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Wormskull – Walkthrough 1 - gameplaylists.com
This walkthrough will help you to finish the game.



I didn’t see any wakthrough for this game yet so I decided to make one. You obviously don’t need one, but I figured I’ll make it anyway. 


– Save often, most preferably in different slots. The game doesn’t give any hint whenever you reach a point of no return, and you won’t be able to retrieve some materials from the area that you left behind unless if you gamble your luck with foraging. 
– Feel free to ignore the fish quest or any quest that only give you money. You don’t need to craft everything to finish the game and increasing your tradeskill level is too grindy. 
– If you have a hard time defeating enemies, try to mine some materials and craft some gears. 
– Invest in MP regen items. Amelia’s Pendant can be farmed from the Grimps later. 
– Try to only use 1 devastating skills and level it up. Leveling up a skill will increase its damage. Get one skill that deal a lot of damage to the enemy and keep on using it to increase its level. 
– If you want to craft 100% gears, make sure to craft all gears that you can before you move to the next area. If you find an enemy that drops a material to craft a certain gear, farm until you have enough. You won’t have a chance to farm it in other places later. 
– Save permanent stat boosting items to beat the secret boss. Make a separate save before and after using them. You might need to allocate them several times to make sure that you do it properly. 
– Try to use exp boost gears whenever you can. I consider myself to be low leveled when I beat the secret boss even though I used at least 10% exp boost gears to my party members. 




– The Horizon

Enter the house and open all chests. Equip the gear that you found. Interact with the shelf near the bed to get Alchemy Guide 1
Head south until you see a tent. Talk to the woman to recruit her to your party. 
Head south again until you see a town. Talk to everyone, interact with everything to get some items. Some will sell items, some will give you quests. Heal inside the inn and equip the gear. You should also get the third party member by talking to the guy to the east. 
Your quests in this town are: 
– Vemora fang for 4 gold (black-haired guy inside the house) – repetitive 
– 4x bone chips for 12 gold (white-haired guy inside the house) – repetitive 
– 2x Apple Wine, 2x Fish wine, 2x Short Beer, 2x Ale, 2x Mead, 2x Elven Tea for 2000 gold and 35 EXP (clown) 
– 3x rat tails for 3 gold (light brown-haired guy next to the crafting mold seller) – repetitive 
– Amberjack for 50 gold (man with a bandanna on the southeast corner). You can talk to him again to get two more quests after this. 
You can get Amberjack from fishing. You should get some bait already. If not, you can get some from buying in Town or fighting random encounters. There’s a chance to fail the fishing though, so save if you want. 
There’s a chance to get Bone Chips from defeating Skeletons. Rat Tails can be obtained from defeating Rats – they can be found near the tent where you recruit Maduin. As for Vemora fangs, you can found them from Vemora that is located one screen south of the town area. As for the wine quests, you should get most items from the item seller in the town and/or foraging, but you’ll need to buy Grapes from the item seller in the next town. 
Head inside the cave to the south. Talk to the guy before attempting to do anything and answer “I know of real challenge, want to come with us and see?” to recruit him to your party. Use your pickaxe on the nearby boulder to level your mining skills to 2+ and get some Iron Ores. Open all chests in the cave. Be careful though, the Gnoll is tough. Head to the east exit to find a boss. Maduin’s Poison helps to fight the boss and clear the minions. Level up some more if you can’t beat them. The chests on the east side hold some great items. Exit the cave from the south exit and follow the path until you reach another town. 
Again, talk to everyone. Here is the list of what you can do in this town: 
– Trade Perfect Gnoll Hide for Gnoll Tunic or Gnoll Cap with the brown-haired man with a bandanna on the southeast corner – repetitive 
– Talk to the pink-haired woman to trade trout for 100 gold – repetitive 
– Talk to the man inside the small house near the entrance to recruit him 
– Talk to the man with a bandanna near the statue to get a quest for Fish Wine. Talk to him again to get a quest for Dwarfen Wine afterward 
– Talk to the man with cap near the statue to recruit him 
– Talk to the brown-haired man near the statue to get a quest to get Silver Ring for 1000 gold 
– Talk to the white-haired woman near the statue to trade Flawed Diamond for 500 gold – repetitive 
– Get a quest from the knight in front of a big house to get Mithril Platemail for 2000 gold. Talk to him again to get a quest to trade Mithril Plate Helm and Mithril Kite shield for 2500 gold. 
– Head inside the huge building and talk to the girl to the west to recruit her. 
You also can gear up, buy Alchemy Guide 2 in the building where you recruit Savannah, and buy Crafting Manual 2 from the man facing the south wall. You need to level up your crafting level to 2 for the latter one though. You can increase it by crafting more items. This same guy will also sell you Crafting Manual 3-5 if you manage to reach the said levels. Buy one Phoenix Down while you’re at it. You’ll need it in the next area. 
That being said, you need to get enough money for this and grind… a lot. Pickaxe the boulder in the gnoll caves and forage in the footprints 1 screen west of the latest town until you reach level 6+. You need to get woods and silvers to craft some accessories. 
Don’t head one screen south from the town yet unless you finished buying and crafting everything. Head 1 screen west from the latest town and enter the castle. Open all chests, interact with the blue crystals and skulls along the way, and defeat the boss to the south of this room. If you’re not strong enough yet, just keep on mining and foraging until you can get the best gear for your party members. 
Flawed Diamond is a rare drop from mining when you reach level 6. You might need to save scum or spend some money to buy pickaxes in case it broke. Trout is a rare drop from fishing level 4. Silver Ring and Mithril gears can be obtained from crafting. 
Once you’re done with everything, head south from the latest town. There will be an event in the town. Head inside the town. Defeat every non-skeleton that you find. The skeleton always respawns. Once you are done, inside the house to the east. 
You can restore HP and MP by drinking from the water. Head east on the intersection on the next screen (don’t go inside the blue circle yet) to find an area full of chests and a boss. Talk to the woman to the south too and use Phoenix Down on her. You’ll be able to recruit her to your party. Return to the previous screen and enter the blue circle for a cutscene. 

