Valheim – Full game guide.

Valheim – Full game guide. 10 -
Valheim – Full game guide. 10 -

Guide for Valheim – Full game guide.

Hello Vikings, welcome to my Valheim guide for new vikings to guide you to Valhalla. You can watch the videos or read the guide.


Meadows – The Beginning

Valheim - Full game guide. - Meadows - The Beginning 
You’re dropped from the sky, reborn to fight in the honour and behalf of Odin. You’re brought to the tenth world to defeat Odin’s worst enemies, the five forsaken beings. 
The Crow drops you from the sky into the unknown world, you’re hungry, you’re nak*d, and you’ve twenty five health. What could be worse than this? It’s raining outside, your feet are wet. 

The beginner habitat, it’s the safest area in the game, you start near the ritual site. 
-Boars: Easy to kill with torch, they will try to run away, charge at you. Can be punched as well. They drop raw meat, leather scraps, boar trophy. 
-Deer: It will run away, you will need a bow to hunt them. Drops deer hide, trophy, & raw meat. 
-Gull: Shoot with bow, drops feather 
-Graylings: the “tree-people”, easy to defeat with torch. You can punch them. 
-Lizards: easy to defeat. 
-Skeletons: Avoid them if possible, they appear at night. 
Once you reach 0 life, you drop your gear, spawn back at ritual site, or bed if you’ve built and placed bed as spawn point. Loss 5% experience for skill. 10 minute cool down on skill loss, run back to your corpse to retrieve gear. 
Axes – determines damage with axes 
Blocking – determines damage absorbed when blocking 
Bows – determines damage with bows and draw speed 
Clubs – determines damage with clubs 
Jump – determines jump height 
Knives – determines damage with knives 
Pickaxes – determines damage with pickaxes 
Run – determines speed and stamina drain while sprinting 
Polearms – determines damage with polearms 
Sneak – determines stamina drain and visibility from mobs while sneaking 
Spears – determines damage with spears 
Swim – determines stamina drain while swimming 
Swords – determines damage with swords 
Unarmed – determines damage while unarmed 
Wood Cutting – determines axe damage when hitting trees 
Combat, Health, & Stamina 
Actions consume stamina, attacking consumes stamina, stamina is regenerated overtime. Increase stamina and HP by eating food, resting by fire. Combat is real time, with melee swims, blocks, and using bows and arrows for distance fighting. You can move, dodge, block, attack. Being wet decreases stamina regen, fire will dry you. Being cold damages your life, smoke inhalation will damage you (make a vent chimney in houses- see video), being hungry will decrease your HP and stamina. 25 HP minimum if you don’t eat or are cold. 
First Steps 
Talk to the crow for some tips, interact with the glowing red stone to mark the first boss location. Then start by punching some trees with your bare hands, the smaller trees, not the big ones. Collect some wood from the small trees, or by picking them up from the ground. Once you’ve collected few dozen, look around at the ground, collect some rocks, flint stones, and use your torch to fight off any boars/tree-people. 
Next Steps 
-Craft a hammer with wood, place workbench, craft axe with stone(or flint-stone), build a house, make a bow with wood, leather scraps. You craft them at the workbench, you can repair items at the workbench. Make arrows for the bow, if you don’t have leather scrap hunt boars with torch. Hunt some deer for leather hide, craft leather armour. Place a chopping block with hammer near the workbench to upgrade to lv2, (10 wood, 10 flint), tanning rack to lv3 (x10 wood, x15 flint, x20 leather scraps, x5 deer hide) 
In Valheim you need food to increase your life and stamina. Eat some mushrooms, raspberry, and cook meat from the campfire (place a cooking rack), then rest by campfire. This will increase your life to 70+. Always have food with you. Pick raspberry, and mushrooms from the ground, hunt boar/deer for meat. 

Build a house 
By now you’ve some rocks, wood, maybe meat. Your HP is low, maybe you died already. You will need to build a hammer with wood, with the hammer place a workbench, then by the work bench you can start building. Place some wood tiles on the ground, you can make a 2×2, put a door on front, use 45′ roof on rotation on each corner. Easy beginner house, you can press middle mouse to destroy buildings, place your workbench inside. 

