Tribal Hunter – Full Achievement Guide

Tribal Hunter – Full Achievement Guide 2 -
Tribal Hunter – Full Achievement Guide 2 -
A guide to all achievements both hidden and known! Some basic and some advanced, if you are stuck, check the guide to see how to get a specific one!



Tribal Hunter - Full Achievement Guide - Info 
These are ranked on how hard they are to complete themselves, not how hard they are to get to. Some may take a long while to get to, but seconds to achieve, or just one click, that would make it easy. However, something where you are constantly working for it, or need to spend a lot of time to make progress to get it (such as a shop item), it would be deemed harder. 
I hope this guide helps you on your way. Some are so easy that you just need to follow the achievement description, but some are more confusing, so I have added a guide.

Simple/Self Fulfilling Achievements

The Journey Begins: 
Open up the game. 
Broken Plush: 
Be defeated 
Pop! Goes the Munch: 
Overeat for the first time 
*Slime Munch: 
Be defeated by eating too much slime. Once you overexpanded, you will make a slime Munch. 
Be defeated by being possessed. (In the dark forest) 
The Great Birdman: 
Activate To-Ri’s statue 
Be nice to your Elders: 
Rescue the grandmother. (She comes up later in the Piglands) 
Lending a Hand: 
Rescue Key from the pigs. 
Pa*sionate Artist: 
Rescue all the members from the Artist’s Guild (in Slime Caves). 
Munch the Explorer: 
Equip the Explorer’s outfit (the person standing at the tent in the artist guild). 
Super Cow Fan: 
Watch all the Super Cow episodes (located at spawn on the TV). 
Flight Course Newbie: 
Meet Kitora in either the Piglands, Slime Cave, or Crystal Cave. (Near Pig Hideout Entrance at Forest 12). 
Relaxing Spot: 
Find Jack’s Resort on the beach. 
*Secret Hideout: 
Find the Fox’s home (Located in Forest 12) 
Heavy Fighter: 
Be expanded by the slime king (costs 3,000 coins and 430 capacity), in the caves) 
Food Fighter: 
Be expanded by the Eating Contest (at the beach). 
*Master Fighter: 
Oversize yourself with Sensei Sifu (in the mountains). 

More Time-Consuming

Tour Guide: 
Activate all of To-Ri’s statues 
Lucky Munch: 
Win the gambeling game 3 times in a row. (any amount of coins will work) 
Bet the highest you can (100 coins), and receive a win 
Out of Stock: 
Buy every upgrade at Key’s Shop 
Farm Hero: 
Rescue every cow from the game (Piglands, Slime Caves, and Giant Hive). 
Farm Investor: 
Buy every upgrade from the farm. 
Full Wardrobe: 
Purchase all the skins from the Artist’s Guild. 
Flight Course Master: 
Complete all of Kitora’s flight courses (Piglands, Slime Caves, and Crystal Caves). 
Food Gourmet: 
Eat every food from both Sweet Rotisserie and Jack’s Resort 
Meet Sifu on the mountain. 

Near End-Game Stuff

Mr. Moneybags: 
Purchase everything from every shop (Key’s Shop, the farm, and all skins at the Artist Guild) 
The Strongest Guardian: 
Purchase all upgrades 
Mushroom Gourmet: 
Get your capacity to 1,500, do this by finding them, buying from Key’s Hop, the Cow Farm, Yisya in the mountains, and Fox’s Hideout. 
Egg Gourmet: 
Defeat every enemy by inflating them with eggs. (Brawler Cow, Pufferfish, Water Dragon, Ghost Knight, Honey Dragon, Honey Bear, Blue Dragon, Red Dragon, Dragon Knight) 
Island… Gourmet? 
Get eaten by every enemy that can eat Munch (Big Slime, Slime Plant, Water Dragon, Honey Dragon, Bat, Catsuit Ghost, Snow Bunny). Meaning you have to let them grab you and eat you, not just interact. 
*Not My Job: 
Run out of the castle to achieve the first Neutral Ending 
Sacrifice yourself by inhaling the “evil spirit” at the sealed chamber for the second Neutral Ending (usually deemed the sad ending) 
*True Guardian: 
Defeat the final boss (the spirit) 


Bacon Brawl: 
Defeat Boarus, at the Piglands 
Sly Fox: 
Defeat the Fox the first time at the Crystal Caves 
Tricky Fox: 
Defeat the Fox the second time at the Wizard’s Tower 
Conniving Fox: 
Defeat the Fox the third time at the Castle Outpost 
Slime Smasher: 
Defeat the Slime King in the Slime Caves 
Rocky Rumble: 
Defeat the Crystal Golem in the crystal cave 
Food Cannon: 
Defeat Toria by punching food back at them until their platform breaks. 
Pirate Pummeler: 
Defeat Killsha by either manually defeating her, or inflating her. 
Dog fighter: 
Defeat Laura in the Jungle 7 
*Good boy: 
Don’t interrupt Darkdread’s phone call. Do this by waiting for a minute or so until Darkdread returns. Once they leave, don’t follow them, wait for them to return. 
Lord Chubtail: 
Feed Lord Darkdread enough to break their armor 
Ghost Shenanigans: 
Defeat the Ghost Queen by igniting the lamp with your fire breath 
Bully Brawler: 
Defeat Wave in the Hive 6 
Honey Hoarder: 
Defeat the Bee Queen at the end of The Hive 
The Alpha: 
Defeat the Alpha in the mountains by either inflating them or manually killing them 
The Beta: 
Defeat Alpha by inflating them with eggs 
Defeat Killsha by inflating them with eggs 
*Dragon Tamer: 
Defeat Lord Darkdread at the final castle 
*Hidden strength: 
Defeat Lord Darkdread in the first encounter. Make sure to prepare by buying lots of items and upgrades! 

Written by Wato1876

Thanks for checking our blog. I hope the information you found about Tribal Hunter – Full Achievement Guide helped you somehow. If you believe we forget to add something or update the post with more information, please let us know via comment below! See you soon!

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