Torment: Tides of Numenera – Despised Achievement

Torment: Tides of Numenera – Despised Achievement 1 -
Torment: Tides of Numenera – Despised Achievement 1 -

Guide for Torment: Tides of Numenera – Despised Achievement

I couldn’t bring myself to do a dedicated playthrough for just this achievement as generally I don’t enjoy playing as the evil, selfish prick, so I searched the internet for a solution how to do it quickly and I have found one. In this guide I will share it with you and expand a bit with my personal experience and observation.

The beauty of this solution in my opinion is that it doesn’t require a dedicated playthrough to get just this one achievement. In fact, you can do it during a normal playthrough, obviously with some conditions. Additionally, in case of having suitable save, you can get it in 15 minutes.

The original solution

This solution is based on a short, yet very informative and on spot Reddit post which you can find here 



  • have Rhin in team as she cannot be called back after you part ways with her 
  • have Bronze Sphere 
  • have in team or be able to summon Erritis and Tybir 
  • [optional] make dedicated save after entering Bloom, so that you can continue normal playthrough after you are done

I was lucky to have a perfect save for this, in which Erritis loved, Rhin revered and Tybir liked the main character. 

Part one – Rhin and Erritis

After initial sequence in Bloom prepare your team – Rhin, Erritis and Tybir. Next step is to talk with Dragocen to start Tybir’s quest Broken Hearts – say you don’t have time. Then scare Delny and Vrung away from Qianne, so you can talk with her and ask her to sleep there. Decanted shows up, wait a moment before you can talk with him and try to sell Rhin to him, but it won’t happen because Erritis will intervene. Two done, one more to go – yes, both, Erritis (from loved in my case) and Rhin (revered), go straight to despised just like that. 

Part two – Tybir

Now with Tybir left it’s time to take care of his quest, travel to Little Nihliesh and dissolve the conflict with mutants as you see fit. Approach Aen-tozon and offer Tybir. Then talk with Crimper to advance Broken Hearts, again try to be as unhelpful as you can. Finally, go to Shrine of Chilla and let Tybir kill Ragmin simply by not intervining. In my case that did it, Tybir despised me and I got the achievement. If for some reason Tybir still doesn’t despise you, there are maws that need feeding… 


Please leave comments, in particular if you have any other tried and tested ways of obtaining this achievement, even better if it doesn’t required dedicated playthrough. 
Please also note, it’s my very first guide =P 

Written by Shikao

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