Yanpai Simulator – WALKTHROUGH TO 100% ACHIEVEMENTS 1 - wpgameplay.com
Yanpai Simulator – WALKTHROUGH TO 100% ACHIEVEMENTS 1 - wpgameplay.com

Guide for Yanpai Simulator – WALKTHROUGH TO 100% ACHIEVEMENTS

This guide is to getting all achievements in exact walkthrough. 😀
But I wanted to remind you that this game is not optimized, ie full of bugs. So probably while during the game you will not see any unlocked achievements as notify, you will only see it when you have exited the game once. This is why I ask you to do this precise walkthrough, at least what you miss the achievements.

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This achievement is really easy, when the game is started, choose a girl.


For “Home” achievement, you get it when you have just started the game as well as you are already home. :’D LOL

Go on PC for “Chat” achievement.

Change the clothing before to exit from house, and once it’s out getting the “Street” achievement.


Go into the car and to go school.


Once arrived to school, go to on bath (ground floor) for shooting the write, for chatting with girl on PC.

In the meantime, time pa*ses, wandering around the school, not only to get to know the rooms well.

Why not only because it is still too early to go to cla*s.

As soon as it is 10 o’clock:
1. 10AM: Go to cla*s (first floor and first room)

2. 13PM: Go to cla*s again (always the same cla*s)

3. 15PM: Go to the dining room (ground floor, next to the school’s main entrance)

4. 17PM: Go to cla*s again (always same cla*s)

5. Leave school and go home.


Change the clothing and to go sleep (only 20PM)


Since you cached the writing on the wall in the bathroom and now you can chat with her. 🙂

Go on PC for chatting with girl. (the girl will tell you find the bear)

Change the clothing.

Go to school for finding the bear, it is on your left in a cla*sroom next to the bathroom where you shot the writing.

Once you have the bear, go home.

Go to PC. (the girl will tell you kill the blonde girl but before you need the knife)

Go to school for knife.

The knife is at first floor, go to the first floor, once you get there at the first floor, go to your right and find the knife.

You can finally kill this poor blonde girl.

Leave the game and you can see that you have get all achievements. 🙂

Written by P1N0

This is all that we can say about Yanpai Simulator – WALKTHROUGH TO 100% ACHIEVEMENTS for now. I hope this post helped you. If there is anything that we should add, please let us know via comment below. See you soon!

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