– The Thunder Elemental

Cross the island. You’ll find a fishing area, a foraging spot, and a village to the east. Enter the village. Here’s what you can do in this village: 
– Talk to the yellow-haired man near the lake to trade Kingfish for 150 gold – repeatable 
– Talk to the man near the barrel in the weapon shop to get a quest to get Dark Moon Fang and 200 gold 
– Talk to the man in front of the unlit bonfire to get a quest to get Starlight Silver Sword for 5000 gold 
– Interact with all yellow flowers on the ground. Most of them will give you Silver Gra*ses 
– Buy Alchemy Guide 3 and Alchemy Guide 4 from the shop to the east 
– Buy Crafting Manual 6 and Crafting Manual 7 from the shop to the west 
– Wake up the granny’s son inside the house to the northwest to get Grandma’s key that unlocks the chest in the room containing Soul Stealer 
– Pay the man to the southwest of the granny house 250 gold to unlock a secret area 
– Defeat the man inside the house to the northeast and open all chests 
– Talk to the woman wearing witch cap east of the previous house to trade Hair Hag for 125 gold – repeatable 
– Get Serpent Skin to the man with blue cap near mold seller to get Vamosa Skin Tunic 
I’ll be blunt. I don’t know where to get Dark Moon Fang, nor what you get from turning it. I didn’t see any new items in my inventory, but the game treats me as if I already finished the quest after I say yes for the 200 gold. Starlight Silver Sword is craftable from the menu. You might need to collect a lot of rare items tho, including Silver. Luckily, Silver can be found easily from Jesters on the cave west of the village (Cave of Madness). If you’re lazy to farm, there will be a chest containing Silvers in a cave with Grimps (accessible after you get a ship). Kingfish can be obtained by fishing. You need to be level 6 before you start catching it. 
As for the granny’s son, I don’t know what wakes him up, but I did it after I finished the cave with Grimps. Serpent Skin can be obtained in the boss area of the secret area. Hair Hags can be obtained from Sea Hags in the Balkan Sea, the sea on the north exit. 
Exit the town and head west. Explore the cave and open all chests. There isn’t a boss there, but there is a boulder to pickaxe some items. Once you finished exploring, return to the village. Talk to the man with a bandage on one of his eyes near the lake to get a ship. 
Enter the secret area (the place where you paid someone to unlock a secret area) and explore it. Walk over all flowers to pick them up. Defeat the boss and the knight at the end of the road. Use the teleportation stone on the southeast to return to the village. Note that you can only use this once, so don’t use it until you’re completely sure that you have explored everything here. Backtracking to this area and returning to the village is too time-consuming. 
Exit the town and use your ship. There is an island to the north. Explore it and defeat the bosses inside. Farm Amelia’s Pendant from the Grimps here. It’s a nice necklace that gives mana regen. Once you’re done, wake up the granny’s son in the village. 
Head to the north exit. Do not go to the north exit again after this before you are done with this area. You can farm Hag Hair here. Explore the cave on this map. You need to wind all clocks to proceed. There is a chest to the northeast corner of the sea map, containing Status Ring. You’ll have to beat a boss first though. The east exit has an equipment seller. Feel free to buy any equipment from him if needed. Once you’re done, head north. 

