World of Tanks Blitz – Blitz New player guides-extreme basics

World of Tanks Blitz – Blitz New player guides-extreme basics 19 -
World of Tanks Blitz – Blitz New player guides-extreme basics 19 -

Guide for World of Tanks Blitz – Blitz New player guides-extreme basics

This series of guides starts from the extreme basics, it is a work in progress but I will be working on getting as much information into it as much as possible so be warned you might hit a couple of HWT (Huge Walls of Text) without any TL:dr’s I personally enjoy the game and would like for new players to feel comfortable in it so that they stay around longer.


I would like to say a few things before we get to the meat of the guide. I have been around WoT for quite some time, originally it was PC but since my move I am now on Blitz. I am not a unicum player, never have been and never will be, but like I said, I’ve been around for a long while. I see a lot of new players asking different variations of the same question " Is (insert tank name here) any good?" and then getting upset when people answer "it all depends on the player/commander/driver etc". 
Blitz, just like WoT PC has a very steep learning curve, you pretty much go from throwing marshmallows at each other to someone slamming you with a sledgehammer, and it happens pretty suddenly. You need to learn the game, this game takes a lot of time and effort to learn. In the store there are Tier X tanks for sale but I strongly advise you NOT to buy them, yet. Work your way up the ranks, take your time, learn, study, watch different videos, study the armor profiles of the tanks, learn what each type of ammo does. I’m sure that you see tons of people that brag about how great and wonderful they are in the game and you want to be like them, I tell you right now it didn’t happen overnight. It takes time, effort and energy to get these things done. Until you learn the game, you will be more of a liability than an a*set. You don’t have to listen to me, obviously and I’m not saying my advice is better than anyone else’s, but what I am saying is even though this is a hard game to learn, if you keep the right attitude it’s pretty rewarding and fun. 
Speaking of attitude, The player base can be really, really, REALLY toxic. You won’t be right no matter what you do, if you get a kill you’re a noob or a bot, and if you don’t get a kill you’re the same. Players cry and whine about no new tactics being used yet as soon as someone tries something new they start yelling "report", or they will write you personally in game after a battle, so my suggestion is ignore them and keep your chat on friends only. 
Having said all of this, What do I think of Blitz? Well in spite of the learning curve and the toxicity of the player base and a few other things you WILL come across in your time in Blitz, I have to say I think it’s worth all of the time and effort it’s going to take, I have made friends that I look forward to platooning with, pulled off some amazing come from behind wins, and had some completely soul crushing defeats but I’m still here and I hope you will be too 

Garage screen

This is your main garage screen, it is where you will be spending the majority of your time out of battle. Each section will be listed below with an explanation. 
World of Tanks Blitz - Blitz New player guides-extreme basics 
1. This is your avatar, Within Blitz you can get avatars either from buying a crate in the store, from daily crates,completing personal mission crates, or sometimes from events within the game. 
2. This is your in game name and also your clan tags if/when you decide to join a clan. 
3. This is your amount of premium time left, in days and hours. You can purchase premium time in the store for gold or it can be awarded during events. Premium time will give you an increase of 50% in earned Silver and XP. 
4. This is your gold amount. Gold is purchased with cash through the in game store. It is strongly suggested to purchase gold through the WG store only. (Since this is Steam, the purchase link will open to allow you to buy Gold with your Steam wallet, I don’t know what the other versions of Blitz use) 
5. This is your credits amount (Silver). Silver is earned by completing actions in battles (causing damage, spotting, kills, etc.) Premium time increases this by 50% 
6. This is your Free Experience Points (XP). Like Silver, XP is earned in battle. 5% of the XP earned is added to your Free XP stockpile. Free XP can be used for any tank to help with researching parts or the next tier. Each tank, when used in battle earns and accumulates XP which is tied to that tank, and must be used for that tank. ex. You take an ARL 44 into a battle and earn 1000 XP. 50 XP would be added to the Free XP stockpile. More on Free XP later. 
7. This is the link to the in game store. This will be covered in more detail a little later. 
8. This is the countdown timer to the next X2 reset. When the counter reaches 0 then the next win after that is doubled. 
9. This is the indicator if a battle pa*s, or another event is currently running, links will be here to them. 
The following tabs will each have their own entries in this guide which will cover them in more detail. 
10. This is your news and information tab. 
11. This is your Tech Tree tab 
12. This is your Missions tab. 
13. This is your Storage tab. 
14. This is your Clan tab. 
15. This is your Platoon tab. 
16. This is your Tournament tab 
17. This is your Training room tab. 
18. This is your Chat tab. 
19. This is your tank list. 
19.5 This is your Social Media tab 
32. This is your tab to search your tanks for types, tier, or nation. Explained in more detail later. 
World of Tanks Blitz - Blitz New player guides-extreme basics 
20. This is your Settings tab. 
21. This is your Crew Skills. 
22. This is your Upgrades tab. 
23. This is your Camouflage tab. 
24. This is your Consumables tab. 
25. This is your Provisions tab. 
26. This is your Ammunition tab. 
27. This is your Equipment tab. 
28. This is your Boosters tab. 
29. This is the button to go into battle. 
30. This is the game mode tab. 


