Treasure of Nadia – Guide & Walkthrough

Treasure of Nadia – Guide & Walkthrough 6 -
Treasure of Nadia – Guide & Walkthrough 6 -

Guide for Treasure of Nadia – Guide & Walkthrough



Treasure of Nadia Guide V 03111

V 03111 (1/2)

  • Follow the prompts > meet Diana (Library)
  • Go to Estero Key, then Home, then to Estero Park, where you need to get the Stone Talisman and then deliver it to Diana.
  • From now, you could accumulate talismans (park) to get a few cash.
  • Go to the lighthouse and speak to Albert, then visit Full Mast Bar to get a few Liquor (Dark Rum)
  • Bar: Pick up the important thing (left), take the ID in Janet’s Home; you may want the important thing (bar) to open the door at the second ground, then locate the important thing withinside the center of the room. When you get the id, deliver it to Tasha (bar)
  • Give the Dark Rum to Albert (lighthouse) and get the binoculars in return.
  • Use the binoculars withinside the seashore, and use them once more in Estero key to get 1 Naomi’s heart.
  • Meet the ladies in Cape Vedra, then visit Doctor’s workplace (speak to the administration), the church, and the Squallmart
  • Sell the talismans to Diana, then visit the parlor and get hold of a massage ($30)
  • Go to Estero Park and search for greater talismans.

V 03111 (2/2)

  • Talk to Sophia (Mansion)
  • Ask Janet approximately Sophia (Janet’s residence)
  • Go to Kaley’s room, interact with the window, use the binoculars, and then take the empty bottle.
  • Talk to Alia (Estero Key) two times to get hold of the Unknown treasure
  • Show the Talisman to Diana, pass lower back with Alia, and get hold of 1 Alia’s Heart
  • To get the chest key: Estero Park > Left, there’s additionally one web page to accumulate
  • Talk to Ash (Squallmart)
  • Buy the simple walkway ($10), simple fence ($30), and lawn flowers ($20), use them to your residence, and speak to Alia
  • Buy a ee-e book ($60) in SquallMart and study
  • Find the Jade Talisman (Estero Park) and deliver it to Pricia (Parlor)
  • Buy an outfit for Alia (Store)

Treasure of Nadia Guide V 06112

  • Go to Estero Park and comply with the two guys (left), then pass upstairs and take the chest key
  • Find the Small Screwdriver on the east of the park, in the cave
  • Buy the Health Insurance ($60 – SqualMart) and deliver it to the administrator (Doctor’s workplace)
  • Get out and speak to Ash
  • Go to Janet’s residence, wait until she leaves, get inside, climb the steps, visit the restroom, and experience (+1 Kaley’s heart)
  • Open Janet’s bedroom door with the screwdriver and get the erotic ee-e book. Go to the library and ask Diana approximately the ee-e book Take the ee-e book “A Sinful Affair,” speak to Naomi out of doors and deliver her the ee-e book Buy the drink “S*x at the seashore” (Full Mast Bar), and deliver it to Naomi (+1 heart)
  • Go to the church, take the church-key, open the chest, and take the web page
  • Give the important thing to Ash and get the picture graph
  • Buy an outfit ($400) for Naomi
  • Also, purchase lawn plants ($200)
  • Call Alia (calls for 5%)

Treasure of Nadia Guide V 09121

  • Talk to Alia (Estero Park) and take the Shovel Shaft (left)
  • Follow Clare into the cave and experience the scene
  • From now you could use the local shrine, provide objects and try and get hold of higher objects in return
  • Talk to Emily (Squallmart) and additionally purchase the Shovel Head ($eighty)
  • Go to the Parlor > Backyard > take the cash (guy) and additionally the shovel handle
  • Give the cash to Emily (+1 heart)
  • Talk to Diana (library) and Ash (calls for $250 for 1 picture graph)
  • Sell the Stone Talisman to the female at the seashore; in case you reject her, provide = $900
  • Doctor’s workplace, Diana desires an excessive-powered magnet
  • Click at the bird (parking), take the MRI Room Key (inside), take the chest key, and additionally the excessive-powered magnet (left room)
  • Give Diana the excessive-powered magnet (+1 heart)
  • Open the chest withinside the cave
  • Native Shrine – use: Jade Talisman, Shovel Shaft, Shovel Head
  • and Shovel Handle, and get hold of Jade Shovel
  • Show Pricia the silver talisman, in case you don’t have it, get it from the Native Shrine – use: Silver Ore and three Stone Talisman, and get hold of Silver Talisman
  • Buy an outfit ($400) for Emily, additionally purchase the Discount Sofa ($1,000) and speak to her

