Verdant Skies – How To Get The Quantity over Quality Achievement

Verdant Skies – How To Get The Quantity over Quality Achievement 1 -
Verdant Skies – How To Get The Quantity over Quality Achievement 1 -
How to get the Quantity over Quality achievement step by step guide, so you don’t have to go through the mental pain that I did. Huzzah! ⊙ ⌣ ⊙


The Achievement & 3 Yield Traits

In order to get this achievement, you need to have 1 seed which has all three yield traits. 
This includes: 
Yield 1 
Yield 2 
Yield 2 
This is not just Yield 3 by itself. You must have all three. 

The Complex Stuff That Made My Brain Turn Mush For 2 Hours aka How To Make It

The immense torture that my brain has went through to figure this out was not a very nice experience. Luckily for you, (and your brain), I figured out a list of “Must-Haves”, “Doesn’t Matter”, and “Do NOT Touch These Or Your Science Experiment is Ruined”. 
If you want to know how this all works, continue reading. 
If you just wanna go to straight to the answer and you do not care how this works, (I don’t blame you), go to the list.
When splicing a seed, the genetic code which is a combination of red and blue and emptiness is made up by the traits it has. So, certain traits will have different genetic code that WILL NOT ALLOW Yield 1 through 3 to be added on later. 
For example; 
Yield 3’s code is: 
B||| ||RB ||RB |||| 
If another trait has: 
R||| ||BR ||BR |||| 
They will not mix. 
For the “Doesn’t Matter”, as stated, it does not matter if you have these traits on your seed or not. It will not effect the final outcome. 
Furthermore, for some reason it will not work if you do not have this one specific trait to work with all three yield traits. It is basically patterns and crap. My brain is too mush to figure out why it has to be there but it just does. 
The List 
– Yield 1 (Duh) 
– Yield 2 (Duh) 
– Yield 3 (Also Duh) 
– Double Growth Time (Less Duh) 
Doesn’t Matter 
– Bigger Product 
– Extra Fresh 
– Super Tasty 
– Very Juicy 
– Needs Water 
– Needs Fertilizer 
– Loves Fertilizer 
– Growth Rate 1 
– Growth Rate 2 
– Regrowth 
– Grows Anywhere 

Helpful Tips/Final Thoughts

If you combine all 4 traits together, you should get the Quantity of Quality achievement! 
Disclaimer: I have not tested which traits are not compatible with “Double Growth Time”, so the less traits your seeds have, the better. Although, the likelihood of Double Growth Time having many contradictory traits is very small. It most likely has 1 or not any at all. 
Some tips to make your life easier! 
Tip #1 
To get to this goal, less traits is better! It makes it less likely to give you random traits you do not like. 
Tip #2 
If you can craft it, use the Advanced Genetic Modifier! You can two seeds of different types together! This will make it way easier and way less time consuming to get all the traits you need on only 1 single seed. 
Final Thoughts 
I hope this helped you. I was looking all over for a guide like this but there was not any. I found bits and pieces of this important info all over the internet and I’d thought I put them all in one big guide so no one else would have to go on that scavenger hunt. 
I wrote this right after I got the achievement so my brain is still mush. Sorry that it is messy. I will maybe clean it up if this gets more attention. For now, I’ma lie down… my head hurts bro. 

Written by Timmering

I hope you enjoy what we shared today about Verdant Skies – How To Get The Quantity over Quality Achievement. If there is anything, you want us to add, please let us know via comment below! See you soon! And thanks!

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