The Boss: Eikthyr 
-Location: By beginning ritual site, red glowing stone 
-Summon: x2 deer trophy 
-Recommended gear: full leather armour, or troll armour. Bow and arrows, or axe with wood shield. 
-Food: cooked meat with raspberry, 70+ HP. 
-Strategy: The boss will shoot lightning bolts, simply dodge, or block with shield. It will raise it’s legs to make a huge thunder area attack. Run away, keep distance. There’s also a melee attack which you can block. 
-Drops: Boss trophy, Antlers for pickaxe. 
After defeating boss 
-Head to the ritual area, place the boss trophy in the first stone, press E to place, press E to activate power. Press F to use power, 5 minute stamina boost, 20 minute cooldown. 
-Craft pickaxe with antler + wood at lv1 workbench. 
-Make a raft (x20 wood, x6 leather scraps, x6 resin), craft by workbench using hammer. Drop in water. 
-Explore areas, head to the black forest by feet, or sail the oceans with your raft. 

Black Forest – Bronze Age

Valheim - Full game guide. - Black Forest - Bronze Age 
A land with big trees, hence the name: black forest. You can find copper and tin, which are combined into bronze at the forge. You’ll find some powerful enemies, caves, burial chambers. You most likely had to sail to get here. 
-Greydawrf: often in groups, weak to fire, melee or throws rock. 
-Greydwarf Brute: Bigger tree 
-Greydawf shaman: throws poison, heals other trees. 
-Troll:Big boi, big HP, lots of damage. Will smack with club, aoe attacks, dodge, avoid, hit with arrows. Drops hide for nice troll hide armour set. 
-Skeleton: spooky boi, shield and sword. 
Merchant, sells some useful stuff, need magingjord for 950 gold, increase inventory weight carry by 150. Hard to find, in any black forest biome. 
Burial Chambers 
-Close to a group of skeletons, you will find these underground caves. It’s pitch black, you can see the entrance from above. It will be full off skeletons, skeleton remains (that spawns skeletons), hit those. Deep inside you need to get x10 Surtling core, you can also find the boss location inside. 
Start mining 

-Antler pickaxe (x10 wood, x1 hard antler). Use pickaxe on tin and copper, tin is small rock by the ocean. Copper is big rocks close to ocean, but inland. 
-Craft smelter to smelt ore to bars (x20 stone, x5 sulting core), uses coal as fuel, and craft charcoal kiln (x20 stone, x5 Surtling core) 
-Craft Forge (x4 stone, x4 coal, x10 wood, x6 copper) 
-Upgrade forge:forge cooler (x25 fine wood, x10 copper), anvils (x5 wood, x2 bronze) 
-At forge: 2 copper + 1 tin= bronze. 
-You will first need to make axe, useful for chopping finer trees, also useful in combat. 
-Craft pickaxe: faster mining 
-Craft armour: bronze full set 
Next Steps 
-Upgrade your workbench, forge, make a finewood bow with (x10 finewood, x10 core wood, x2 deer hide), craft some fire arrows (x8 wood, x8 resin, x2 feathers). 
-Upgrade gear 
-Craft full bronze armour 
-Craft aa Karve (boat) with x30 fine wood, x10 deer hide, x20 resin, x80 bronze nails. 

The Boss: The Elder 
-Location rune: in burial chambers, or by stone near forts in black forest. 
-Summon: x3 ancient Seed (found by glowing tree near the greydwarf groups) 
-Recommended gear: Full bronze armour, finewoood bow, fire arrows, food 
-Strategy: for melee it will stomp, rage will shoot roots, spawn roots, dodge or move, use pillars as cover. Fire arrows until boss falls. If boss summons root, avoid them. 
-Drops: Trophy, Swamp Key 
-Bonus: faster wood cutting 
After Boss 
-Place trophy at ritual site beginning of game 
-Crafr Karve (boat) 
-Head and find the swamp. 

