Vecter – User’s Manual

Vecter – User’s Manual 17 -
Vecter – User’s Manual 17 -

Vecter – User’s Manual

Have you fallen into a gap in the floor, making you rage so hard that your keyboard has more pieces than it has keys? Haha, noob. The gap was MY idea. But okay, I’ll show you mercy. In this guide, you’ll learn all current mechanics Vecter has (unless I get comatose, then… well, yeah.) – fasten your seatbelts first, though!


Wtf, this level sucks. I want a refund.

Yeah, sometimes the level gets generated all messed up, but don’t worry! It’s developing a new endless level every midnight UTC (Ultimate Time Changer). It’s made of *MATHS* and *MAGIC* and is generated from a different seed every day. Should the level change, the leaderboard gets reset. By the way, there’s a solid no-refund policy, so shut up.


Help, I am being bullied by ghosts!

In Vecter, your driver is severely dehydrated and affected by fata morgana. You start seeing “ghosts” – replays of other players’ high scores. You can’t collide with them, and they’re not in real-time… yet.


This guide is stupid. It hasn’t told me anything valuable.

Yeah? How about that – this paragraph will have all about the HUD and settings! If you go to the Settings, you’ll see a bunch of stuff.

  • “Name” – press “enter” to change it. It’ll show up on the leaderboard, and if you try to be as creative as making your nickname genitalia, you might expect disappearing from it.
  • “Rebind controls” rebind controls.
  • “Music Visualizer” is the distracting yellow bars jumping along with the music.
  • “Tutorial” allows you to see the obstacles/power-ups for the first 50 km of each run. Useful when you’re such a noob, you have to read this guide.
  • “UI” allows you to turn the HUD off for people who want to have the game in the background.
  • “Shadow” options are about spooky ghosts mentioned before.
  • “Death Billboards” are billboards that used to make you die if you collided with them. Now they function only as death announcements.
  • “Road Animations” are the distracting things at the start of each run.



Vecter – User’s Manual 1 -
Vecter – User’s Manual 1 –


This is the Mode Selection screen. I don’t need to get into much detail about the game modes. They’re described well enough in-game. I don’t recommend going into Hardcore without any practice, but you’ll die no matter which method you selected—Git gud skrub.


Oh, my dear Manual, please share your knowledge with me!

Niiiice! That’s how proper begging looks like!

Let’s begin with the controls. Whatever you bound is your controls. By default, it’s the arrow keys. Accelerating makes you get faster, receive more points but also makes turning significantly slower. Slowing down reverses that effect. Going sideways is… Well, easy enough to understand. But there’s a catch. Depending on the option selected in the settings, either double-tapping a direction or quickly tapping “slow down” when going sideways makes you zip-zoom sideways in that direction. It’s super useful when you need to turn soon but doesn’t work when accelerating.

Note: The zip-zoom thing starts when you press the corresponding sequence. When you let go of the “move to the side” key, it’ll stop, so hold it for better turns.


Oh, my great Manual, I see colors!

Yes, my dear User, these are indeed colors. Or should I say, colors? They are either obstacles or power-ups. Or both.

This is a Jump Platform:

Vecter – User’s Manual 2 -
Vecter – User’s Manual 2 –


Upon entering it, you get sent upwards for some time. This will give you a minor score boost and allows you to avoid some obstacles. It’s sometimes risky, though, and can make you miss other power-ups.

Some Jump Platforms lead to a Skyway, which rotates your ship and allows you to surf on it, occasionally giving you an Extra Life. This is an example of a Skyway going through a L O N G B O Y E (explained later):

Vecter – User’s Manual 3 -
Vecter – User’s Manual 3 –


This is a Bonus Points Gate:

Vecter – User’s Manual 4 -
Vecter – User’s Manual 4 –


It’s a high-risk, high-reward optional score boost. Getting between the two pillars gives you many points, but you can collide with the pillars, dying a shameful death.

This is an Extra Life:

Vecter – User’s Manual 5 -
Vecter – User’s Manual 5 –


Yeah, it does what it’s supposed to do. It gives you an extra life, meaning you survive the next collision. You can stack up to three. Any more will just provide you with bonus points.


Thank you, o Manual. Could you enlighten me on the obstacles too?

That is my purpose, young padawan. Let’s start from the beginning.

Probably the first obstacles you’ll find will be Pillars and Windmills.

Vecter – User’s Manual 6 -
Vecter – User’s Manual 6 –


Windmills are just clusters of Pillars which can rotate at different speeds, as well as being stationary.

Vecter – User’s Manual 7 -
Vecter – User’s Manual 7 –


They’re much more comfortable to avoid on the sides rather than the center. There’s a secret cheese technique to avoiding them, too – you should find it on your own, though.

At some point, you’ll meet a Wall, or like I to call it – The L O N G B O Y E.

