Trials of Mana – Herb Cookie Topping Guide

Trials of Mana – Herb Cookie Topping Guide 1 -
Trials of Mana – Herb Cookie Topping Guide 1 -

How to extend your draw distance and get rid of pop-in


Download the mod
Here –
Right-click the game from your Steam library and choose Manage -> Browse local file.
– Place the downloaded file in Trials of ManaContentPaks


Trials of Mana has a different approach to Unreal Engine 4 games. It doesn't provide easy access INI files. You'll need to extract them from the data folders, make your changes and then repackage again. There are many INI tweaks and mods out there, but they often make unnecessary (changes such as removing fog or bloom). I wanted a vanilla-friendly mod that only fixed the pop-in issue so I made one.
These are the only changes to my mod


This disables (the texture stream) which leads to texture popping in.
The game was optimized for Nintendo Switch. Since the system requirements on a PC are already very low, I haven’t noticed any performance changes. The loading times will be slightly longer since texture streaming is now disabled.


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