Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege – Basics of playing Tachanka

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege – Basics of playing Tachanka 1 -
Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege – Basics of playing Tachanka 1 -

Guide for Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege – Basics of playing Tachanka

This is a guide for OG Tachanka. The Tachanka who still had he’s mounted LMG. I made this before the rework but did not release it.
I wanted to release it anyway.


Tachanka, is our lord and saviour and an effective way to get kicked out of an ranked match. In right hands and with enough experience and luck, you can slay whole enemy team. In this little guide to you to learn how to tame the raw power of our Lord. 

Pros and cons of Tachanka

In this section i will go trough cons and pros of Tachanka that i have come to think of. 
– Nomads repulsion mine does not effect while Tachanka is he’s turret. 
– Somekind of frontal protection 
– Basicly a walking arsenal 
– Since our lord has became a meme, no-one will take you serious and underestimate you. This might give you upper hand. (I’m serious) 
– Great for spawnpeeking but i dont suggest it since it’s toxic and everybody knows that our Lord is pure. 
– Good against horde of enemies if in good cover 
– How much ammo does one clip have, reloading speed is relatively fast when compared to other operators with high ammo capacity in magazine. 
– Good when paired with clash as a shield (However needs a friend or a very good team-mate) ( More down below ) 
– Turret has high stopping power and high amount of ammo 
– Can penetrate and destoy drywall 
– Good for watching a certain area and deploying a "killing zone" 
– Turret coverage too small 
– Turret is hard to put anywere since Tachanka needs to move 
– Tachanka is a C H O N K Y and B I G target but also slow 
– In relation to Tachankas size, turret movement is too small 
– Since turrets movement is limited, Tachankas size makes him easy target ( More down below ) 
– Barbered wire could be replaced since it’s kinda useless (My opinion) 
– Turret deploying time and taking of time is too slow 
– If enemies are coming and you want make a tactical repositioning (escape) with your turret, taking turret of takes too much time. 
– Turret can be destroyed by enemies if no-one is using it. 
– Enemies can use your turret 
– Turret has high recoil and it can be hard to control 
– The frontal protection only protects head 
– Hard to master and use 
– If monitor is low res, long range firefight become harder 
– Mastering turret use is hard 
– Tachanka might be the hardest operator to play 
– Easy to spot since the size 
– To be effective, you need planning and A LOTs of it. 

RP-46 Degtyaryov machine gun ( Also known as DP-28 )

This is Tachankas the "thing" he’s known for. This LMG has high stopping power with some recoil. 
Tachankas turret has a shield with 500 armor, however the shield only protects from frontal headshots. 
Turret can penerate drywalls, with one shot it can penerate two walls. The turret can turn 60 decrees. 
Maxium damage that you can deal with bodyshot is 66. When used right you can wipe 3 armor operators easilly. 
One weakness of this gun is how much it can move. 
What to do: 
– Try to place your turret to spots that your are creative as possible. In other words, the more stupid spot, the better. 
– Try to get inmap covers that cant be destroyed (So called natural covers) 
– Try to keep your area of watch small. 
– Kill all enemies and help your comrades 
– Dont fear to leave your turret if needs to 
– After one or two kills, move your turret 
What to avoid: 
– Never try to cover too big area 
– Placing your turret without thinking it 
– Making your shooting hole too big 
– Stay too long with your turret 
– Take too long range firefights 
– Taking a weird angle that gives exposes you too much and gives enemies a angle that they can use and you cant reach them. 


The shotgun of our Lord. It is said that this shotgun is crap, i gotta admit it is. 
Using this depends how are you gonna use your LMG. This is great if you gonna do "sneaky" 
turret placements, what i mean by this is that you’re gonna shoot a hole with your shotgun to wall 
and place your turret and just wait for your enemies. Why shotgun, because using your turret to make 
holes is wasting ammo since the hole’s it makes are very bad. They are big, break to wrong directions and waste ammo. Only problem is that you’re mostly gonna rely on your turret. 
What to do: 
– Use it to make shooting holes for yourself 
– To kill enemies 
– Let them come 
What to avoid: 
– Challenge enemies within too long range 
– Try to rush to your enemies (expect from behind) 
– Make shooting holes with while you see team-mates are front of you (behind the wall) 
– While making shooting holes, try not shoot team-mates gadgets 
– Rush to enemies like braindead drunken gopnik and spray all over. (Might work sometimes but only SOMETIMES) 


The submachine gun of our Lord. Like the shotgun, using this depends on your 
playing style. If you’re gonna make yourself a shooting hole, use shotgun. But if you’re 
gonna camp on stairs or put your LMG middle of a hallway, then use submachine gun. 
This gun has basicly zero recoil. SMG is good for roaming Tachanka who does not fear to leave he’s LMG. 
What to do: 
– Kill enemies with it. 
What to avoid: 
– Make shooting holes with it. 

Barbered wire

These are basicly useless unless if you are gonna camp in a corner of you base. 
Even if you do that theyre still useless. Can be used as proximity alarm but you need to be near 
af and you’re gonna end up with super close quarter fights. 

Proximity Alarm

Since Turret cant cover all places and you cant do full 360, these come in handy. 
Because it is stupid to try to cover too much area so you can use proximity alarms to do some covering for you. 
Since there is no full 360 with LMG, you can use these to cover your back or use them to alert that enemies are coming your way. 
however never place them too near you since then you cant react enough fast. 

Using clash as a shield.

Using clash as your personal shield is a good idea. Benefits of using Clash as personal shields are good. You can use regural 
shield as well but it has some flaws. For example the height is bad, it is nearly impossible to shoot croughing people that are front of you. 
Also you cant place your turret near of shield that makes thing also harder. 
The technique i’m talking about is that Clash goes front of you croughing and back she’s shield is pointing to 
your direction of aiming. Benefit of this is Clash can watch your back and can shoot back, also if Clash is your comrade you can tell 
that switch position or watch lower which will grant you better shooting angles. Also if you get overrun, Clash can protect you again and help you retreat. 

Making shooting holes.

Some tips to make yourself a shooting hole for LMG. Use shotgun for it, shoot always lower where you’re watching since the LMG is little bit lower than you. 
Never make your shooting holes bigger than needed, since your enemies will see it easier. If enough space, make shooting holes trough two walls or even three. 

Turrets limited movement and Tachankas size.

In one match, i almost killed whole enemy team with my turret but i died to a Jackal from angle that i did not see. He shot my side from angle so i could not shoot back. This example shows that places where you put you gun need to be planned well. I dont plan that much, i just put somewhere and hope not to die. 

For DEVS by creator of this quide.

– Dont remove Tachanka’s stationary turret, that is what made Tachanka, Tachanka. 
It is like removing someones identity. No matter how many times Tachanka gets reworks, the 
"Worst operator" mark does not go away. Maybe add OG Tachanka back ingame and name him 
something else not to confuse people. 

Can you play OG Tachanka?

Yes you can. But at this point you are in need of modders. 
Discord group R6S : Operation Throwback has thing called "R6 Downloader". You can 
download older version of R6s and play Tachanka. Only with AI unless you make group of friends and play with them. I downloaded myself a old version of R6s. 

Written by Poppamies

I hope you enjoy what we shared today about Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege – Basics of playing Tachanka. If there is anything, you want us to add, please let us know via comment below! See you soon! And thanks!

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