Treasure of Nadia Guide V 11122

  • Follow Alia (Estero Key)
  • Buy a lighter and additionally a Pipe Wrench ($eighty both) in Squallmart
  • Use the lighter with Alia (Estero Key) experience the scene and select up the talismans
  • Use the Pipe Wrench to interrupt three vases (Library out of doors, Full Mast Bar out of doors, and mild residence out of doors)
  • Go to Full Mast Bar, upstairs and attach the pipe with the pipe wrench and open the chest with the chest key (in the vase of the Libary)
  • Go downstairs, experience the scene
  • Talk to the person out of doors the Library, then to Ash (Squallmart), pass lower back to the library and speak to Ash once more (Squallmart)
  • Follow Kaley (Janet’s domestic) and experience the scene

Treasure of Nadia Guide V 14011

  • Library: Get the Broken Camera, the Silver Talisman, and additionally the Church Key
  • Church: Open the door (decrease left nook) with the church-key. Talk to Madalyn, Take the Chamber Key, and use it withinside the different room.
  • Estero Park: Go to the left, and the left once more, to discover a Ginseng Plant, a crafting recipe, and additionally a circle
  • Circle & Fire: You must prompt four fires to prompt the circle. There are 2 withinside the church (earlier than the chamber’s door) and a pair of withinside the Estero park (1 withinside the cave and the remaining one to the proper from the circle). Light the four fires and are available lower back to the circle to get 1 new Kam web page.
  • Doctor’s workplace: Eat the ginseng plant, go to the doctor ($one hundred forty), experience the scene, and click on the closet (decrease proper nook). Then take the Camera base and the Loose screws from the left room.
  • Tasha minigame: Wait till she doesn’t have a take a observe you and click on on the second one preference till you win and get hold of the reward
  • Cave – Native Shrine: Small screwdriver, Broken Camera, Camera base and additionally Loose Screws
  • Give the digital digicam to Ash (Squallmart), and meet him once more (Church)
  • Squallmart: Buy the entirety inexpensive than $2,000, additionally the brand new outfit and the steel detector
  • Call Tasha and experience the brand new scene.

Treasure of Nadia Guide V 16012

  • Church: Talk to Ash, then visit Squallmart
  • Estero Park: Go ways left, comply with Clare, accumulate Philweed, accumulate Cockroaches, and additionally the Ginseng Plant (Forget it if consistent with our walkthrough you have already got it). Finally, deliver Philweed & ginseng plant to Emily.
  • Lighthouse: First, speak to Diana (Library), then visit the Lighthouse, get the talisman (wreck the left vase) and have interaction with the chest and the trace of the basement. Find the important thing withinside the seashore (decrease left nook) and open the chest to get a brand new web page.
  • Squallmart: Talk to Ash > visit the library and placed the roaches in a field > purchase the sunscreen (squallmart) and speak to Diana (Beach) > Talk to Diana (Library), and sooner or later visit the library, climb the steps and purchase the picture graph.
  • (There is likewise an additional scene in Estero Key)

