Train Station Simulator – English Guide

Train Station Simulator – English Guide 1 -
Train Station Simulator – English Guide 1 -

Guide for Train Station Simulator – English Guide

In this guide i tell how you can make a good Train Stration. And how you can be get fast rich in the Endless Mode.


This game is good for simulators fans who have always wanted to own a train station. Therefore, do not leave you from the pixel graphic. The game is interesting and you have a few hours game fun. Time also pa*ses quite fast if you have something to do. 

Career mode

Here we are now in the first level. It is very small and has almost nothing. But that changes quite fast if you have set itself with the control and the game principle. It’s about surviving the prescribed time with your train station. But I do not recommend while you be the game AFK because after a few days your trains are reset and you have to reset them on which train goes. Therefore, take a lot of time for this game. 

Endless Mode

Here you can make all the Achievements that have nothing to do with the career tasks. You can therefore choose what Achievements you want to have and start playing. With the trains you can start your own trains from the 5 setup, and I would recommend that you. Because then you can run the game in the background and you always get the money from the days. If you do not do that, it will be the same as the career mode that the trains reset after a few tags and must reset them. I would also recommend you first a few Achievements out so you have a goal on what you work first. 

Thanks for Reading

I hope you enjoyed my guide for this game, hopefully he has helped you to get further or buy this game for those who have not done yet. I wish you a nice game of experiences and that you also see more guides from me or also commented and Liked. 
Have fun with this game 😀 

Written by -Dead-Angel-

This is all that we can say about Train Station Simulator – English Guide for now. I hope this post helped you. If there is anything that we should add, please let us know via comment below. See you soon!

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