Clicking on this tab will open the stats for your account, with all of the relevant information. Across the top of the page are 4 categories, main, stats, tanks, and replays. 
Main is the overview of your account, Kill/death ratio, damage dealt/ received, etc. Here you can also choose a different avatar to display by clicking the avatar button, which is roughly halfway down on the left side. (i’ll get some pictures up as soon as I can) 
Stats is just that, your personal stats but a little more expanded 
Tanks is a list of all the tanks in your garage, with numbers of battle, kills, damage and so forth 
Replays are all the replays of your battles, which you can also save to favorites, but be warned that ALL replays will be wiped every time there is an update to the client. 


The Store has 5 tabs, offers, bundles, gold, premium, tanks, and containers 
Offers are usually bought with Gold or tokens won in ratings battles. Occasionally there will be offers for cash. The majority of what you can buy here are tank bundles. There is a little blue currency called splinters, you get this currency when you trade in an avatar you don’t want. For 100 splinters you can buy an avatar crate to try to get a new avatar. 
World of Tanks Blitz - Blitz New player guides-extreme basics 
Next is Bundles, Bundles are bought with cash, and are usually collector tanks, or collector tanks with gold or with premium time bundled with it, most of the time these are low tier bundles but at time there are higher tiers as well. Also as you can see there are gold and premium time bundles as well. 
World of Tanks Blitz - Blitz New player guides-extreme basics 
The Gold tab is just for buying gold. Usually a better deal can be found on the bundles tab. 
World of Tanks Blitz - Blitz New player guides-extreme basics 
The Premium time tab is for buying Premium time, normally the highest is 180 days but it has been known to go up to 360 days. 
World of Tanks Blitz - Blitz New player guides-extreme basics 
The Tanks tab is for buying premium tanks, premium tanks are tanks that earn more credits in battle than tech tree tanks, normally there are not any upgrades needed for them and they have a 100% trained crew immediately. 
World of Tanks Blitz - Blitz New player guides-extreme basics 
The Containers tab has a choice of three containers one for silver and the other two for gold, each container gives different items. There is a small I on the containers that tells you what each could contain. Each container unlocks automatically after a certain amount of time pa*ses, the Silver container unlocks daily at reset, this one can be opened 3 times and bought 3 times for silver daily. 
World of Tanks Blitz - Blitz New player guides-extreme basics 

News and information

This is your news and information tab. Any news items will be reported in the feed. The notifications tab will have a record of your battles, any items that you received from crates, and purchases. Think of it as a running record of almost everything happening with your account. In addition this page also lists any tournaments that you are entered into or invited to. 
World of Tanks Blitz - Blitz New player guides-extreme basics 

Tech Tree

In Blitz, there are 8 different nations to from to play and 4 different cla*ses of armored vehicles to pick from. Each nation has Light, Medium, and Heavy tanks but only 7 have Tank Destroyers. In the Tech Tree there are 220 researchable tanks ranging from Tier 1 to Tier 10. As stated 7 nations have a cla*s called Tank Destroyers while the European tech tree doesn’t. I will go into the different cla*ses in a later chapter. All of the tanks in the Tech tree are bought with XP and Silver. 
World of Tanks Blitz - Blitz New player guides-extreme basics 
There is another Nation that doesn’t have a Tech Tree call the Hybrid Nation, all of the tanks for this nation are Premium tanks, that are either bought, won in events. 
In addition to the 220 researchable tanks, there are 123 Premium tanks which includes Hybrid nation, and 99 collector tanks, which again includes tanks from hybrid nation in that count. 
When dealing strictly with Hybrid Nation it’s tier levels are Tier 5 to Tier 9 


In Blitz, you are given daily personal missions, at levels 1, 2, 3, and 4. 
Level 1 is opened after researching and buying a Tier 3 vehicle. 
Level 2 is opened after researching and buying a Tier 5 vehicle. 
Level 3 is opened after researching and buying a Tier 8 vehicle. 
Level 4 is opened after researching and buying a Tier 10 vehicle. 
Completing a mission gives you 12 keys, which when added together with other completed missions add up to enough keys to open a daily crate, which is shown across the top. On the right side there are two crates that are weekly crates, the top opens with an accumulated total of 300 keys and the second with a total of 600 keys. you will have one week to get enough keys to open these two crates. 
The second type of missions are clan missions. With clan missions you are given 3 daily missions and two weekly missions. one of the daily and weekly missions are platoon missions which means they can only be completed when playing in a platoon. 
In the example picture is an orange colored mission, that is NOT a regular daily mission, it pertains to a battle pa*s so should not be considered in the normal daily mission count. 
World of Tanks Blitz - Blitz New player guides-extreme basics 