Treasure of Nadia Guide V 19021

  • Squallmart: Talk to Pricia and Emily, then visit the parlor (backyard), plant a ginseng plant in Pricia’s lawn (you could locate ginseng in Estero Park), and visit the Parlor to speak with Pricia
  • Library: Take the ginseng plant (out of doors – decrease left nook); you could promote it to Pricia ($250)
  • Janet’s domestic: backyard, then the residing room, speak to Janet and Naomi, visit the kitchen, and get a few iced teas (refrigerator). Go upstairs > Janet’s room and take alcohol (nightstand) and additionally, Shoelaces (bathroom). Give the alcohol to Naomi and Janet, watch the scene, and visit Kaley’s room.
  • Lighthouse: Get a picture graph in Squallmart, visit the lighthouse > Basement, and speak to Albert two times: take the broken boots, the crating web page, and open the chest ( password 684)
  • Buy Shoe Glue in Squallmart, and locate the crafting web page in Full Mast Bar > Men’s room.
  • Cave (crafting): The recipe for the Stompin Boots is: Leather Gloves + Damaged Boots + Shoelaces + Shoe Glue. With the Stompin Boots, you could skip through toxic insects.
  • Full Mast Bar: Take the Carbon Shovel Shaft and additionally the Chest Key
  • Estero Park: Go wherein the scorpions were and take the Ultra Shovel Handle, a crafting web page, and the Golden Talisman. To open the chest, you need to through Antacid Tablet (squallmart) and deliver it to the goose.
  • To entire this replace you want to speak to Diana (library), purchase the outfit for Pricia (squallmart) and invite her (calls for Curtains $2,500) and additionally Yard Trees $four,000)

Treasure of Nadia Guide V 21022

  • Talk to Emily (Library) and take all of the books, then deliver her Perenial’s of Cape Vedra.
  • Go to Estero Park, then take the Heavy Cord (Doctor’s workplace). Buy a steel hook (squallmart), then integrate Heavy cord + Metal hook to get the Grappling hook, use it to get crimson ginseng, and then deliver the crimson ginseng to Emily.
  • Take the Gaffer Tape (Estero Park – left aspect) with the grappling hook, then get the Wrench Grip (Cave – Estero Park – proper aspect)
  • Craft a Pickaxe withinside the Native Shrine: Wrench Grip + Gaffer Tape + Grappling Hook + Pipe Wrench (the crafting web page isn’t any the left aspect of the park)
  • Go to Estero Key, watch the scene, then pass deep into Estero Key and use the pickaxe at the rock to go into the cave. Light the bowl (left aspect) with the lighter, then take the torch (higher proper)
  • Go to the church, take the chest key, and meet Madalyn.
  • Go to the church once more, undergo the left door, and wreck the column (proper) with the pickaxe. then open the chest and wreck the vase to get the web page and cash
  • Meet Ash withinside the ParlorEat Red Ginseng, visit the Doctor and pay $one hundred forty (you could locate the plant at Estero Park)
  • Eat Red Ginseng, go to the Doctor and pay $140 (you can find the plant at Estero Park)

Treasure of Nadia Guide V 23031

  • Cave > Follow Clare and remedy the puzzle; open the chest with the unknown treasure and display it to Diana (Library)
  • Talk to Tasha (Estero Park), then visit Janet’s bedroom.
  • Meet Ash at Full Mast Bar, then speak to Tasha at the bar
  • Meet Diana (Library) and take the notice from her desk, then mild the mild bulb at the proper and go away. It became off at the left.
  • Use the name of the game key at the field out of doors the library (higher proper nook)
  • Go for your bedroom
  • Talk to Madalyn (her room – Church)
  • See a stone close to a column? Wreck the column with the pickaxe, location the stone at the hole (above), and then take the chest key.
  • Estero park > left – up – proper – proper > open the chest.

Treasure of Nadia Guide V 25032

  • Doctor’s workplace > Tomography room > take the simple box and the NitroglycerinCraft the Rock Bomb: Basic box + Nitroglycerin + Jade Talisman (Estero Park) + Silver Talisman (Estero Park)
  • Go to the west of the Cave and use the Rock bomb with the stone blockading the way.
  • Light the bowl at the left (lighter), accumulate the cash, and wreck the vase close to the go out with the pickaxe to get any other simple box (don’t forget wherein is the chest)
  • Craft any other bomb and use it in front of the preceding one
  • Snake’s puzzle: do away with the stone from the passage and near the go out
  • Take the barrel and location the stone you located to shut the go out within the screen’s higher left nook. Take the chest key and open the remaining chest (close to the cash)
  • Give the snake to Jessica (Doctor)
  • Talk to Janet (her residence)
  • Go to Estero Key and speak with them. You want to craft and use any other Rock bomb there.
  • Talk to Kaley (Doctor’s workplace & withinside the cave of Estero park)
  • Go wherein you amassed the cash and take the Pirate Diary.
  • Show Diana the locket (library), and display Madalyn (church) the pirate diary.
  • Buy Outfit for Kaley, a Roofing Job, Recliner, and additionally the End Table.
  • Invite Kaley domestic

