Vecter – Getting a high altitude

Vecter – Getting a high altitude 1 -
Vecter – Getting a high altitude 1 -

Vecter – Getting a high altitude

You’ll learn a millenary Maya gods trick with this guide to get more altitude than the spring gives (about double). So you can relax for double the time.



This intro is a millenary trick that will probably save your life like when you have no extra lives, and there’s a sea of balls coming at you, and you’re falturn back. In this guide, you’ll learn it if you haven’t seen the title.



It’s pretty simple

All you need is:

– Dash knowledge

– A skyway (the more inclined, the better)

– Good fps


Ok, let’s do it

In steps for accessibility:

1. Get on the skyway

2. Wait till you reach almost the end of it (or do it in the middle if you’re in danger. Any place is good)

3. Use your dash skills to dash to the side headed towards the sky


It works by steering to the side, too, but the dash is more effective!


“wtf happened here; this must be a glitch.”

Yeah, I’m not the dev, so who knows ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Maybe it’s the rotational transition. It takes about 0.5 seconds to transition to the regular rotation after you get out of the skyway, perhaps.



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