Wastenauts – How to defeat a Behemoth

Wastenauts – How to defeat a Behemoth 1 - wpgameplay.com
Wastenauts – How to defeat a Behemoth 1 - wpgameplay.com

Guide for Wastenauts – How to defeat a Behemoth

How to defeat the first Boss “The Behemoth”!

Full Guide for version 0.24.652

On Day 5/5, The Behemoth will show up despite if you have anymore cards left. During a Combat Mode or Boss Mode you can’t craft any gear, therefore you will have to craft before the boss at Camp in Camp Mode. 
Throughout the wastes there are Mechanical and Biological Monsters, upon defeating a Mechanical Monster once you are back at camp, you can breakdown the monster into parts. These Parts could be either a “Busted Bit”, a “Rusted Bit”, or scrap. Scrap you could find anyways by exploring the wastes in Exploration Mode. 
To Defeat the Behemoth do the following: 

  • Before Day 5/5 gather as least 100 Scrap and craft a PMSPCB in the crafting Menu. If you don’t, it would be very difficult since the PMSPCB is the only thing that will permanently disable the Healing Function the Behemoth has.

sThe following are optional and can help you defeat the behemoth quicker and easier. 

  • Gather “Busted Bits” and add them to one of your characters to increase the Dice count. 
  • Gather “Rusted Bits” and add them to one of your characters to increase the aftermath damage count that will be applied after the dice are rolled. 
  • If you have the “Brace for Impact” Card equipped by the Lucky Jack character, don’t use the attack Card, use “Brace for Impact”. This will ensure if attacked to do 5 Damage to the monster, any boss, or in this case the “Behemoth”. 
  • If you have the “Scope” Card in your inventory, craft it with 100 Scrap and 1 Component to ensure every time you a dice roll a 2, it will become a 3 instead and will add that to the final roll amount.

If you are playing in Story Mode you will be guaranteed 100 Crowns per win and a certain amount of XP to level up your characters when you defeat the Behemoth. Keep in mind that the Behemoth will have 30 HP in Story Mode, and will have 30 HP for Adventure Mode: Level 1, where each level above Level 1 will add 10 HP to the boss. (Ex: Adventure Mode: Level 2, the resulting HP will be 40). 

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