Treasure of Nadia Guide V 27041

  • Talk to Pricia (Library) > Go to Estero Key > Buy the Kayak License Exam (Squallmart $250)
  • Kayak License Exam (inventory) Answer: Sunscreen, West at 15+ knots, Beer and South > deliver the examination to the ranger
  • Follow the Ranger (Estero Park) > Talk to Diana (west > as much as the river), then location the stone at the plate to open the passage.
  • Pick up the objects withinside the new vicinity and pass lower back with Diana.
  • Return to the island and wreck the rock (right aspect) with the pickaxe to get a few quartzes
  • Go to the northwest aspect of the park and wreck any other rock to get a few Fossilized.
  • Talk to Emily (Squallmart), and purchase Alumina.
  • Talk to Ash (Parking Lot) to get a Photo.
  • Craft the Ant Killer (Cave)
  • Go for your inventory, open the Old map and get the Chest Key (below the tree)
  • Go to the Island, kill the insects with the Ant Killer, and take the Maca Plant. There’s a chest on the east aspect of the island; open it to get a web page.
  • Give the plant to Pricia (Parlor) > Go to Sofia’s Mansion > Talk to Diana (Library)

Treasure of Nadia Guide V 30042

  • Go to the Full Mast Bar > speak to Albert (backyard) > get the drinks (after Tasha) and deliver:
  • Rum: to Albert
  • Whiskey: To the left, guy
  • Beer: to the proper guy
  • Margarita: to the center guy
  • Mojito: to the man withinside the higher left nook
  • Buy Peanuts (Squallmart) and pass lower back to the bar to get Tasha’s heart > speak to Albert & Ash (parking lot) to get a picture graph)
  • Talk to Diana (Cave) > visit Janet’s domestic
  • Rat Trap Recipe ingredients: Plastic Wrap + Roach + Gaffer Tape + Basic Container
  • Plastic Wrap: Buy it at Squallmart
  • Cockroach: Catch it (Full Mast Bar > Toilet)
  • Basic Container: Break the vase you may locate on the decrease left nook of the backyard
  • Talk to Janet > input the residence and speak together with her once more > test the rat lure.
  • Now you want to craft a bomb to explode the wall withinside the Lighthouse.
  • Rock Bomb ingredients: Nitroglycerin + Basic box (locate it withinside the Lighthouse) + Silver Talisman + Jade Talisman
  • Use the rock bomb at the basement of the Lighthouse (blow up the wall)
  • You can wreck the ground In front of the steps and get the chest key.
  • Go to the Full Mast Bar > Backyard > Open the chest to get a web page.
  • Buy an outfit for Jessica, test the remaining web page you’ve got found, and invite Jessica domestic.

Treasure of Nadia Guide V 32051

  • Go to Squallmart > speak to Emily (in case you didn’t earlier than) > Talk to Diana (Library) > Go to the Cave with Clare and remedy the puzzle (see the answer withinside the preceding cave) > sooner or later take the Dolomite with the pickaxe.
  • Downstairs > pass left and click on at the blocks (there are 6) > insert Tikpak Artifact into the sparkling shape > clean the stones beneath neath the steps to discover a new web page, then take the Pirate Diary.
  • Upstairs (go away): The chest is hidden below a tree; take the crafting web page, the white sand, the bait, and mild the bowl (pinnacle) with the lighter additionally.
  • Full Mast Bar > Backyard > light the grill (lighter) to get Fly Ash.
  • Cave: Craft Concrete (Stone Talisman + Fly Ash + White Sand + Dolomite
  • Estero Key > Sam > Give him the concrete.
  • Home >Talk to Emily > deliver her crimson ginseng, phillweed, and additionally Maca plant.
  • After Naomi calls, you consume a maca plant > Doctor workplace > pay one hundred forty to the receptionist.
  • Church > Madalyn’s room > deliver her the Pirate Diary > Take the Cursed shovel from the following room.
  • End of the present-day replace; however, you continue to can craft:
  • Swift shovel (farm talismans faster): Carbon shovel shaft + Alloy shovel head + Ultra shovel handle + Silver Talisman
  • Pirate shovel (even faster): Cursed shovel + Pirate Medallion + jade Talisman + Gold Talisman

