Zero Hour – A.i Guide (to be updated)

Zero Hour – A.i Guide (to be updated) 1 -
Zero Hour – A.i Guide (to be updated) 1 -
A guide to how the enemy bots work, and how to better understand them while playing solo. (will be updated soon to accommodate to the new a.i behavior)


Rules of engagement

The rules of engagement work based off of “yelling” at the a.i. They never surrender if you yell at them from far away so it’s a good idea at those distances to yell at them to get their attention before you shoot, otherwise you’ll get points deducted. 
Yelling at them in close proximity usually makes them surrender but not always, they also may randomly surrender from you just being close to them, so watch out for that. They typically don’t surrender if they’re engaging you, they will usually only surrender if you catch them by surprise, catching them by surprise doesn’t mean they have to be in a relaxed position. 
Using flashbangs is the best way to guarantee they surrender, but again it seems like they have to be hit with the flashbang by surprise, throwing one into a room when they were agro’d almost always resulted in nothing. 
You are not allowed to shoot at enemies that doesn’t have their weapon raised. The exceptions to this are ambushing enemies which are the ones crouching in corners of rooms, you are allowed to shoot them without penalty, and the ones holding hostages. 

A.i aimbot

(I say “aimbot” since bots literally require an aimbot to aim.) 
Their aimbot seems to be based on their “readiness” (whether they’re in the alert state and have their weapon drawn) and how long they’ve had line of sight of you. It also seems like some bots have better aimbot than others. 
The a.i seems to have a lot more trouble hitting you when rappelling, I a*sume this is because the a.i’s aimbot is targeted for the chest. 
The best way I’ve found is to hold very cheeky angles and rappel where the a.i. can’t hit you. 

A.i behavior.

The a.i have preset patrol paths, if they see or hear you, they will go after you. They will usually funnel hallways and small rooms so you can use that to your advantage. 
The ones that don’t have preset patrol paths are the ambushers and hostage takers, they will sit in their corner for the entire match until shot or if they find a player. 
The a.i will try to open blocked doors multiple times, usually if they are searching for the player. If you hear a door noise a bunch you can a*sume there’s an enemy in the room. 
In pretty much every map, there will be at least one guy outside patrolling the entire perimeter of the building, it’s best to take him out first. 
I’m fairly certain turning off the power doesn’t affect the a.i in any significant way. 
Ambushers and hostage takers will not be affected by flashbangs. 


I’ll be sure to add more if I notice any changes or something gets updated to their behavior. 

I hope you enjoy what we shared today about Zero Hour – A.i Guide (to be updated). If there is anything, you want us to add, please let us know via comment below! See you soon! And thanks!

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