Zombie Army Trilogy – The Undead Field Guide

Zombie Army Trilogy – The Undead Field Guide 4 - wpgameplay.com
Zombie Army Trilogy – The Undead Field Guide 4 - wpgameplay.com

Guide for Zombie Army Trilogy – The Undead Field Guide

A small handwritten booklet found in an abandoned Kubelwagen outside of Berlin in a state of disrepair. Recovered and restored by the US Undead Eradication Division.

The World Today

As you may know, the world has been overrun with the "undead", dead and decaying bodies of fallen soldiers reanimated by some unknown power with a thirst for human blood. With some searching, I’ve found that the outbreak originates from Germany after the activation of Plan Z, authorized by Adolf Hitler during his last-ditch attempt to turn the tide of the war. I’ve studied the various types of "zombies" and compiled this field guide for your convenience, whoever you may be. 

1. The Zombie

Zombies are the most common types of creatures you will find. They are slow, dumb, and weak but will stop at nothing to kill their prey. Unlimited endurance and the ability to wield tools and weapons make them a force to be reckoned with. I’ve seen these creatures carrying whatever they could find,, flashlights, shovels, wooden shards, bones, severed limbs, and even machine guns, although they lack the skill and corridnation to use them properly, usually waving them around and firing at walls randomly. 
You can usually smell and hear them before you see them. They growl and moan and stumble around aimlessly if you haven’t done anything to arouse them. Perhaps one of the most haunting thing about them is the fact that a few of them have even made noises that sounded close to speech. 
Zombies lack combat prowess or tactics, instead stumbling towards you unsteadily until they get within range to strike, which they do with surprising skill and ease. Some have even lunged at me with their weapon raised above their heads ready to crush my skull. 
One shot to the head should be enough to kill them, although shots to other places can kill them as well. I’ve found that my Weleby revolver is especially proficient in their demise, as well as shotguns. Machine guns work too, and sniper rifles are good for knocking them out at long range. Just make sure they aren’t behind you when you look down the scope. 
Zombie Army Trilogy - The Undead Field Guide 

2. The Skeleton

Perhaps one of the strangest creatures I have encountered, Skeletons are just as common as the zombies, albeit quicker than their counterparts. Logically, skeletons shouldn’t exsist in this manner, yet here we are. 
Skeletons are quicker and more coordinated than zombies, but are much weaker. I’ve been able to destroy them with just a kick. Do not underestimate them, however, as their strikes hurt quite a lot. Thankfully I have never seen one holding a weapon, although I have seen them wearing metal armor, protecting their glowing red heart. 

3. The Super Elite

One of the strongest zombies I’ve fought, the Super Elite is a large zombie dressed in the dress-uniform of the SS, but he’s much larger than normal zombies and carries an MG-42 machine gun that he uses to shoot at his prey from afar, although with somewhat poor accuracy. Strangely, shots to anything below his head have no effect, even explosives, the former riocheting off harmlessly in a shower of sparks. The only way to kill him is several shots to his unprotected head, preferably with a sniper rifle from a great distance to ensure you avoid getting hit by a bullet. 
Zombie Army Trilogy - The Undead Field Guide 

4. The Zombie Sniper

One of the more mysterious creatures I’ve encountered, zombie snipers are a variation of the normal zombies that have been gifted with intelligence, excellent marksmanship, and the ability to jump distances unachievable by natural means. Although weak, they appear in the most unexpected places and can be easy to miss of it wasn’t for the tracer rounds they fire. I’ve often noticed that they will laugh to themselves upon a successful hit and will make frustrated noises on a missed shot. 
If you suspect a sniper is nearby, check the rooftops of buildings for humanoid shillouettes or green smoke, or look for the flash of light reflecting off of their scope. If you’re traveling through a town or city, move quickly and keep low; chances are that they will see you before you see them. 
Zombie Army Trilogy - The Undead Field Guide 

Written by The Silent One

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