Tools Up! – Movin In! Achievement

Tools Up! – Movin In! Achievement 1 -
Tools Up! – Movin In! Achievement 1 -

It is better to delete those files.


This achievement was only functional at the time of the first DLC. It was then removed. At the time I wrote this guide, there was no other method to achieve this achievement.
We can replicate the state and game state because the achievement worked before and doesn't require online connections.


Steam Console must be enabled in order to download older versions.

Before you begin

You need to ensure your character loads up in an area that is not near the end, or at least closer to the beginning, as the file modifications we're about doing will continue to spawn where you are. However, the DLC states won’t allow for you to pa*s through.
Tools Up! - Movin In! Achievement - Setup - DD0A79C

Enabling Steam Console

Paste this URL to a browser. Steam will open when you click steam://open/console
You will see a new tab that says Console at the top and bottom of your steam client.

Two Downloads

To make this happen, you will need to download depots:
1. The base games at the time the achievement was made
2. The Spring DLC was available at the time that the achievement was made
download_Depot 1004490 1004491 6344658127010940196
download_Depot 1004490 1415430 2889106280360095885
These two commands are available in Steam. Wait for a notification telling you that the depots were successfully downloaded.

Replacing Existing

Once you have downloaded both files, you need to move them to the game directory. The depots are located here: C:\Program Files (x86 – \Steam\steamapps\content\app_1004490
These will be in 2 different depot folders.
Now navigate to Tools Up! game folder: C:\Program Files (x86 – \Steam\steamapps\common\Tools Up!
– You'll need all the files to be deleted and the files from each depot placed in this place.
You can rename a folder to create a copy and then create another folder called Tools Up!
Tools Up! - Movin In! Achievement - Setup - 613FE39

In Game

Now that the hard work is done, we will validate.


The main menu screen is the first thing you should check. It should now show Episode 1 rather than Episode 3.
Tools Up! - Movin In! Achievement - In Game - 5A18F2D
Next, jump into DLC Level 8, and hit ESC. You will see that it is Level 2-3.
Tools Up! - Movin In! Achievement - In Game - C11DEB2


Now you can actually execute and put all the statues into the wrong positions
TODO: Add to YT video


How can you figure out which values are best to leverage for the command download depot?

Based on user feedback and the fact that this achievement used to function around the time the DLC first came out, leveraging Steamdb which stores historic records here, we selected dates that corresponded to when the DLC first came out and found manifests that correspond to them. – [] – []

It will take you to level 8 and display an infinite loading screen.

This means that you likely replaced the DLC directory correctly but not the main one. In this case, you should do a complete replacement.


Written by Ponkberry

This is all we know about Tools Up! – Movin In! Achievement, this post original url can be found here and possible new updated to.

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