Swamp – Iron Age

Valheim - Full game guide. - Swamp - Iron Age 
Dark wet biome with trees and dangerous creatures. Home to the Sunken Crypts, where you find scrap iron, and the boss is a big slime. 
-Blob: inflicts poison, leaps, aoe gas 
-Oozer: same as blob, poison, splits into 2 after death 
-Draugr: Dangerous enemies, melee or with bow. 
-Draugr elite: Stronger, faster, better. 
-Leech: water worms, poison. 
-Skeleton: ranged or melee. 
-Surtling: fire imps that shoot fire balls. 
-Wraith: Flying enemy, melee only, shoot them with arrows. 
Poison Resistance 
-Build fermenter: x30 wood, x5 bronze, x10 resin 
-Build cauldron: x10 tin 
-Make meadbase: poison resistance at cauldron (x10 honey, x5 thistle, x1 neck tail, x10 coal) Honey is by abandoned houses or at swamps, honey farm. Thristle is a glowing plant at forest or swamp. Neck tail is the lizard found by water at meadows or black forest. 
-Put poison resistance mead into fermenter, wait 2 in day games, crafts x6 meads (potions) 
-Lasts 10 minutes. 75% damage reduction. 
Sunken Crypts 
-Dark dungeon with glowing torches outside, use swamp key from elder to open. 
-Go inside, you will face many poison blob/oozer, draugr. DESTROY body piles, they will keep spawning draugr/draugr elite. You will hear fly noise and see it on the ground, hit it or shoot with arrows. 
-Mine every pile with pickaxe, get scrap iron, find boss location 
-Check chests for scrap iron 
-Haul Iron Scrap back, make Iron Bars 
Next Steps 
-Craft Iron axe, iron pickaxe 
-Craft Huntsman Bow (x10 fine wood, x20 iron, x10 feathers, x2 deer hide) 
-Craft iron armour set 
-Max gear 

Boss: Bonema*s 
-Location: found in sunken crypts, or outside in swamp 
-Summon: x10 withered bones (found in sunken crypts) 
-Recommended gear: Full Iron gear, huntsman bow, fire arrows. Iron mace + shield. 
-Strategy: Close will strike player, will throw blobs and skeletons, will release poison ga*s. Stay out of poison gas area. It’s good idea to flatten the ground by using a hoe tool to even the ground around, build a bonfire nearby. Keep distance and use melee or bow. 
-Drops: Wishbone (keeps locate silver in mountain), trophy (physical damage resistance increase for 5 minutes). 
After Boss 
-Place trophy at ritual altar 
-Craft longship (x100 iron nails, x10 deer hide, x40 ancient bark. 
-Upgrade your workshop/forge 
-Head to mountain biome. 

Mountain – Silver Age

Valheim - Full game guide. - Mountain - Silver Age 
The mountain is a harsh, cold, and deadly area. You will need wishbone (bonema*s) item to find silver, which will glow green when you’re near. Silver is found in the mountains deep underground. You will need a wolf cape ( x6 wolf pelt, x4 silver, x1 wolf trophy) to survive the cold. The area will be full of dangerous and pesky enemies. Mountains are found in any continents or islands. 
-Wolves: Comes in packs, melee attack, very fast. Drops wolf pet/fang, Can be tamed 
-Drakes: Flying enemies that shoot ice breath, 
-Stone Golem: Slow enemy, will slam the area big area damage, or slam the enemy. Can shoot spikes. Can be parried or blocked. 
-Fenring (night): Wolfman that spawns in moonlight, swings, jumps, swing, slam. 
-Find and mine silver 
-Craft full silver armour. 
-Craft Draugr Fang (bow): x10 ancient bark, x20 silver, x10 guck, x2 deer hide) 
-Craft weapon of choice, Frostner + silver shield recommended 
-Max everything 
-Upgrade forge/workshop. 
-Craft obsidian arrows for the area boss, and frost arrows for final boss. 

