Witchhazel Woods – Full Achievement Guide

Witchhazel Woods – Full Achievement Guide 1 - gameplaylists.com
Witchhazel Woods – Full Achievement Guide 1 - gameplaylists.com

This is a short guide that will explain how to obtain all achievements for Witchhazel Woods. Spoiler Tags are used.


Dear friends, and enemies! This brief spoiler-filled guide will show you how to get the achievements in Witchhazel Woods. I'll use the spoiler tag in order to keep things brief and simple. I hope this helps you if you are stuck!

Achievement: Make a Offering

Offer Him all you have.

Achievement: Go to the Graveyard

After the game is ended, select Keep-Playing and walk to (by Albert).

Achievement: Make an Wish!

Near the dandelions, press X for crouching and A for blowing. It might take a few tries before you get it right.

Achievement: Let's Rest

After the game is completed, select Keep-Playing and then head to the cemetery. Through several dialogues, Dylan will decide what to do to beautify Albert's tomb. Head over to an area with wildflowers. To collect flowers, press A for a short time near the background. You'll need a lot of movement to collect them all. Then, eventually, you'll be able to create a bouquet. Lay the flowers at Albert's tomb.

Achievement: Pet the Dog

After the game ends, select Keep-Playing. Then, press A while you're not in contact with anything else. Dylan will adopt Georgia.

A Happy Reunion is the Key to Success

You only need to complete the game. 😉

Achievement: Helping the Heron

The STAKE can be used by the Heron as a spear. TAPESTRY can be used as an net. He will give you a MOONROCK.

Achievement: Help the Spider

Give the Spider a STAKE to create a prosthetic hand. She will give you a TAPESTRY.

Achievement: Helping the Owl

Give the Owl his TOME. He will give you a MOONROCK.

Achievement: Help The Giant

Give the Giant TAPESTRY. He will reward with a MOONROCK.

Achievement: Help Mantis

Give the Mantis the TAPESTRY. He will reward with a TOME.


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