Treasure of Nadia Guide V 34052

  • Janet’s domestic > Kaley’s room (up) > Squallmart, take the small screwdriver (left) > lower back to Janet’s domestic > Kaley’s room (up) > use the screwdriver on her door.
  • Talk to Diane (Library) > Cave > River (northern a part of the cave) > Go wherein the tiger become, flip left, raise the digital digicam, philweed plant, and additionally mild the bowl.
  • Squallmarn > location 3 plants (maca, crimson ginseng & philweed) withinside the box and speak to Emily.
  • Behind the library (left aspect) > wreck the column and location the stone at the higher proper nook, then take the gothic key.
  • Park (wherein the tiger become) > pass left > deal with the peacock with peanuts and lead him to the library > sooner or later get the important thing to the chest and additionally the web page.

Treasure of Nadia Guide V 36061

  • Library > comply with Diana > boost the damaged key.
  • Church > Madalyn’s room > proper room > open the door (gothic key) > pass proper and take the web page of crating and the damaged key.
  • Puzzle: make certain that the rat receives into the distance wherein the snake is sitting; however, it needs to now no longer meet with it. Poke the arrow in case you want to do away with the snake. Solution: The crimson arrow need to become to the left whilst you faucet at the rat, then take the damaged key (left)
  • Janet’s domestic > Squallmart (locate there the remaining damaged key)
  • Full Mast Bar > Janet’s domestic (via the lower back yard) > Phone password (third room upstairs > password = 123)
  • Parlor > picturegraph > squallmart > purchase the outfit for Diana

Treasure of Nadia Guide V 38062

  • Talk to Tasha (Full mast bar) > Sofia’s Mansion: while the protection and the digital digicam aren’t looking, get via the fence > Take the feather (left aspect), wreck the vases and pass the basket (proper aspect), take the important thing (red flowers) and additionally wreck the pinnacle vase to get the talisman (different vases include ingredients, so wreck them too)
  • Open the door with the important thing > after the scene, visit squallmart and purchase alumina > then craft the ant killer: Fossilized algae + alumina + quartz + rusty key.
  • Go deep into the island via the cave, take the scorpion venom, and use the ant killer on ants.
  • Solve the Puzzle (it will be less complicated in case you go away and are available lower back some times) and take the chest key, bamboo, and philweed
  • Squallmart > Emily’s lab (room on the quit of the shop) > location the philweed withinside the box.
  • Talk to Emily (seashore) > purchase love potion (squallmart) > drink the affection potion, visit the doctor’s workplace, and pay for Jessica’s appointment.

Treasure of Nadia Guide V 40071

  • Go to Squallmart > Parlor > Full Mast Bar > Doctor’s Office > Squallmart and additionally purchase a Dart.
  • Cave – Craft a Blow Dart: You will want the Dart + Bamboo + Feather + Scorpion Venom
  • Go with Emily (Squallmart), then to the cave (northwest), and after the scene, take the pirate diary and, additionally, the fake talisman.
  • Cave passage: 1st block the passage from the snake with stones, second stand on 2 circles to open a passage to any other vicinity, third Go to the brand new vicinity, take the grand talisman, the vintage wooden and additionally open the chest
  • Give the Old wooden to Clare, then Go to the Parlor and deliver the grand talisman to Pricia.
  • Go to the church and deliver the pirate diary to Madalyn > Take the chamber key > visit the proper room the usage of the chamber key > take the restroom key and visit wherein Madalyn become
  • Cemetery: Find the chest key below the palm tree (a proper aspect of the cemetery

Treasure of Nadia Guide V 42072

  • Squallmart > Cave > Follow Joey (south of the cave) > word the range and mild the bowl, a key will seem there.
  • Janet’s domestic > her room > verify the password of her phone (123)
  • Estero key > Naomi’s House > Attic > take the gaffer tape.
  • Janet’s domestic > cave > trap a cockroack (it’ll escape) > faucet at the rock
  • Craft the rat lure: Plastic Wrap + Gaffer Tape + Roach + Basic Container. purchase the plastic wrap in the shop and take the simple box from the church if you don’t have it. Craft the rat lure if you have all of the ingredients
  • Lighthouse > Park > Teleport > tiger (a proper aspect of the island) > proper of the tiger, there’s a vase with a simple box.
  • Go proper and take the pirate medallion, the chest, the bowl, the philweed plant, and additionally the Tikpak Treasure.
  • Move the two stones (will seem while you’re taking the pirate medallion) below the palm trees (stand below them to recognize it)
  • Light the bowl and take the chest key from wherein the range (cave) become
  • Leave the park (teleport) and display Diana the Tikpak Treasure, go away from the residence, and get hold of Tasha’s message.