Vecter – User’s Manual 8 -
Vecter – User’s Manual 8 –


It has a single exit you have to squeeze through. The sideways zip-zoom is useful here.

When there’s L O N G B O Y E, there also must be a s m o l b o y e.

Vecter – User’s Manual 9 -
Vecter – User’s Manual 9 –


It’s like The Great Wall Of China, except it’s not that great, it’s not in China, and it disappears in front of the ship. The key to overcoming it lay in not moving sideways too much. Do not zip-zoom. I REPEAT: DO NOT ZIP-ZOOM!!

Now and then, blue spheres will start raining from the sky.

Vecter – User’s Manual 10 -
Vecter – User’s Manual 10 –


They scatter at random, and avoiding them requires precision. Watch out because they aren’t stationary.

Further in the track lay another enemy – the Hole.

Vecter – User’s Manual 11 -
Vecter – User’s Manual 11 –


It is a hole. You can see it on the floor before you suddenly decide to visit space. There are two types of holes – a small one and a big one. Small holes are survivable by accelerating through them, whereas several jump pads accompany the big holes.


Any other info, on Manual?

I lost The Game.


Pew Pew, boom boom and whoosh brrrrrrrrr

As of update, Vecter now has two new mechanics and an upgradable ship.

Shooting: By default bound to the Spacebar / Right bumper (xbox) / R2 (PS controller)

Shooting works by… well shooting. The caveat with it is that it drains your high score to shoot, so if you’re eyeing getting high on the leaderboard, you have to choose when to shoot and when to dodge.

But it’s fun, so whatever.

Afterburner / Boost: You smack the Left Ctrl / Push down the left stick on your controller, and away you go at stupid speed… provided you have one extra life to burn. Yes, it burns a different experience to boost. I recommend not doing that in Hardcore mode.

Ship Levels: The ship now has five levels. You start at level 1 with no guns, no booster, and a snail of a boat, and it progressively gets better and better and BETTER AND BETTER! See the chart below that you get with every upgrade.

Vecter – User’s Manual 12 -
Vecter – User’s Manual 12 –


Everything about music

Vecter is just a cleverly disguised advanced music player.

The music that’s playing in the background is visualized by yellows bars in front of the sun. It may not look like it, but they change depending on the music. Another thing that does that is the background terrain. I’m not sure how, but it’s tied to the music.

By default, there are just several music tracks. You can add more by going in-game to options -> Open Music Folder and throwing MP3 files into this folder.

Vecter – User’s Manual 13 -
Vecter – User’s Manual 13 –


In-game, you can navigate through the song list by default with (previous) and. (next), though you can rebind it.


How do I play YouTube videos?

It’s simple, in essence:

Start a run of any kind,

Alt + Tab

Go to, go to the video you want, copy the link in the address bar.

Alt + Tab back to the game


If you’re having trouble, I’ve made a YouTube video showing how to do this:


All the colors of the rainbow

As of update, Vecter now has completely customizable colors and the ability to export/import full-color schemes. The feature is useful for having new and creative A E S T H E T I C S and helping those color vision deficiencies.

To edit the game’s colors, pause during a run and select the “Change Colours” option in the menu.

Vecter – User’s Manual 14 -
Vecter – User’s Manual 14 –


You can then drag the sliders around to change the game’s color to whatever it is you desire using your menu up/down/left/right buttons.

Vecter – User’s Manual 15 -
Vecter – User’s Manual 15 –


You can press the Export button to generate a code based on your color configuration and share that code with anyone by pressing Ctrl + V or right-click -> Paste into any chat message, forum, etc.

To import a code, double click it in a chat message or forum, etc. Once the code is selected, right-click -> Copy. Then go back into the game and click the Import button.

Vecter – User’s Manual 16 -
Vecter – User’s Manual 16 –


Here are a few codes to get you started:








I’m having problems with the game 🙁

If you have issues that you can’t resolve, don’t threat! There are a few things you can try. Here are a few steps.

1. Minimum system requirements. Does your computer meet the minimum system requirements? For a refresher, these are:

CPU: Intel i5-2400

GPU: Anything that’s relatively modern and not integrated graphics

OS: Windows 10

Memory: 2GB

2. If yes, send me the logs. I’m happy to try and help you resolve your issue if it’s in my power. All you have to do is:

Paste the following in Windows Explorer on your PC: %userprofile%/AppData/LocalLow/Taranasus/vecter

Take the file called Player.log (and Player-prev.log if it exists), and send them in an email to [email protected]. I usually answer within two days.

We’ll get to the bottom of it!



Hey there, thanks for checking our blog. I hope the information you found about Vecter – User’s Manual helped you. If you believe we forget something to add or want us to add extra on the post, please let us know via comment below. Thanks, and see you soon!


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