Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege – HOW TO GET GOOD

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege – HOW TO GET GOOD 9 -
Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege – HOW TO GET GOOD 9 -

Guide for Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege – HOW TO GET GOOD

Do YOU want to become a PROFESSIONAL at TOM CLANCY’S RAINBOW SIX SIEGE? Well then, YOU have found the BEST guide that has ever existed. I can give you EXTRAORDINARY advice on how to become a GOD.



Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege - HOW TO GET GOOD - <b>Introduction</b>
That’s me, on the right.
Yes, I am a sledge/bandit/smoke main who reached plat after 1300 hours of exhausting gameplay.
…and yes, I am also ashamed of myself for taking this long to get to plat, even if some people take even longer than me. To this I can only say: Everyone has their own pace and that’s fine.


Anyway, I am here to give you some terrible real good advice on how to get good.

This guide is partially helpful and partially really unhelpful. You can just read the guide if you want to do it out of fun or you can actually take some of my real advice on how to get better. I am no expert but after 2031 hours you get a lot of experience in gameplay.
And also, you might ask yourself:

Hmmm… well he might have 2031 hours at the time he’s writing this guide but does that make him a pro?

For this, I’ll leave at the end of the guide links to my Rainbow Six Videos which are unfortunately only in Hungarian, mostly for the entertainment of my friends and more like montages than R6 tips.
(However you can still watch them for gameplay if you’re bored.)

Operator Advice

For my next advice, you should try to ONLY play operators from the S and A tier if you want to become a pro.

Occasionally you can also play operators from the B tier but under NO circumstances are you allowed to play operators from C and D tier if you want to reach plat.

Please insert “in my opinion” after everything I just said and will say as to not be offended if I put your favorite operator in a bad tier. These advice are just based on my experience in siege. It’s okay if you like to play an operator that I put in a lower tier.

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege - HOW TO GET GOOD


Here’s a list why I think those ops belong in the “C” AND “D” tier:

  • CaveiraCan be very useful but getting an interrogation in Ranked is almost impossible in higher ranks.
  • GridlockActually very good for noise (distraction) while trying to plant but most people die with her before she can even use her gadgets.
  • BuckGadget is a bit more useful than Sledge’s but his gun is atrocious.
  • LionNerfed too many times and requires too much team coordination.
  • ClashCan be very useful but in higher ranks people usually know how to easily counter her.
  • FinkaThe revive ability is almost useless even if the boost can sometimes be handy.
  • GlazNerfed too many times and it’s pretty hard to kill someone with his gun..
  • OryxOne my favorite operators and definitely the most fun to play but he’s isn’t very useful in Ranked.
  • CastleThere are too many operators who counter him. If you want to use the UMP, I recommend picking Pulse instead.
  • WardenCan be useful on certain objectives but he’s too situational.
  • IanaI recommend using a drone instead of her hologram.
  • TwitchHer weapon isn’t very good and her gadget gets destroyed or misused too often.
  • AmaruYou can sometimes catch some people off-guard but she gets killed most of the time after using her gadget.
  • GoyoToo few shields that require too much attention in order for them to do anything.
  • BlitzGets shot in the leg too many times. Also, you can shoot him in the arm and head easily.
  • RecruitAny primary gadget would be more useful than a second secondary gadget.

Please keep in mind that every operator has it’s use and can be useful in a lot of situations but the ones that I just listed are usually too situational or are overpowered by operators in higher tiers.

Finally, I’d like to add here that I put those operators in “S” and “A” tier because either their guns are really powerful or their gadgets are very useful or both. If you really want to reach higher ranks, you should really focus on those ops.

Climbing the Ranks

Getting from Silver to Gold or from Gold to Plat can be a real hustle.
Some people even recommend not worrying about your rank, as they believe that the Ranked system in Rainbow Six is broken.
Hours of endless frustration caused me to believe that too.
But maybe that frustration comes from the horrible and unpredictable learning curve that comes with the Rainbow Six experience.

On the quest to find out if your rank is somehow related to you K/D or W/L ratio I have gathered my own statistical data and made an amateur a professional an*lysis in paint adobe photoshop.
Here’s the following data:

First, my ranks throughout the seasons: Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege - HOW TO GET GOOD
Then, my K/D ratio: Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege - HOW TO GET GOOD
And finally, my W/L ratio. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege - HOW TO GET GOOD

So, after all, here’s my conclusion:

I believe…

There’s NO connection between your K/D, W/L ratio and your RANK.