– The Forest Keeper

There are three points of interest in the desert: a cave on the northwest, an oasis on the middle north, and a small tent on the northeast. The cave leads to a boss fight and the tent will lead to someone who wants to trade Hive Tonic with Elixir of Vitality and Elixir of Mana. Talk to her again to get some gears for 3500 gold and Elite Jewelers Manual for 7500 gold. Head inside the oasis. 
Feel free to stock up and talk to the guy with a hat near the raft. You can use the raft to climb up or go around the way through the vines. Head to the north exit. Follow the path until you reach a house. Pick up all flowers along the way. 
Interact with the cupboard to get Ancient Tome vol.1.1 and Ancient Tome vol.1.2. Go to sleep. After the cutscene, wait in the room until you are forced into a fight. Your party member will be back after this battle, so reorganize your party. Head downstairs. 
Follow the path until you reach a small village in a forest. Do not head to the northeast exit before you finish everything in this village. Here’s what you can do: 
– Trade 5x Shroom Powder with Fungal Shield to the green-haired man on the southeast corner 
– Talk to the orange-haired woman to the northeast corner to get a quest to retrieve a family heirloom from the hole to the north 
– Talk to the bald man near the water to get some direction 
If you got cursed, you can buy Curse Removal Scroll from the witch in the village. Head inside the hole north of the village. You can only access it by interacting with the hole from the east side. Open all chests and go back to the orange-haired woman in the village to get Ancient Tome vol.1.1, Ancient Tome vol.2.1, Ancient Tome vol.3.1, and Ancient Tome vol.4.1. Head to the northeast exit and follow the path until you reach a boss fight. 

– The Enoch

Talk to everyone then go to sleep. You’ll be on the overworld when you wake up. Head inside the castle for a cutscene. Here are the things you can do: 
– Buy Elixir of Vitality for 3000 gold and 3 volumes of ancient tomes for 10,000 gold from the hooded man near the well 
– Escort the grey-haired man inside the pub to the west of the forest to get Philosopher Stone 
– Buy the house of the man with blue cap in the pub for 50,000 gold to unlock a house with a weapon, manuals, and ancient tomes in it 
– Buy the brown-haired man in the pub a drink to get Elixir of Vitality 
– Trade Lobster with the man with brown cap north of the item shop for 500 gold – repetitive 
– Buy Crafting Manual 8-9 from the shop in the southeast area 
– Trade Totem with the girl with a ponytail on the north ara (near the castle) for 100 gold 
Lobsters can be obtained from fishing. You need to be level 9 for this. As for Totem, I forgot where I got it, but it’s probably from foraging. 
Once you’re done, rearrange your party members and enter the forest north of the town. Defeat the traitor. Clear the screen of enemies and head west. Do the same on this screen and head to the west again. You’ll see a ship where you need to escort the grey-haired man inside the pub, Dorian, to. The Philosopher Stone is a ring that gives HP and MP regen. The east side of the forest is the same as the west side, except that instead of a sea at the end of the road, there’s a dungeon. 
Head down to the second floor in the dungeon. On this floor, you need to step on all yellow tiles and defeat the monster that is coming out of it. They will drop Pit Keys, which can be used to unlock the locked doors that contain another statue. Crack the seals on all 3 statues and the path to the north will be unlocked. 
Return to the castle and talk to the king. You’ll need to defeat the boss to the north before the time is up. Once the cutscene ends, you can enter the Underbelly, the cave where the boss that you have slain was standing on. Talk to the man with a red cap before exiting the town to get Item Bag
Note that before you go here, or the third area of the cave to be exact, buy the house that cost 50,000 gold first. Inside the house, you’ll find Crafting Manual 10, Alchemy Guide 5, Midas Dagger, and a couple of Ancient Tome books from the bookshelves. 
The first area is pretty straightforward – kill all enemies, loot all chests, and interact with all bookshelves. Continue exploring the area until you find the boss in the third area. 
In the next area, continue following the path until you reach another boss. That’s all you need to do here. 

