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We Need To Go Deeper – How to go Deeper 6 - wpgameplay.com

Guide for We Need To Go Deeper – How to go Deeper

Guide on achieving success in We Need to go Deeper.


Before you Play and Basics

This guide a*sumes that the reader has experienced We Need To Go Deeper at a n00b level at least. The weneedtogodeeper.gamepedia.com – https://weneedtogodeeper.gamepedia.com/We_Need_To_Go_Deeper_Wiki should be used for reference when looking into the specifics of an aspect of the game. Keep in-mind that content mentioned in this guide may be locked behind codes, rank, or luck.
Tools and weapons may be chosen when beginning a game or when found within a dungeon. Only one tool may be carried unless the user has acquired a backpack which may be found in dungeon types, especially early Undersea Lairs. The specifics of who should claim a backpack will be discussed later when explaining a party’s composition and balancing.

Tool and Weapon Statistics

Tools and weapons can be selected when starting a game and may be purchased from the Catalogue at the appropriate level. Weapons will be split into three levels; A, B, and C. A-Level weapons are the best to use and should be chosen when starting a game. B-Level weapons are good but may be situational or out-cla*sed by others depending on upgrades, enemies, etc. C-Level weapons are the worst choices and should not be used. Note: The tool statistic graphs are not shown in any particular order, and should not be used to determine the relative usefulness of one tool over another.


Eldritch Staff600
Monkey Wrench77
Water Pump00
Banana Peel00
Tesla Crank15-450


Tesla Gun20-400
Butcher’s Knife150
Rivet Gun530
Chemistry Kit0-400
Med Kit10
Pipe Wrench157


Wedding Ring100
Translation Book00


Tools and Weapons


The Six-Shooter is the best weapon in the game and should be the go-to for any expedition as it has the highest DPS of any weapon and the low risk of being ranged with a changeable line of firing as up to six attacks may be made. The fast firing makes it useful against ma*ses of enemies, especially Civilisations.

The Eldritch Staff has the second-highest base damage of any weapon and fires a projectile that travels in a straight line until making contact. While it may seem better than the Six-Shooter at first glance, it has a lower DPS and has a 5% chance of spawning an enemy when used. The Eldritch Staff is also less available and can only be found via a relic, the Time Traveller, or as a weapon in a dungeon. (Though the last location may be unintentional)

The Monkey Wrench is a superior version of the standard Wrench as it increases the movement speed of the user while being held. Though it repairs less, the Monkey Wrench will allow the user to move towards holes and dents faster, making it more useful when in a pickle.

The Wrench is the standard repair tool for fixing the ship. Its stats are well-rounded and allow the Wrench to be used at any point during the game with no repercussion.

The Pliers are an alternative to the Wrench that, while sharing the low stats of the Monkey Wrench, allows the user to heal their teammates. The Pliers heal one point of health per hit with a 10% chance to deal two damage, the same as the Syringe.

The Water Pump allows the user to remove water from a room that has become flooded. Though only useful in the most dire of situations, it makes survival in an enemy-infested ship far easier as a bedroom can easily be used as a fortified location from which to attack the invaders.

The Banana Peel is the most useful item in the game, despite it being seemingly useless. The Banana Peel has the unique ability of being droppable, allowing the user to make space to pick up, store, and transfer tools. This ability means that one can keep tools in the ship for situational use or to give to new players.

The Tesla Crank is not recommended as a starting tool, but if one player is going to use it they will need to dedicate themselves to using it during the submarine ride to keep the engines at maximum capacity. The Tesla Crank is unviable as a weapon as it takes too long to use, making it only useful as a secondary similar to the Phonograph.


The Flintlock has a high base damage and fast projectile much like the Six-Shooter, but is much slower to fire and has less potential damage. Despite this, the Flintlock is still a reliable weapon and can be used effectively against weaker targets that may die in one shot.

The Tesla Gun is second in DPS to the Six-Shooter with its ability to charge a shot to deal more damage. Charging a shot before entering combat makes fights faster, and increases total damage output to match the Flintlock.

The Pickaxe, while not too useful in combat finds itself put better to use after combat as the user acquires money for breaking corpses with the Pickaxe equipped. In a team of three or more players, one being equipped with the Pickaxe is very much recommended in order to increase income. An entire team of pickaxe users can easily net several thousand gold in just the first two levels.

The Butcher’s Knife is a melee weapon that is statistically identical to the Pickaxe except that attacking corpses with it provides meat that heals for one point of health. While it may seem useful, a gun and Medkit outcla*s the Butcher’s Knife. Additionally, the Butcher’s Knife breaks bodies, making the Pickaxe pair poorly with it. The Butcher’s Knife makes up for this however, in fighting bosses like the Amba*sador when the medic is lightly to go down.

The Rivet Gun is unique as it is both a ranged weapon and tool. Though it deals the second-lowest amount of damage of any weapon (Two points above the Rusty Wrench), it has the highest base repair of any tool, and its range allows the user to quickly fix a hole in the ship. The Rivet Gun may seem to be an A-Level item, but it is easily out-matched by the Wrenches in repair after getting Repair Up effects (The Rivet Gun requires six Repair Ups to fix holes in one shot), and lacks the ability to fix multiple holes at once.

