Wobbledogs – Comprehensive Guide for Beginners in Wobbleshopping

Wobbledogs – Comprehensive Guide for Beginners in Wobbleshopping 1 - gameplaylists.com
Wobbledogs – Comprehensive Guide for Beginners in Wobbleshopping 1 - gameplaylists.com
 Guide for new players!
-The definition of Wobbleshopping
-How to find the best dogs
-How to work the import/export options
-How to share your own dogs with the world!


Now, what IS Wobbleshopping?

Wobbleshopping (or Wobbledopting) is the art of browsing through the Steam Community and Workshop. People will often put their dog codes up for people (like you!) to take!

With Wobbleshopping, you can get many new traits. If you don’t have a tail in your little puppo’s pack, you can find one! Looking for a certain pattern? There’s a good chance someone else’s dog can breed it for you!

Now, without further ado, let’s begin the wondrous world of Wobbleshopping!

HOW to Wobbleshop

Great! Now that you know what Wobbleshopping is, it’s time to learn how to do it!


Make sure you’re either in the main menu or in the “home button” section. After all, who’d want to miss anything, such as a doggo going through an anxiety attack, or an unwanted death?

Begin by pressing SHIFT+TAB, or whatever key yours is set to, to open up the Steam community. Find the button that says, “VIEW COMMUNITY HUB”. You can then either scroll through for pleasure, or press the “GUIDES” button. There, you will see some things, such as “MYSTERY DOG CODE” or “POST CODES HERE!” This will be your best bet for finding some dogs.


It’s just an extra step!

Load Steam, and press the big “COMMUNITY” button on the top. Search or find “Wobbledogs”, then follow the steps above.

Choosing your new FRIEND!

Now that you’ve accessed your shop for getting your new dog, pay attention to the traits.

Good adoption codes will have the shape, color, markings, leg number, size, and tail or no tail. These are factors favoring you, for what you need to breed in.

Some might even have an age, which is very important. Bringing home a puppy or juvenile is much work. You keep it longer than most dogs. It’s helpful, because when it pupates, it will show you the factors contributing to it’s body parts, and that will help in successfully mutating your other pups. But it also mutates itself, in which you could lose your desired traits.
Picking up a young adult or adult isn’t as demanding, as they’re pretty much set to breed. Of course, now you have much closer times between life and death. The age factor is yours to control, but always remember the outcomes.

Once you find your favorite pooch, it’s time to give it a new home. Copy the code shown, and keep it on your clipboard. You’re almost done!

Bringing home your new PUPPO!

You’re so close to being able to have a brand-new friend!

Load Wobbledogs (or repress SHIFT+TAB if you game from in-game), load into your save, and press the “house” or “home button” at the top. You will see options below the dog portrait. Click the “IMPORT DOG” option, then the “PASTE” button. Once your code is pasted, click “IMPORT”. The new dog will be in your storage!

Sharing your dogger with the WORLD!

Now that you’ve taken home your new friend, what if you’d like to introduce your old one to other people?

Press the “home button”, find the picture of the dog you’d like to share, and click “EXPORT DOG”. Then access the Steam community, find somewhere to paste your code, and you’re set!

(This is also helpful for sending dogs between saves)

Don’t worry! Your dog still belongs to you!


I hope you enjoyed this guide! I will make edits if it is necessary. Enjoy Wobbleshopping for the rest of your days!

Bye bye! 😀

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