– The Ice Ogre

Aw, a new party member. Exit the house and follow the path until you reach an intersection. Head south to see a small village past the ruined castle. Talk to the green-haired woman in the middle of the area. You’ll get a key to unlock the ruined castle, The Crypt. 
Don’t enter from the middle door first. Instead, enter the backdoor from both east and west to get some chests. The castle has a lot of chests containing permanent stat boost items, so make sure to get them all. You’ll have to fight a boss at the end of the road. It’s quite easy to beat as long as you equip your party with a decent weapon and gear. Head to the east exit with the ship to DarkWater Bay. 
Follow the path until you reach a town. You’ll get 3 battles here, one is a tough boss. Interact with the boss several times to revive him. He’ll sell some scrolls and items for you. Just like what he said, head to the northeast area and walk through the land covered with mountains. Flip the switch on the far end of the road. You should be able to exit the area through the north exit. 
The next area is pretty straightforward. The chest that is located near the exit can only be reached from the next area. In that area, you’ll find a lot of chests on the ground. You can go to the land by interacting it from the south tile, so look out for vertical lands. The chest that is in the previous area can only be accessed from the east land’s south exit. 
Continue the path until you reach a snowy area. There is a snowy cavern to the northwest, but save it for later. Head north until you reach a city. Talk to the woman with a white cap in the northeast area to bring the flower in the Snowy Cavern for a Family Heirloom. Head north again to reach Mordhaul. Here’s what you can do: 
– Talk to the woman blocking the way to the north exit to recruit her 
– Talk to the brown-haired man to get a quest to get rid of whatever is to the north (you don’t get a reward from this) 
Head to the north exit. There is an igloo to the northwest corner. Enter it and open all chests. Exit the igloo and continue to the north. Ignore all the ogres and enter the encampment. Talk to the man to recruit him. Gear up your party members and return to Mordhaul’s south exit. Feel free to defeat the ogres that you pa*sed through if you want. Enter the Snowy Cavern. If you are not strong enough, there is a boulder that you can use to mine some gems and craft gears and weapons. Luckily, there isn’t a boss in this dungeon. Delivering the flower to the woman in Mordhaul outskirts will get you Frostburns. 
Well, there isn’t anything you can do here, so keep on heading north from where you found Volkor until you reach Tundra Dungeon. Enter and explore it. There is a boss at the end of the dungeon, so make sure you’re prepared. 

– The Kraken

After the fight, the party will change to Renshi. Keep on heading east until you reach an abandoned building. Enter it and open all chests. There are also some books on the bookshelves. Continue heading east until you meet Savannah. Talk to her twice and head east again. Interact with the deer to get Venison. Return to Savannah and talk to her. 
Keep on heading east until you find Seto. Explore the area for chests and head east again. You’ll see an abandoned town on the next screen. Enter it to find Magus. Follow the path until you see a town. Head inside the town and give Tuna to the black-haired man in the pub to get Elixir of Vitality. Exit the town. 
Head north and enter the castle. Talk to the woman to recruit her to your party. Flip all switches. There is a boss on the third floor. Interact with the portal to reunite with your other party members. Save before interacting with the portal again. There will be another boss. Switch your party member if needed. Do not enter the portal after you defeat the second boss. Exit the castle and head to the east exit. 
Follow the path until you reach Wasteland Dungeon. Defeat the boss. There’s nothing else you can do here, so return to the castle and warp to the northern bridge. 