The Chemistry Set is one of three ways to cure an affliction. The Chemistry Set also has the effects of +3 health (also heals enemies), -4 health (also damages enemies), increasing speed for three seconds, and decreasing speed for fifteen seconds. The user is unable to select which potion will be thrown, making it only useful when alone or at full health.

The Medkit is the only other portable way to cure an affliction with a 10% chance per hit, making it desired to keep on-hand as it will not harm the recipient. Each hit of the Medkit on a bot or player will restore one health with no negative effects.

The Rose has the effect of removing the health loss when dying. While this ability may seem useful, it is far less useful than one may think as a player should not be dying and could use the slot for an active tool such as the Water Pump, Medkit, or a Wrench. The Rose is best used along-side Dynamite or the Monkey Wrench as the user would be able to blow themself up in a cave with little consequence or rush past enemies to search for money, backpacks, items, or upgrades. The Rose is not recommended to be chosen as a starting tool.

While the Monkey Wrench and Standard Wrench have faster repairing, the Pipe Wrench deals more damage on hits. As expected, this is less useful than the alternatives as most expeditions will have a player armed with a proper weapon, but if there is no one with a weapon, the Pipe Wrench can take its place. The Pipe Wrench only repairs seven points, the same as the Monkey Wrench, and has no pa*sive effect to aid it.


Dynamite is not recommended to be used, especially in a game with any bots as it deals damage to friendlies, ship doors included. The Dynamite has the highest base damage of any tool in the game and has an area-of-effect that makes attacking ma*ses of enemies or named enemies much easier. The Chemistry Kit also has an AOE, but is much less effective in this regard.

The Sword, like all melee weapons, is a poor choice when compared to its ranged alternatives as it puts the user at risk while fighting. Compared to the Butcher’s Knife or Pickaxe, it has no function but deals more damage.

The Syringe is a common alternative to the Medkit that is unable to cure afflictions, but like the Pliers, has a chance to deal damage instead of healing. The Syringe is useful if its alternatives are not available. The Butcher’s Knife may be a superior alternative as it provides health without the chance of damage.

The Wedding Ring is very unique as it combined the players’ health pools. The Wedding Ring allows for many unique tactics, but should not be used without a healing tool as it may kill all of the players, dropping the shared health significantly.

The Phonograph deals no damage, and does not repair or heal. When the Phonograph is held, it increases the chance of positive Time Traveller events such as fixing all holes in the ship, giving items, etc. The Phonograph is only recommended for use by the Captain/Pilot of the vessel. From experience, the Time Traveller events, even with the Phonograph, have become far less common recently, making this tool less useful.

The Translation Book is rarely useful as it decreases the cost of items from the Civilisations by 50% as well as translating their speech. Since fighting or robbing Civilisations is always a better option, the translation book should not be used.

Trash tools are, as the name implies, trash. They all do less damage than their counterparts which can be chosen at the start of the expedition. The stats are abysmal, dealing at most 7 damage, and barely any repair. Only the Banana Peel should be used.

Ship Statistics




We Need To Go Deeper - How to go Deeper
The Crevette is the basic vessel that offers nothing special. Due to the location of its doors and ladders, enemies that board the ship (most often from Civilisations) may pose a greater threat from blocking access to the only bed on-board. The high number of doors allows segregation of the hatch as a room with low water levels in the case of being overrun by enemies.

We Need To Go Deeper - How to go Deeper
The Requin is the tankiest vessel in the game with the highest base hull and gun count though it lacks a shield system. The high hatch and Navigations Chambre provide cover from enemies and good firing spots against invaders. Since the vessel is so long, it is recommended to use the Monkey Wrench rather than the default wrench on the Requin.

We Need To Go Deeper - How to go Deeper
The Perle has the longest single ladder of the current five vessels in the game, and has all of its rooms stacked on top of each other. The small size of the vessel makes holes concentrated and easily repaired. The Perle is also equipped with an upgraded EMP and Shield system to countre the low hull strength.

We Need To Go Deeper - How to go Deeper
The Espadon should be the go-to ship for runs that are not intended to loop. Due to the short pa*sage to the Navigations Chambre, tall enemies may get stuck even if the door is broken. The Espadon is also equipped with a drill on its nose that will damage enemies and obstacles in the vessel’s path. As there is no shield on the Espadon, fuel usage may be much higher than normal to avoid damage. The Espadon must be purchased in the catalogue.

We Need To Go Deeper - How to go Deeper
The Poubelle is potentially the best vessel in the game and is recommended for extended runs as it has the ability to double each ship upgrade. When operating the Poubelle, Undersea Lairs should be given priority over Caves at lower depths to maximise upgrades. The two long ladders are excellent locations to fire upon invading enemies, and the long Navigations Chambre can be used to kite enemies back and forth.

Party Composition and Bots

When playing with fewer than four players, a bot should be used in their place. Since bots do not provide any negative effects, there is no reason not to use one. A repair or medical bot should always be used instead of a sword bot as a player with a gun will be more useful. A repair bot will take a player that leaves’ place.

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