wall-kick done easier. 
After a wall-kick, start to slide-hop to maintain your speed. 
Forced and normal endboost: 
I already told you, that you can’t stay on the wall for ever. If you just wait, you’ll get pushed away from it. 
If you jump that moment, it will boost you away from the wall with a gain in speed similar to a wall-kick. 
To force the endboost, you can try to pull away from the wall yourself and than jump. This will result in a similar boost. 
It get’s boring by now… 
This is the same as the one above but instead of waiting for the wall to push you off, you’ll need to have an edge which will also end your wallrun. If you jump at exactly that moment it will result in a speed-boost that is…………. you get it by now. 
This isn’t as usefull as the ones above. 
If you jump into a wall while sliding, it won’t allow you to wallrun and push you off right away without any significant speed boost. It will however give you back your doublejump which might be useful in some unknown situation. 
Grenades and stuff like that 
Grenades can boost you quite a bit but they’ll most likely just kill you if you are too close to them. 
You’ll have to time it right to get a good grenade-boost done. It can also work with a satchel. This will cost you HP (should be obvious why.) 
It is easier with a Gravity Star. Although you’ll need to practice the timing aswell, once you know how to do it, this could actually be used in-game without costing you too much HP. 


Well that wasn’t too long of a guide and I hope you can now go, play and have fun 😉 
The techniques here will work but I’m not sure if I explained them well, you might aswell just go and look somewhere else if you want to learn them. The names should be correct but I am not sure about some… 
Anyway, (if anyone’s still here) thank you soooo much for reading the whole thing until down here xD 
I hope you’re a bit more prepared to play now. You should practice them in a private match or in the gauntlet before trying to use them in a real game, it could be frustrating… 

Written by Blumenwagen

I hope you enjoy what we shared today about Titanfall® 2 – Movement basics (the real basic stuff). If there is anything, you want us to add, please let us know via comment below! See you soon! And thanks!

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