– The Golrion

Follow the story until you control Daegoth. Enter his house to find a chest and some ancient tomes from the bookshelves. Exit the house. You should find a man with black clothing to the northwest. Talk to him to recruit him. Head to the south exit. You’ll find 2 more party members near the south exit. 
Again, follow the path until you reach the Traders Outpost, and keep on heading east until you reach the Temple of Akavash. Talk to the man in charge for a boss fight. Interact with all bookshelves before going out for another fight. Return to the temple and talk to the man you talked to before. You’ll be teleported to another place. 
Head west in the intersection to get into Verdungo’s Cave. Explore the area and open the chests inside. You’ll find some mana regeneration gears. Exit the cave and return to the previous intersection. 
Head east to reach Niraji Forest. You can drink water from the pool to recover HP and MP. There is a path to Mercurio’s Pa*sage somewhere to the northeast. Interact with the land to the northeast corner after you go to the overworld to get 25,000 gold. Make sure to stand near the pile of rocks in the pa*sage to get some Silvers and Platinums too. Return to Niraji Forest and head to the northwest exit. There will be a cutscene at the next checkpoint and a new party member. Follow the path until you reach another intersection. 
Let’s follow what the party says: explore the mines to the west first. Step on all minerals and piles of rocks in the mine to get some minerals. Examine all boxes in the second area too. You’ll have to exit the area before the time runs out after you place the bomb. You need to fight a boss first though. Do not exit the area after you beat it. Instead, head north to open some chests and get more minerals from the floor. Exit the cave after you are done. 
Now, head to the east area. Defeat the guard to get to the blacksmith. Let him live to get Redemption. The chest here has a nice accessory for Duncan. Head north to reach another dungeon. Interact with the clocks in the dungeon to get some elixirs. Do not head upstairs yet. There is a secret switch on the first floor to access a boss. You need to interact with the mirror in the room in the northeast corner. Again, interact with all clocks and bookshelves to get some items and get ready to defeat the boss. 

Boss: Lich King, 3x Lich Pet 
I decided to give some tips since this one is quite hard. Wipe all Lich Pets in one turn. Make sure you are faster than the boss. Equip The Gift of Life to your reviver (Daegoth or Djinn). The boss’ skill can one-hit your party, but it doesn’t cast it that often. Keep on spamming the boss with your strongest skill and revive any party members that die, whether from that devastating fire attack or the DoTs.

The actual boss in this dungeon is on the second floor. Head upstairs and defeat it. It’s way weaker than the previous one, so you shouldn’t have any trouble with it. 

– The Karacaus

You’ll be teleported near your house. Head to the town to the southeast and talk to the woman to the east. She’ll teleport you to the final dungeon. 
Defeat the boss and you’ll be teleported to The Black. Use the shack to exit the house. Enter the nearby town. Explore the town and interact with all bookshelves that you find to get some ancient tomes. Enter the house with no sign in it to find the blacksmith that you saved before. Talk to him to get Elite Crafting Manual. Okay, that’s everything we can do in this town. 
You have two choices now: 1) finish the game and 2) defeat the secret boss. Doing the second option might require grinding, so it’s up to you. Whichever choice you want, head east from the town. You’ll reach Solomon’s Cave. There’s a chest and a boulder to mine some materials. Head west from the town to return to The Black. There is an optional boss there that will lead to the secret boss. Flip the switch after you defeat the boss and use the portal. Head to the north exit to find the secret boss. There are 2 fights before you fight the secret boss. 

