Tukoni – Simple walkthrough (English)

Tukoni – Simple walkthrough (English) 1 - wpgameplay.com
Tukoni – Simple walkthrough (English) 1 - wpgameplay.com

Guide for Tukoni – Simple walkthrough (English)

I will be explaining how to proceed as it is not always obvious within the game. I have tried to give as minimal spoilers for the game as possible, so I have blurred the some of the solutions for those that want to try it themselves.


As the game described it is a point and click meaning that the keyboard is redundant throughout your time playing. 
The cursor will change to a paw if you are able to interact with something, otherwise it will stay as a white circle or add directional arrows just to imply that you can move. 
You begin the game with needing to make tea, click on the book for a guide within the game on what you should do. The solution is also here: Click on the pot, the hanging blue berries and the tea bags in the basket. Combine the berries and tea bag and drag it to the pot. 
Once you have made the tea, a leave will appear on screen, click the book once more and click on the leaf within the pages to unlock the achievement “Leaf”. 
Click on the right of the screen to advance. 
Later in the game you will be able to interact with the pot of tea you made giving you the achievement “Tea time”. (This can be done at any time by clicking on it in your inventory bar at the top of the screen). 

Boar and mushrooms

In this section you meet a boar who’s basket has broken, they need two items to fix it which are more detailed within your book. Once you have collected the items, merge them within your inventory bar (at the top of the screen) than drag it over to the basket. the boar will reward you with a mushroom and you will unlock the achievement “Boar”. 
You will be able to pick up more than your necessary items including a green fern-like plant and some yellow straw/gra*s; When you combine these in your inventory bar a small bird is made, this will be needed in the next part of the story. 

The Phone

After helping the Boar you are told that you need to enter the house to do this you need to fix the phone first. 
You can find an acorn top hidden behind a leaf and the paper is by the edge on the right hand side. Drag both of these item onto the phone so you can call the Squirrel to open the door. 

The squirrel and mushrooms

Here is where you need the bird you made, look to the left and you will see a clock with a nest on top of it, drag the bird to the nest and unlock the achievement “Secret clocks”. 
The squirrel will ask you for the mushroom the boar gave you, drag it to them and they will advance the story by asking you to collect more mushrooms. 
Leave the house and click on the black rain cloud above the pile of leaves. Once the rain mushroom cut scene has happened two achievements will be unlocked “Magic mushroom” and “Rain”. 
There will be several hidden mushrooms on the level including where you met the boar. Collect all of the mushrooms and return to the house. 
Drag the red and white spotted mushroom to the squirrel who will put it in the medicine box revealing what to do with the remaining mushrooms as well as unlocking the achievement “Medicine”. 
The piece of paper explains that you need to place the mushrooms on the three strings (where the squirrel placed the first mushroom you gave them). If you want to know the solution it is here: 2 large mushrooms, 1 s*ripped mushroom and 3 small mushrooms. 
This will lead to the end of the game and the last achievement “Squirrel”. 

Written by nope0467

This is all that we can say about Tukoni – Simple walkthrough (English) for now. I hope this post helped you. If there is anything that we should add, please let us know via comment below. See you soon!

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