Over time as you play Blitz you will accumulate different certificates for different items(Cammo, discounts, free XP, X5, X3) These are stored here under Cerficates. 
The center is where most of the crates will be stored when you get them and if I remember correctly charms will be stored here as well, Charms come from crates during events in the store, and after a differing amount of charms then a prize is guaranteed. 
The last section is where you will find your boosters. There are Combat XP, Free XP, Crew XP, Silver and Consumable. In addition to there there CAN be Gold boosters and event boosters as well. 
The boosters come in 3 levels, common, rare, and epic. Booster can also be upgraded by x amount of common = rare, and x amount of rare = epic. Gold Boosters cannot be upgraded. 
Combat, Free, Crew, and Silver boosters will increase the amount earned in battle. 
Consumable boosters will lower the amount of time needed for a consumable to be reset and able to be used again. 
Gold boosters pay 10 gold per battle, with an additional amount of gold equal to the tier of the tank used if you win. So say you fight with a Tier 6 tank, you would win 10 gold + 6 gold for each win. 
World of Tanks Blitz - Blitz New player guides-extreme basics 


A Clan in Blitz is a group of players that all play under a set of Clan Tags. Usually a Clan Commander sets the tone for how a Clan acts towards others both on and off the battlefield. The Commander can set some members to be Deputy Commanders who are authorized to act by the Commander. Each Clan has a Motto and a Description, Chooses it’s own avatar and Tags, and sets it’s Primary Language. This page shows the statistics of the clan, including a list of the Top 3 in Games per day, Damage and win rate. Another inclusion of the statistics page is Tournament activity if the clan competes in Tournaments. Each Clan also has a Supply reserve which offers discounts on various items in the game like consumables, tank purchases, and also the ability to buy garage slots with Silver and Gold. Some Clan have automatic recruiting which is cla*sed as open recruiting, while others have closed recruiting where you have to contact them for consideration. Being in a Clan does tend to make some things easier like platooning for instance. 
World of Tanks Blitz - Blitz New player guides-extreme basics 


On this tab you will see your friends that are online and any offers to platoon. A Platoon in Blitz is a two player team that goes into battle together, with both fighting and working to win the match. Platooning is a great way to work on grinding up to a higher tier tank and also a way to just have fun with a friend. One of the missions on your daily mission tab is a platoon mission encompa*sing either x number of kills for the platoon or x number of wins. Completing this mission will, like the others, award 12 keys. Also on the Clan mission list is two clan platoon missions. 
World of Tanks Blitz - Blitz New player guides-extreme basics 


This tab will show you upcoming and current tournaments that are happening. If there are some tournaments that are new there will be an indicator on this ta to remind you to look at it. 
World of Tanks Blitz - Blitz New player guides-extreme basics 

Training rooms

This tab will take you to the training room area where you can either make a training room of your own or join a training room in progress. Clans will use these rooms to work on tactics or just to have fun in them for a small break from regular battles. You can make a training room by yourself with any of the maps listed if you want to explore a map in leisure. Just remember that training rooms follow the same 7 minute time limit as regular battles. When in training rooms no XP or Silver is earned. 
World of Tanks Blitz - Blitz New player guides-extreme basics 


This tab will take you to the Chat area, there are 3 different kinds of Chat here, Clan chat, Friend chat and the chat rooms according to language called channels. The channels are separated according to National languages, ie English, German, Russian, and so forth. Remember that the official language of Blitz is English. Going into a National Language channel and using a language other than the one on the channel could result in a chat ban. ie. typing in Russian in the English Channel, German in the Russian Channel and so forth. Profanity,attempting to bypa*s the chat filters, and flooding could also result in a ban. World of Tanks Blitz - Blitz New player guides-extreme basics 

Social Media

Going back to the left side of the garage screen right below the tournament tab is the Social Media tab. It looks like an upside down triangle with three circles at the points. (19.5 in the picture) 
World of Tanks Blitz - Blitz New player guides-extreme basics 
Opening this will show links to the usual Social media sites, twitter, FB, insta, etc. including the Blitz portal and WG main site. 
World of Tanks Blitz - Blitz New player guides-extreme basics 

End of part 1

The next sections are going to be a lot more in depth so they will be completed separately from the main Guide. These are not the only topics that will be covered. There is a lot more to come. 
Good luck and Happy Hunting! 

Written by werebear15

I hope you enjoy what we shared today about World of Tanks Blitz – Blitz New player guides-extreme basics. If there is anything, you want us to add, please let us know via comment below! See you soon! And thanks!

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