Wizardry 8 – Quick Party Creation Opinion For Beginner

Wizardry 8 – Quick Party Creation Opinion For Beginner 1 - wpgameplay.com
Wizardry 8 – Quick Party Creation Opinion For Beginner 1 - wpgameplay.com

Guide for Wizardry 8 – Quick Party Creation Opinion For Beginner

With lots of decisions to make and lots of opinions to see, party creation can be daunting. Let’s streamline it for success. Oh yeah, and Fun.

So you say you are a beginner…?

I made up a saying long ago while playing Bane: "There is one word for a party that will be strong in the future, that word is WEAK." 
Build your party to crush the first monster and every other monster. Keep in mind, you will still die, many times. There is no perfect party, so the pressure to make one is off, whew. But there is such a thing as a pretty bada*s party so let’s call that the goal. 
First choice, pick your thief. Rogue, Bard, Gadgeteer, Ninja. You only need one, so pick. 
(Bard) It’s your choice, they are all good. 
Next choice – the balance slot. you can go with three fighter types or three magicky types or… 
remember we are streamlining: 
Take a Ranger! 
Next choice, the front. Make 2 Fighters, make them both Lizards. I could go on and on… there are so many balance issues and style choices and equipment details… You Cant Make All The Choices With One Party! But you CAN confuse and muddy things up enough to fail. Two Lizard Fighters now go knock enemies the F out. 
Next choice, make a priest. You did say you were a beginner, right? So make a priest, the drunk Irish type or the lovely princess type, or even a devout type. 
Next choice… there is a slot open for another magicky type. Mage, Psionic, Alchemist, Bishop. 
Let’s cross off Bishop for this first run. It goes back to my saying from the top. A Bishop that will be strong in the future is aptly described as WEAK. I am currently running a party that has two bishops. I like what they bring to the game. But you said you were a beginner… Make a mage. 
Now we have 2 Lizard fighters, 1 Ranger, 1 Bard (thief-type), 1 Priest, 1 Mage. 
Each attribute has a bonus for getting it up to 100. Choose races that combine with your profession to get a key attribute as close as possible to 100. Then focus your points on it until you get the bonus. 
The lizard fighters can have iron-skin by level 5 I think, by using your points on vitality. You should reach at least 2 more bonuses with those 2 fighters, make sure the next bonus is for strength (power-strike) 
Just avoid Faeries. Again, some of my best friends are Faeries and they have a lot to offer… – in your second play through, when you are not a beginner. 
If you want to mix potions for money (see many other postings here) you can use the ranger. 
If you dont want to mix potions for money, make sure to dump points into pick-pocket as well as locks. Your music skill will rise if you are diligent about playing each round. If playing an instrument every round is more tedious then you like, dont pick a bard. 
save often in different slots 
max out the speed on the combat settings 
you can change the voices later so a wrong voice is not permanent 
click every button and option so you have all the tools (like one party member protecting another) 
mind your formation and prevent flanking 
It takes a lot of patience and time so dont rush. But keep playing!!! Wizardry is not for quitters. 

Written by abscondrel

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