Ultimate Custom Night – Tips for getting through this hell-hole

Ultimate Custom Night – Tips for getting through this hell-hole 1 - gameplaylists.com
Ultimate Custom Night – Tips for getting through this hell-hole 1 - gameplaylists.com
I’ve seen a lot of guides on what characters do and which ones to start with, but I don’t think I’ve seen any on basic gameplay, so I thought I would cover that for anyone who needs help getting far into it.


Starting off

When you first start the night, you’ll need to do a few things asap to help your chance of survival 
-Click on 1 and space key to start 
-move mouse to the left side of screen (only if nightmare BB is active) 
-flash light for around a second (only if phantom/nightmare Freddy are active) 
-Double click the wet floor sign so it goes to the right (only if rock-star Chica is active) 
Once that’s done you’ll have to open your camera, so there’s some more stuff you need to do 
-start by closing the left door (only if Freddy/Nightmare Fredbear/etc are active) 
-then close the top vent (only if vent characters are active) 
-once you open your camera, you’ll need to be quick to switch to duct section (only if phantom mangle/BB are active) 
-Once that’s done, place an audio lure at the left intersection (only if duct characters are active) 
-Close your camera and quickly pull up your mask (only if golden Freddy is active) 

Playing through the game

The arguably hardest part now finished, you should be able to relax. This is where different strategies emerge depending on what animatronics are active. However, I will go through some good practices to prepare yourself for harder difficulties. 
-Mainly look at the left side of your office, only looking to the right every once in a while to check for BB or JJ in the side vent. This is because you will need to use your flashlight for phantom and nightmare Freddy, but shining the light on nightmare BB will cause him to jumpscare you if he’s sitting down (which he will most likely normally be doing) 
-You’ll need to be ready to click keys 1, 3 and 4. you’ll need to click 4 every once in awhile if Jack-O-Chica’s active, but if not you don’t need to worry about it. Use 3 whenever you are about to open your camera, to push duct animatronics back, and whenever Rockstar Freddy asks for coins. When not in these situations, keep it on 1 (power generator). Of course, you can not worry about 4 and instead have your fan turned on, but it is not worth it in my opinion. (You’ll probably also have to worry about 5, but I will update with info about that once I deal with it, as I’ve only beat 40/20 mode) 
-Listen closely. I personally would recommend a good pair of headphones, but speakers might work just as well. If you hear Ballora, close the door of whatever side she’s on. While other animatronics aren’t as sound dependent as Ballora, it is still very helpful. You can hear when the phone starts to ring to look for the mute button, you can hear old man consequences to be able to catch the fish even if El Chip is on your screen, you can hear when nightmare appears to close the right door (you will be closing the left one when opening your camera anyway), and more. Having a good way to listen in is one of the most crucial things to help your survival. 

Picking Characters

While I’ve seen other people make guides on this exact topic, I would like to throw my hat in the ring here for advice on character selection. 
-Bonnie should always be active. If Foxy isn’t active, it is a free 2000 points 
-Freddy should be active aswell. It is good to start by practicing closing the left door whenever you open the camera. 
Some characters can be activated all around the same time. 
-All top vent animatronics can be activated with each other. Closing the top vent before opening your camera prevents them from coming in, and makes it impossible for them to kill you, meaning you don’t have to worry about vent snares or any other way of dealing with them 
-All duct animatronics. I covered how to deal with these at the start, and activating the heater for a second before opening your camera is pretty easy and overall makes these bunch an easy one to deal with. 
It is worth deciding for yourself here, but I would like to give some ideas for characters to avoid. 
-Single mechanic animatronics, such as Jack-O-Chica(the only one mainly affected by heat) or Music man (the only one mainly affected by sound). It isn’t that these ones are too hard, quite the contrary. However, it is easier to make yourself a strategy with harder characters and then later add someone like Jack-O-Chica where you just have to add a focus on your heat. 
-All camera characters. There are 7 characters where you are required to use your camera (Foxy, Toy Freddy, Nightmare Bonnie, Nightmare Mangle, Baby, Funtime Foxy, and Rockstar Bonnie). I would generally recommend avoided activating these ones, as not having to worry about your camera will make this game a lot easier. 

Other info.

-If you are like me and don’t like using power-ups, you will eventually have to deal with DD. When DD appears, don’t panic. Panicking trying to find who was activated is one of the main ways people die (dying looking for the new one, not dying to the new one). Simply keep on following your strategy and when you are given free chance take a quick look around. Sometimes you won’t even have to worry about who she activated. 
DO NOT WATCH YOUR TIME! Unless you have Funtime Foxy activated, you will not have to worry about your time. If it is halfway through 5AM, and you see that, you will probably panic and play more irrationally. Trust me on this one, do not look at the time unless you absolutely need to. 
-Bury your mouse in the bottom left corner of your screen. When its down here, you won’t have to worry about nightmarionne, who is, in my opinion, one of the worst animatronics, as he can kill you when you’re wearing your mask and when El Chip appears on the screen. He has killed me countless times when I could barely see him, especially because it takes 9/10th’s of a second before he jumpscares you. Practicing keeping your mouse in the bottom left corner gives you a safe space from him, and makes dealing with him a lot easier. 
-If you are going for 50/20, do not do animatronics at lower than 20 difficulty. If it is too hard and you keep losing, turn off one or two, but don’t lower the difficulty of the activated animatronics. While it theoretically makes sense, as you practice the same strategy for 50/20 but with more lee-way, it is harder to create a strategy and mold it to what you need. It is better for practice to turn certain ones on, perfect that, then add a few more animatronics into the mix. 
I hope this guide helped in some way, and I will be updating it with more information the closer I get to beating 50/20 mode. 
Good luck, have fun, and try not to kill your spirit and sense of self-worth while playing! 😀 

Written by eel337

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