Titanfall® 2 – Things that are strictly prohibited in TF2 ;)

Titanfall® 2 – Things that are strictly prohibited in TF2 ;) 1 - wpgameplay.com
Titanfall® 2 – Things that are strictly prohibited in TF2 ;) 1 - wpgameplay.com

Guide for Titanfall® 2 – Things that are strictly prohibited in TF2 😉

In this Guide I’ll be listing a few things that nobody really likes to see when
he plays just a casual round of Attrition.


So there are two Pilot-tacticals which are mostly used for troling OR camping 
The Cloak-ability is more commonly seen than the ability seen bellow in normal games. 
It is all in all not even that effective for normal battle, since pilots can still see you and they will if they have even the slightest game-awareness. 
When thinking of cloak most players think of a campy strategy like Cloak/Spitfire (which is well nown in the Community for being one of the most annoying things one can encounter in all of gaming). 
Using cloak instead of any movement-ability is a serious drawback if you don’t only want to be hunting Titans. 
Yes, Cloak can be good for this since it completely hides you from the sight of any Titan. Beware though, they can still see you’re Jumpkit when jumping. 
The A-Wall is really not seen often. It seems, even the campers got bored of camping with this ability. 
The A-Wall can be thrown to the ground which will result in a horizontal shield, protecting you from incomming bullets. Once set up it can’t be picked up again and is stationary to it’s position until it gets destroyed or destroys itself after a set amount of time. 
It can’t handle many bullets espacially from Titans which makes it in itself pretty useless. 
As I also said for Cloak, picking this ability over any movement-ability will resort in a serious drawback on your side. 
The A-Wall is also pretty unreliable when it comes to which surfaces it can be used on. On some roof-tops it just won’t be able to build up on others it just slips straight of and on yet another roof-top it might even just disappear. Since you are bound to your position players will quickly know your position. 


Some weapons seem to be made for troling in this game… 
I’ll just name the most popular weapons here because you can find something you don’t like just about every weapon in the game which I would than call ‘personal preference’. 
This LMG-type weapon is well known threwout the Community for being one of the 
most overpowered / annoying / ridiculous weapons in the game. 
It has a huge magazine and you can practically hit someone on the other side of the map without really much effort. This weapon is often used with Cloak or A-Wall to camp, which makes it so annoying. If you would play wih it like any other Weapon it would be ok I guess but standing still in some corner just waiting for your prey is easily one of the biggest ♥♥♥♥-moves you can do in the game. 
If you play it, don’t camp. Go all in and enjoy your time otherwise the others are free to say whatever they want about you in the Text-Chat. 
If you want to counter it you can try to sneak up on the camper. If you dont know his exact position look into the Killcam when he kills you next, they aren’t likely to change their position once they’ve found one that fits for them. You can also try to use any Sniper-type Weapon to get them from far away before they see you. 
(I won’t list the other LMGs here but the Devotion aswell as the L-Star can also be annoying af ok? :)) 
The CAR-smg is a high-firerate weapon with ridiculously percise hipfire. With this weapon, any kind of scope becomes unnecessary. Point in the direction of the player you want to kill and hold down the left mouse button. This is practically the kill-recipe for the CAR. In my eyes this weapon is ok to be used for beginners but if you are one, please try to use another weapon once you have like your first two Gens ok? The other players would really appreciate that eventhough there aren’t many left. 
Don’t get me wrong here, the Kraber is a great weapon and can be extremely fun and satisfying to use but please remember that the other players want to have some fun too OK all you G100-Kraber-Gods? xD 


Since Tone really is the only Titan that a player can be blamed for using, pls don’t take the others seriously 
Don’t mention his name in the presence of any Titanfall player, they will get really mad. 
He’s one of the big boys. He can really do much damage and is probably more deadly in auto-titan-mode than when controlled by a pilot. 
His ulti is a Minigun with smart-core (so a smart-minigun). Anyone blaming you while for using SP while using Legion. 
We’ll see what you can do against a Monarch with superior cha*sis… 


Now the boosts are a bit special since you can get away with using any of these simply by not using them themself but getting them thre Dice-Roll but you need to get lucky to get what you want. (Not saying you should use Dice-roll just to troll others…) 
This thing is practically an Aimbot for those who aren’t in the mood to get banned for cheating. 
It locks on to Pilots, turrets and even grenades, you just need to pull the triger when it’s fully locked on to get the kill. If you are doing this it can be fun for the first few rounds until you realize that it really isn’t any fun at all and you will be getting way more roast in the chat. 
Hard Cover 
Yeah it’s the same as the A-Wall but in blue……… 
No just kidding, it has other stats I think although I don’t really know which one is better you shouldn’t really use any of them. 
Pilot Sentry 
A stationary Smart Pistol wich can basically snipe you accross the map. It gets destroyed by one kick but since it can shoot while you kick it, you’ll die in the process most of the time without having destroyed the turret. 

Other things…

Here are some other things that annoy everyone 
Pls don’t be toxic in chat… that’s really unnecessary isn’t it. The game already hasn’t got the biggest playerbase so please don’t insult the others. It’s more fun for everyone if you just have fun with the others in chat. 
The last thing that is strictly prohibited: 
Not dropping a singel tear at the end of the campaign. 

Written by Blumenwagen

Thanks for checking our blog. I hope the information you found about Titanfall® 2 – Things that are strictly prohibited in TF2 😉 helped you somehow. If you believe we forget to add something or update the post with more information, please let us know via comment below! See you soon!

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