Boss: Primordial 
My party: 
Renshi lv 43 
Earthmeld, The Black Sword, Crimson Crown, Ruby Enchanted Leather, Enchanted Ogre Gauntlets, Hell Ring, Ruby Necklace 
Life 1018, Mana 303, Strength 380, Magic 6, Speed 39, Defense 63, Resistance 33, Luck 5 
Blade Waltz lv 3, Flurry lv 8 
Duncan lv 49 
Enchanted Long Sword, Nebulous Shield, Hell Mask, Hell Plate, Stone of David, Thundergod’s Belt, Apocalypse Pendant 
Life 1165, Mana 589, Strength 287, Magic 110, Speed 39, Defense 116, Resistance 131, Luck 6 
Eye of the Storm lv 0, Thundergod’s Wrath lv 9 
Magus lv 46 
Staff of Jewels, Paladin Shield, Crown of Jewels, Redemption, The Gift of Life, Hell Ring, Amelia’s Pendant 
Life 1178, Mana 601, Strength 48, Magic 284, Speed 48, Defense 74, Resistance 111, Luck 6 
Enlightened Mind lv 6, Comet lv 5 
Rowin lv 37 
Lich King Staff, Sky Shield, Visage of the Damned, Storm Armor, Hell Ring, Hell Ring, Amelia’s Pendant 
Life 1230, Mana 403, Strength 70, Magic 275, Speed 38, Defense 74, Resistance 109, Luck 5 
Shield of Faith lv 9 
This build requires you to use items, mostly stat enhancing items like Potion of Might and Potion of Spirits. Rowin is required to use Potion of Spirits at all times to make him able to catch up with heals. 
First of all, let’s talk about building their stats. Here’s the priority for tomes: 
Critical: Renshi, Duncan, any 
Hit rate: Duncan, Renshi, any (Renshi got hit rate increase with Blade Waltz and I mistakenly put 15 hit rate on him, so he is least likely to miss. If my calculation is right, he should get a 100+% hit rate with lv 3 Blade Waltz) 
Evasion rate: Rowin, Magus, Renshi, Duncan (Rowin for obvious reasons, Magus since he doesn’t have lifesteal like Renshi) 
Counter attack rate: Renshi, Duncan, any 
Magic: Rowin, Magus, any 
Wisdom: Rowin, Magus, any 
Life: whoever has < 1000 HP. In my case, both Magus and Renshi need extra attention to this. 
Mana: Magus, Rowin, Duncan, Renshi 
Strength: Renshi, Duncan, any 
All resistances: Rowin (he needs to survive to heal every turn) 
Use the tomes after you use the elixirs. As for the elixirs, give all Elixir of Vitality to the ones with < 1000 HP. Take note that you’ll have ancient tomes to increase their HP too, so distribute it evenly to those with low HP. I used 53 Elixir of Vitality to both Magus and Renshi, 24 Elixir of Mana to Magus, 20 Elixir of Strength to Renshi, 39 Elixir of Magic to Rowin, and 10 Elixir of Speed to Renshi (mainly because I didn’t put too much stat into his speed). 
Craft some Potion of Might and Potion of Spirits. Having 4 of each is enough. Let Duncan and Renshi drink Potion of Might and Rowin and Magus drink Potion of Spirits. 
If you haven’t beat the previous boss before this one (Illumi), try to get Renshi’s Blade Waltz, Duncan’s Eye of the Storm, and Magus’ Enlightened Mind up in that battle. If you already beat it, cast all three buffs in the first turn. Assign Renshi to spam Flurry, Duncan to spam Thundergod’s Wrath, Magus to spam Comet, and Rowin to spam Shield of Faith. Keep all buffs up at all times. 
If anyone dies, use Phoenix Down to revive them. Assign Duncan to do it, or Magus if Duncan somehow dies. To be honest, I don’t have enough Potion of Might and Potion of Spirits (I only had 2 of each), so the boss was kinda hard when the buff is down, but you can always use some potions, whether Super Healing Potion or Hero Brew, to Magus and Rowin whenever their health can’t be healed to the max with a single cast of Shield of Faith. It took me around 7 turns to beat it, and it’s doable without healing potions.

To finish the game, you just need to head north from the town. It shouldn’t be hard to beat it. 


I know I’m getting lazy with the guide, but it’s mostly because there are so many chests and I got overgeared most of the time, especially at the beginning of the game. Bosses are too easy to defeat and I only used the same skills over and over again. I figured that I’ll have to copy and paste everything whenever a boss comes out that way, and I’m too lazy to do it. I did give some explanation for 2 bosses that are slightly stronger than usual though. 
To be honest, I figured that I need to level up more and craft all gears for my party members to defeat the secret boss, but I got too lazy to do it after grinding for a while. I ended up pushing my luck to beat it, and hey, it works. I might not be proud with how I did it (I usually refrain myself from using items in battle whenever the game allows it), but I hate grinding more than doing this. At least I only need to spend ~2h tinkering with my stats instead of … idk, 10+h? in order to get everything done. 
Lastly, I was thinking that Savannah might do a better job for healing than Rowin. I believe that she heals way more than Rowin when I used him, but I ended up using Rowin because of his defense buff. I wanted to switch her somehow, but I got too lazy once I see that she has lower level than Rowin, not to mention that I might probably have to invest more stat enhancing items for her stats – Rowin got an extra leeway from heavy armor, but there is hardly any leather armor that can give a good chunk of life for Savannah. 



Written by aquatorrent

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