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Guide for Volume – Text collectibles

Need help keeping track of those elusive text collectibles?


The problem with the text collectibles in Volume is that there’s no easy way of tracking which ones nor how many you have picked up so if you miss one, you may not notice it at all. The game only counts those collectibles covertly with no in-game nor outside trackers visible to the player. 
This guide aims to rectify that problem by providing an easy to follow list of how many text collectibles are in each of the game’s core levels, keeping a running tally and indicating when exactly each of the 4 achievements tied to those text collectibles should unlock; or in other words, how many collectibles in total you need to pick up for the a*sociated achievement to pop. 
The aforementioned achievements unlock after collecting a predetermined number of text collectibles, in 25% increments all the way up to 100%. 
To help you stay on top of the hunt, follow the lists provided below, divided into 4 sections, each corresponding to the a*sociated achievement. 
Alternatively, you’re more than welcome to take advantage of the Excel spreadsheet with the interactive checklist that I compiled for your achievement-hunting pleasure 🙂 
drive.google.com – https://drive.google.com/file/d/1fBlIDxIDKhEFAx7SPQKa0HKFzQVPolI0/view?usp=sharing 
I a*sure you we’re open… <clears his throat>, I mean, that there’s no nasty stuff embedded in the file but feel free to scan it with your antivirus software before opening it anyway, just to be safe. 

How to find and pick up the collectibles?

Volume - Text collectibles - How to find and pick up the collectibles? 
I could’ve posted screenshots here with the exact locations of each and every text collectible but come on, what would be the fun in that? 😉 
But fear not, dear lore seeker: the text collectibles may be hard to keep track of but are rather easy to find thanks to the very clear visual identification of the game and conveniently marked throughout the levels with the icon that you see on the left. 
For the purposes of further demonstration, here’s a handy screenshot for you from the very first level of the game: 
Volume - Text collectibles 
How about that? The game actually teaches you about the text collectibles by placing it practically in your way right at its very beginning. Convenient, eh? 
When you find one of those hardly elusive text collectibles you need to keep your eyes on the prize, approach it slowly but steadily so as not to startle the prey and then interact with it by pressing the Spacebar on your keyboard, all in order for it to count towards the achievements. Also, just to be safe, as soon as you stop interacting with it, make sure to save your progress at the earliest opportunity by either hitting the nearest checkpoint, if there is one on the level you’re playing, or completing the stage after picking the collectible up without dying or resetting the level. 
Happy hunting! 

Light Reading

#Level NameTextsTally
1First Steps11
2Diamonds in the Rough12
4Waste Management28
5Moving Targets19
6In Circulation110
7No Place Like Home111
8Old Money213
9A Creak in the Night114
10The Pointed Echo216
11Squash Racket117
12A Hidden Sin118
13The Cost of Life119
14Distractions of the Heart221
15The Bloodstained Angel223
16Heartless Sentry225
18Alarming Staff129
19Incendiary Markets231
21Her Empty Throne234
22The Fangless Hound236
23Crossed Borders339


Volume - Text collectibles 
Light Reading 
Read 25% of text in the core levels 
The achievement should unlock upon picking up the 2nd text collectible (38th in total) on the 23rd core level, Crossed Borders.


Illuminated Manuscripts

#Level NameTextsTally
24Electric Gates140
25The Battering Ram141
27The Risen Cyclops144
28Master Key347
29Daring Escape249
30A World’s Riches251
31The Gilded Servant253
33Ever Watchful Eye257
34The Highest Hill259
35A Poisoned Inheritance160
36Indirect Paths161
37The King’s Mistress162
38Protected Transfer163
39Ghosts of the Past265
40An Alchemist’s Gold166
41Pride’s Fall167
42Drawn Line269
43A Friend in Need473
44The Celebrated Crime174
45From All Directions175
46Spectacle in Fluorescent176
47High Volume177


Volume - Text collectibles 
Illuminated Manuscripts 
Read 50% of text in the core levels 
The achievement should unlock upon picking up the one text collectible (77th in total) on the 47th core level, High Volume.


Compiled Texts

#Level NameTextsTally
48The Folly of Youth178
49Beans of Wrath280
50The Collection181
51Shadow Puppet283
52The Coming Storm184
53The Dragon’s Lair286
54Region Locked Content288
56Find a Way392
57Watchful Eye193
58Crime Drama194
59A Place Below195
60Jewel of the Empire196
61The Broken Word197
62The Private Collection3100
63Another Face2102
64The Science of Crime1103
65Those that Justice Failed1104
66Arms Chase1105
67Of Thieves and Giants1106
68Sustained Growth2108
69A Well Placed Dagger1109
70The Heavy Hand1110
71Violent Vacation1111
72A Misplaced Visitor3114
73The Judge’s Keep1115
74Taking Stock1116


Volume - Text collectibles 
Compiled Texts 
Read 75% of text in the core levels 
The achievement should unlock upon picking up the one text collectible (116th in total) on the 74th core level, Taking Stock.


Lore of the Things

#Level NameTextsTally
75Everybody Pays1117
76A Fox Hole1118
77The French Disconnect1119
78The Transported Man5124
79A Studied Craft1125
80Addressing The Nation2127
81Given Wings1128
82His Grandfather’s Hope2130
83A History of Defence1131
84Heavy Reading1132
85The Frozen Silence2134
86A Distant Cousin1135
87The Special Relationship2137
88A Dark History1138
89By Lamp Light2140
90Keeping Watch in the Night1141
91An Archery Contest2143
92A Ghost Enters1144
93The Ace up His Sleeve1145
94Stainless Steel Allies2147
95A Helping Hand2149
96Ladies in Waiting2151
97A Scarlet Chamber1152
98The Heart1153
99Amongst the Rats2155
100The Ground Floor1156


Volume - Text collectibles 
Lore of the Things 
Read 100% of text in the core levels 
The achievement should unlock upon picking up the one text collectible (155th in total) on the 99th core level, Amongst the Rats.



No need to thank me. Just kidding: express your eternal gratitude away in the comments, rate, share and favourite this guide… and send all your monies my way 😛 
If you find any shortcomings with the guide or the spreadsheet, leave a comment and I’ll be gracious enough to admit that I’m not infallible and do my penance by correcting the error of my ways as soon as possible before anyone else notices I’m not an omniscient being I’d like to think I am 😉 
Roll credits! 

Written by CamAddLess

This is all that we can say about Volume – Text collectibles for now. I hope this post helped you. If there is anything that we should add, please let us know via comment below. See you soon!

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