Still, this might be different in other people’s cases but this is the conclusion I could draw from my own experience.

Elite Advice

No matter if you are poor or can’t afford next month’s rent… you NEED to buy AT LEAST
TWO ELITE SKINS in order to become a god at this game, one attacker and one defender.
I have chosen sledge and bandit because I really like to play them and also because their elite skins look (in my opinion) pretty cool.

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege - HOW TO GET GOOD

Elite skins from C and D are FORBIDDEN. You are not allowed to purchase them or else you won’t get better in Rainbow Six Siege. If you already bought one of the forbidden elite skins, you are already doomed and there is nothing that can save you from Gold Elo Hell™.

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege - HOW TO GET GOOD

This might actually be helpful advice (?):
Even if elite skins aren’t really worth buying (atm) but you’d like to change up your look and maybe even support the devs, by buying one you will play much more with that operator which will result in allowing you to play better and it will increase you skill if you want to main someone. Not that you can’t be like: “Okay, I know I don’t have an elite skin for this operator but I will still play with him.”
However by purchasing something with value will make you want to use it more often. It’s like purchasing an operator with renown: You only want to play with your new operator for a while because you just spent a lot of renown on it.

Important Advice

This part of the guide explains a lot of things you should and shouldn’t do when you trying to improve yourself. These are just some notes I took while in-game. These tips are probably not that helpful as they only helped me sometimes and are also different when other people utilize them. Some of them even sound just ridiculous but these were the observations I was able to make while trying to find the best conditions to reach higher ranks:

If you want to reach higher ranks…

NEVER do these things

  • NEVER surrender. (If you do, everyone will think you’re a noob because you want to give up a 0:3, which can still be easily recovered from.)
  • NEVER rage after you get killed. Think about what you should’ve done better.
  • NEVER watch a video on your phone during a match. (distracts your teammates if you are talking on discord)
  • NEVER get upset after a loss.
  • NEVER blame lag and high ping if you don’t have any problem with them.
  • NEVER eat before playing Ranked. (I usually become really tired and don’t focus on the game as much as I should)
  • NEVER pick operators randomly.
  • NEVER pick random spawn location.
  • NEVER pick random objectives on defense.
  • NEVER play Rankedif you don’t want to take the game seriously.
  • NEVER throw a match.


Try to keep these things in mind

  • If you are on a losing streak, just stop playing the game for a couple of minutes (or even hours).
  • Take occasional breaks.
  • Always put an ACOG (or the scope with he biggest zoom available) on a weapon if you can.
  • I recommend using the compensator on most guns.
  • Play Casual when you don’t want to take the game seriously.
  • Raging only distracts your teammates.
  • You CAN blame your team for losing but DON’T start a fight with them. You don’t need to tell them the fact that they are playing badly because they probably already know it and are already feeling embarra*sed or maybe even “shameful”.
  • Always, and I can’t stress this enough, ALWAYS check for spawnpeeks.


Links to My Videos

This is the part where I promote my channel in order to gain MILLIONS of views link my Rainbow Six videos which are unfortunately only in Hungarian and are a bit old. Nonetheless, if you are bored, feel free to watch them.



In the end, I am still trying to figure out after 2000 hours what’s the best way to climb the ranks.
I have considered and looked at every single theoretical and statistical option in the game but I just can’t really come up with a solid idea of how to “git gud”. For example, I usually test one hypothesis (or theory) which then only works occasionally.

Every season I get for example 30 wins and 20 losses. But right after this nice win/loss ratio it gets me back to 30/30. This cycle keeps repeating itself which leads to me becoming really angry especially when I spend this much time in a game and see basically no progress.
I a*sume that this is how a lot of people feel like but I believe it has to do with the horrifyingly slow learning curve that Rainbow Six has.
There is definitely progress in getting better at the game but it’s just really hard to observe.

In conclusion my best advice is that you keep watching videos of pros and gameplay strategies and maybe then you will be able to climb the ranks.
As always, watch out for spawncamps/spawnpeeks.

Oh, and one last final thing, here’s my masterfully written and well-thought-out review of Rainbow Six:
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege - HOW TO GET GOOD

Finally, I hope I could at least give you some helpful advice or even a smile with this guide.
Have a nice day!

Written by Robbin’ Good

I hope you enjoy what we shared today about Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege – HOW TO GET GOOD. If there is anything, you want us to add, please let us know via comment below! See you soon! And thanks!

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