Vagrus – The Riven Realms – Short guide on Crew Combat

Vagrus – The Riven Realms – Short guide on Crew Combat 1 -
Vagrus – The Riven Realms – Short guide on Crew Combat 1 -

Guide for Vagrus – The Riven Realms – Short guide on Crew Combat

Short guide and general info with no spoilers that I discovered myself or were explained by Gabor (thank mostly him). (things might not be 100% correct, and for now it is targeted to players that already know the game to a certain extent, might change in the future) *Work in progress*

General Combat Formula

The general combat formula is something like this: Comitatus Combat Strenght – Enemy Defense vs Enemy Combat Strenght. These 2 values(which the win-lose chance red and green graph on top is based on), together with a dice roll, define the amount of damage the Comitatus and the Enemy will deal. The damage will be applied with a focus on the target of the attack both for the Comitatus (which you can choose) and the Enemy(crew, cargo etc). Before being applied, it gets modified by bonuses(if any, for example from Combat Commands like Flanking Assault), and it gets reduced if the target of the attack has been Warded. After this, you get the total damage that will be randomly divided between single units, and every single unit damage will be reduced by its own Defense value. 


You want to guess your enemies’ intention and protect what will likely be the target of their attack. Warding something will reduce the damage dealt to it. You can protect everything equally but with a lower bonus. 


If you don’t wanna fight, you can always try to Flee: your Combat Stats get severely reduced but you are guaranteed to have to endure a single round of fight, instead of 3. If the odds of a fight are not entirely in your favor, you might end still fighting after 3 rounds which brings you in the 4th one, the Aftermath: here, one between your Comitatus or your Enemy will likely(might actually be guaranteed) be wiped out, and if that’s you, well, it’s Game Over. 


You can increase how easily you can flee(even make it guaranteed to have no losses, which is what you will always want to do) with the Appease option. Certain enemies will crave a specific type of a*set when they attack: money, valuable cargo, food(including fresh human meat from slaves), and you can offer them things inside the Flee menu. If you can’t offer enough to make the Flee Chance 100% guaranteed, the enemy will still suffer reduced Combat Strenght, and you will lose less resources. Some enemies, for example territorial creatures(but not only) will be satisfied only when your comitatus is completely destroyed, so the Appease option will have almost no effect or no effect at all. 

Written by Ernald00

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