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Ultimate Custom Night – Custom Challenges 1 - gameplaylists.com
Ultimate Custom Night – Custom Challenges 1 - gameplaylists.com

This guide contains 3 custom problems!

Running through the vents

Ventilation is a challenging task that requires frequent maintenance.
Mangle: 10
Springtrap: 10
Phantom Freddy: 15.
Phantom Mangle:8
Molten Freddy: 20
Balloon Boy – 5
Happy Frog: 10.
Mister Hippo 10
Porkpatch: 10
Ned Bear: Ten
Ennard: 10
Withered Chica 10
Orville: 1

The freddles are bound to accumulate

A challenge that requires you not only to constantly monitor the cameras but also to keep the freddles under check.
Nightmare Freddy: 15.
Rockstar Bonnie: 10
Funtime Foxy – 10
Phantom BB – 5
Phantom Mangle – 10

Cursor mayhem

This is a difficult task that requires constant movement.
Nightmarionne: 15
Phone Guy 15
Withered Bonnie: 15
Toy Chica – 15
Toy Bonnie:
Rockstar Bonnie: 15
Toy Freddy – 10
Helpy: 15
El Chip: 15
Golden Freddy: 10
Rockstar chica: 10


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