Boss: Moder 
-Location: Inside or outside castle ruins in Mountain biome 
-Summon: x3 dragon egg 
-Recommended gear: Full Silver armour, draugr fang + arrows of your choice (or obsidian arrows), frost resistance potion, good food. 
-Strategy: Shoot arrows, or melee when it drops from the sky. It will shoot ice lances that drop and freeze the ground when flying, and will use ice breath when on the ground. Has a melee attack that can be blocked. Avoid the ice attacks by moving. 
-Drops: Dragon Tear (artisan table craft item), trophy (wind follows player) 
After Boss: 
-Make Artisan Table, 
-Build, finish upgrading crafting tables/workshop/forge. 
-Upgrade any gear 
-Stack up on frost arrows 
-Place trophy at altar 
-Head to plains biome. 

Plains – Dark Metal/2nd Iron Age (The End)

Valheim - Full game guide. - Plains - Dark Metal/2nd Iron Age (The End) 
This is Australia, land of golden sunshine, endless gra*s and trees. Everything is deadly. Will have flax, barley, and dark metal. 
-Fulings: Found in fuling villages, often in swarms. Melee or spear thrower. 
-Fuling Berseker:: Bigger, faster, stronger, better. Melee swinging with club. 
-Fuling Shaman: Gives shield to allies, makes ma*sive area shield. shoots magic missiles. 
-Lox: Big fluffy animal, melee attacks, found in herds. 
-Deathsquitos: Fast, flying bastards. Will die to any hit, easier to shoot with bow. Can block with shield and smash them. 
-Gull: Just a bird, shoot with bow for feathers, doesn’t attack. 
Dark Metal 
-Craft Blast Furnace: 20 stone, x5 sulting core, x10 iron, x20 fine wood 
-Drops from enemies in plains (fulings) 
-Used to craft black metal weapons or shield. 
Padded Armour 
-Craft Artisan Table: x2 dragon tear (moder), x10 wood 
-Craft Spinning Wheel: x20 fine wood, X10 iron nails, x5 leather scraps 
-Place Flax into spinning wheel to make linen thread. 
-Iron + linen thread to craft padded armour pieces. Linen cape is x20 linen thread + 1 silver. 

Boss: Yagluth 
The Final Boss of the game, can be found in plains biome. Very deadly, has a huge life pool, be ready, be aware. 
-Recommended gear: Max padded armour set, max cape, max draugr fang bow, x200-300 frost arrows, fire resistance barley (x10 barley, x10 cloudberries), medium stamina potion (x10 honey, cloudberry, yellow mushroom), medium healing potion (x10 honey, x4 bloodbag, x10 raspberries, x1 dandelion). Food: lox meat pie, fish wraps, blood pudding, or serpent stew. 
-Location: Found by smaller stone circle, or by stone ruins in the plains. 
-Summon: x5 furling totems, they’re found in furling villages. 
-Strategy: Use stamina, fire potion, and heal/stamina potion as needed. Keep distance from boss, shoot arrows. Boss will have couple of attacks: meteor strike (run), laser breath (run/move), area slam (move). 
-Drops: Yagluth thing (useless placeholder item), trophy (fire/frost/lightning resist). 
After Boss: 
Congratulations, you’ve accomplished your goal, now what? Maybe put the trophy at ritual stone at beginning of game. Nothing will happen. 


Valheim - Full game guide. - Ocean 
Water and salt everywhere. 
-Serpent: will attack and can sin your ship. Use Abyssal Harpoon and drag to land, smack it. 
-Fish: use fishing rod, use it for meat/sushi. 
-Leviathan: Island with barnacles on top. Pickaxe the barnacle to get Chitin (used for abyssal harpoon/razor) 

Mistlands – Empty Area

Valheim - Full game guide. - Mistlands - Empty Area 
Empty Biome with no mobs, looks like the black forest/swamp with spider webs everywhere. 

Ashlands – Empty Area

Valheim - Full game guide. - Ashlands - Empty Area 
Empty biome in the south of the map. 

Deep North – Empty Area

Valheim - Full game guide. - Deep North - Empty Area 
Northern area of the map. It’s unfinished area, there’s no resources. I found a mountain biome within the deep north. 

Written by bestfomert

I hope you enjoy what we shared today about Valheim – Full game guide.. If there is anything, you want us to add, please let us know via comment below! See you soon! And thanks!

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