Treasure of Nadia Guide V 44081

  • Find the crafting scroll on the park: Rock Bomb = Nitroglycerin + Basic box + Silver Talisman + Jade Talisman.
  • Squallmart > Cave > Craft the Rock Bomb > Go to Full Mast Bar > Catch a fish for Jessica on the seashore (in case you fail purchase bait on the bait shop)
  • Next, Location > wreck the base, get a simple box, and pass lower back to craft any other Rock bomb.
  • Church > wreck this wall with the rock bomb
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  • Go to the vicinity, take the damaged key, and add the spike boots from in the vase (wreck it). Then teleport to the park and take the grand talisman from the hidden vase.
  • img 5fa8a62cea8e6 wpgameplay com
  • Take the damaged key (a western aspect of the island) and craft the Pirate key = Pirate Medallion + Gran Talisman + Broken Key + Broken Key.
  • Remember wherein you blew up the stone, now you could open the chest with the pirate key.
  • Visit Diana > Sofia’s Mansion > Cave Puzzle:
  • 1st locate the web page here:
    img 5fa8a63087d67 wpgameplay com
  • Second remedy the cave puzzle doing precisely this:
    img 5fa8a6341b8b5 wpgameplay com
  • To entire this replace take the Philweed plant (upstairs, below the palm tree)

Treasure of Nadia Guide V 46082

  • Library > Teleport to Estero Park > visit wherein there’s a bonfire at the proper and a direction up and take the direction up.
  • Library > Behind the library > take the chest key (higher left nook) > Janet’s domestic > her room (second ground) and take a shower.
  • Estero Key > wherein the Clare occasion becomes held, there’s a web page > get Jasmine, Philweed plant, and additionally, open the chest to get the web page.
  • Girls’ profiles (+1 Alia’s profile) > Wester a part of Estero Park (Orange Light)

Treasure of Nadia Guide V 48091

  • Janet’s domestic > Kaley’s room > Squallmart (purchase Soy Sauce) > Give it to Janet (Janet’s domestic)
  • Library > Estero Key > Janet’s domestic via backyard) > Cemetery
  • Estero Park (Teleport) > get the gun the usage of the Whip Janet gave you > Inventory pick Old Musket, then Small Screwdriver to get Gunpowder > Go via the bees (north) > Tap at the orange shining mild and use the Whip > Go to the river (south) flip left > use the whip at the pinnacle rocks to get the chest key.
  • Teleport to the start of the part > pass left till the quit of the direction > then to the river (up) > click on at the orange mild (below the palm tree)
  • Lighthouse > Tap at the gun (cannon) > use gunpowder on it
  • Go left (new vicinity) > take the crypt key, study the diary and additionally open the chest with the important thing > don’t overlook to select up the crafting web page (to craft Jasmine Massage Oil)
  • Cemetery > use the Crypt key (chapel door) > take the damaged key, Rosa moss, and wreck the vase to get a gold talisman.
  • Craft Jasmine Massage Oil: Jasmine + Rosa Moss + Basic Container + Love Potion > Then deliver it to Prici (Parlor)

Treasure of Nadia Guide V 51092

  • Estero Park > Go to the doorway of the park > there may be a scene > take the machete and move Up > take the antique bullet and move Up > Use the machete to reduce the trees and preserve going.
  • Go to the brand new vicinity withinside the cave (you went there with the team in preceding versions) > enhance 2 Rosa Moss and a Cockroach.
  • Inventory > Phone > Talk to Diana
  • Teleport to the park and move in which the antique bullet was > more than one conference with Diana and Clare > Go up > take the Gaffer Tape and the Grand Talisman > Light the bowl > Now the important thing to the locked chest is withinside the cave, downstairs.
  • Go down the river > then left > Use the machete to reduce the bush withinside the decrease left nook and take the Tikpak artifact.
  • Cave (in which the stone with the tickpak artifact is) > use the Tikpak artifact to have there.
  • Go domestic > then to Sofia’s Mansion (thru the fence) and provide her the Tikpak Artifact.
  • Go to Squallmart > Buy Plastic wrap and additionally a Basic Container.
  • Cave > craft the Rat trap ( Plastic Wrap + Gaffer Tape + Roach + Basic container)
  • GO to the park (in which you distracted the Jaguar with the rat) > Use the machete to take the girl’s profile.
  • Squallmart > provide Emily the rat trap > Doctor’s office > Squallmart > purchase Multivitamins (use them in a room with girls)
  • Buy an outfit for Clare, invite her domestic, and use the brand new page.
  • There is some other Girl’s profile here:
    img 5fa8a6373fc2d wpgameplay com

Treasure of Nadia Guide V 54101

  • Library (behind > left side), in front of in which you spawn to use the pickaxe to interrupt it > Open the library with the library key.
  • Squallmart > Talk to Michael (parking) > purchase Cleaning oil & Silver ore > Craft the Loaded Musket: Cleaning Oil + Old Bullet + Old Musket + Silver Ore
  • Park (Where the tiger was) > move up a meet Ash to get a photo > Take the Gunpowder, Pirate Medallion, Broken key, and additionally Motion Detection Camera.
  • Parking > deliver the digital digicam to Michael > Squallmart > Meet Alia > Full Mast Bar > Janet’s home (her room) > Lighthouse > move down (basement) > use the Gunpowder at the Gun > Go up, to the opened location > take the Gothic Chest Key, the Broken key and additionally open the chest (Diary + Hint)
  • Church > Madalyn’s room > Upper room right > open the chest with the gothic key.
  • To open the locked chest, craft the chest key = x4 Broken keys.
  • (*) lacking damaged key: After the teleport, move down, and to the west till end map (identical in which you arrive with a boat), it’s far down close to water (Thanks to Player1!)

Treasure of Nadia Guide V 56102

  • Library > Teleport to Jungle > Go north till you discover a cave > cross left till the third palm tree (beginning from the proper) after which cross up.
  • Park > Turn left till the end > cross north.
  • Bar (meet Clare) > Full mast bar > To the left of the building (with the aid of using the palm trees), there’s orange light; take it (Pricia’s profile)
  • Back to the cave > Puzzle: Click on three circles on the identical time to transport Clare down and Diana to the left corner, then stand at the circle > there’s a damaged key at the left, with the aid of using a rock.
  • Take the important thing added to the chest (at the circle to the proper of the chest) > and every other key in every other cave (use teleport), to the left of the stairs.
  • Squallmart > Bait shop > purchase the pinnacle proper box (costs $5,000), additionally purchase silver othe (in case you don’t have
  • Craft: Broken Dehumidifier + Small Screwdriver + Silver Ore + Gold Talisman
  • Give Emili the Dehumidifier (Squallmart) > Exit the store, visit every other vicinity, and are available returned to the store > visit the store’s parking lot.

Treasure of Nadia Guide V 58111

  • Doctor’s office > Take the Nitroglycerin from Jessica.
  • Parlor > Take the lotion from Pricia.
  • Store > Buy x4 Basic container.
  • Craft Rock Bombs: Nitroglycerin+ Basic container + Silver Talisman + Jade Talisman
  • Teleport to the brand new cave (final update) and blow up the center rock with the rock bomb > get inner and take the aloe plant, additionally use a pickaxe to get a buried chest key.
  • Get out > cross left > new cave (final update – Clare & Ash) > Teleport
  • Lighthouse > Basement > Take Kaley’s profile alongside the way > Blow up a stone block blockading a hallway > Open the chest (buried chest key) and additionally examine the crafting page.
  • Craft Aloe Potion: Aloe Plant + Shea Butter + Ginseng Plant + Basic Container
  • Doctor’s office > Give Aloe Potion to Jessica
  • Janet’s home > Upstairs > Sofia Mansion > Library (speak to Diana) > Parlor (Jessica) > Squallmart


This is all that we can say about Treasure of Nadia – Guide & Walkthrough for now. I hope this post helped you. If there is anything that we should add, please let us know via comment below. See you soon!

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